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  1. Steve Wright says:

    From Naghmeh on facebook: (The “benefits” of the prayer vigil was discussed here a few days ago)

    Update on Saeed:
    I called Saeed’s parents this morning and it was heart wrenching hearing Saeed’s mom wail and weep as she described their prison visit this morning. Saeed’s mom has had to go back to Iran after hearing of her mom’s (Saeed’s grandma) passing away. As I spoke with Saeed’s elderly parents and their description of their son being harassed by guards and in chains being led to the visitation room, my heart broke of the pain and anguish they have to go through each week seeing their son in such condition and the toll this had taken on them the last 3 years.
    It did not help to see Saeed in so much pain and to hear of the possibility of additional charges. As they asked me in desperation if we were getting any closer to Saeed’s release, I had to tell them that I did not know and could not give them any promises.
    Saeed wanted to make sure I told you all how encouraged he was to hear of the 966 locations in 46 countries (final count) that joined for the prayer vigil and to know that many were lifting him up during these difficult times and that he was not forgotten (I was able to make sure Saeed saw pictures of some of the prayer vigil gatherings). Saeed mentioned that he was praying with other believers in the prison during the prayer vigils on September 26 and could sense all of the prayers. It is something that was a great source of encouragement to him and something that he carried back with him to the prison.
    Thank you for all of your prayers and for all of your who participated and helped coordinate the prayer vigils. It has given Saeed a new sense of hope and encouragement during his darkest hours.

  2. Em says:

    i suspect that the evil that permeates that part of the world now, sees their treatment of Saeed as proof that the God we raise our prayers to is impotent – it gives them a sense of power and pleasure to torment this man and others who claim Christ as God and Savior – i pray, God, show them YOUR power

  3. Uriahisaliveandwell says:

    Father in heaven, hear our prayers for Saeed’s release. Send your angels and lay a hedge of protection that no matter what harm may be directed his way, that not one hair on his head, nor one inch of his mind, body, and spirit be violated in any way, shape, or mean. Father, cause those that can release him to find great favor in doing so. Father, grant him, the other prisoners, and their family members much comfort and a confidence that goes beyond understanding. Lord, God of all—have mercy and deliver these safely into the hands of their family and friends who miss them so and in so doing bringing much glory and honor to yourself and He whom died for us all. In Jesus name, Amen.

    And Lord, if it be your will, place a huge burden upon President Obama’s mind, heart, and soul, whereas, he would not rest until he and those that are able secure their release and are safely in the arms of their loved ones.

  4. Em says:

    amen to #3 – have mercy on those of us who pray and may it be to Your glory, Father

  5. mk says:


  6. Surfer51 says:

    Sigh…Where is the God of Elijah!

    Look down from Your lofty throne O God and see what your son Saeed Abedini is enduring.

    I ask that You would deal accordingly with those who are keeping him from his family and freedom.

    Reward them according to their deeds as You see fitting.

    I ask this in Jesus name.

  7. Em says:

    yesterday when i heard the news from Umpquah CC it took my mind back to the shooting in Colorado when the girl was shot and killed because she refused to renounce Christ and, of course, that made me think about other martyrs such as Saeed and i thought to myself, we feel so safe here as Believers…
    now they are saying that the Oregon killer asked people if they were Christians and, if they said yes, he shot them in the head? the first victim was brave, but the 10th had to have been strengthened by God, Himself… we Christians don’t take naturally to martyrdom IMHO
    praying, Oh Lord Jesus, be to all of us the God who is

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