Did Chuck Wear Robes?

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  1. EricL says:

    I sincerely hope that GFA/ Believer’s Church is preaching the gospel-for-Asia as their name implies, but after all the deception, after smearing unnamed “Pentecostal brothers”, after dozens of reports of abusive behavior toward their staff, and after smuggling cash and hiding millions of dollars, I can only wonder. What is the “gospel” that these liars are preaching?

  2. Alla hu-snackbar says:

    “This rumor was originally started by a few Pentecostal brothers who wanted to discredit us for their own gain.”

    What gain would it be to a few Pentecostals and rogue bloggers to discredit you KP? Seems like you have all the gain stealing God’s money…

    You lying hypocritical charlatan scumbag!!!

  3. Alla hu-snackbar says:

    “If you have any further questions, please call me, or you can ask Pastor Skip Heitzig…”

    LOL… sure thing KP and will get the truth right 😉

  4. UnCCed says:

    Chuck in his bath robe?!!!!
    Thanks! I could’ve done without THAT mental image!
    : )

  5. UnCCed says:

    Oh, I don’t understand something.
    Is he proposing some kind of mind control over those who’ve watched the video where people bow before him and kiss his ring (we are misinterpreting it), or is he saying “Pentecostal brothers” made them bow and kiss KP’s ring?
    Are WE or the kissers being duped?

  6. UnCCed says:

    By the way, after some though I now don’t see THAT big of deal with dudes kissing his ring.
    I mean, under some CC monarchs they require guys to kiss, well, something else.
    I don’t mean to be crude, but seriously, when you’ve sold-out to be such as yes-man, and you’ve spent years ignoring your conscious and ignoring The Spirit, does it really matter someone else is kissing a little piece of metal (KP’s ring)?!!!
    I bet years of forging and protecting an environment free of accountability has caused MUCH more damage within the body than someone getting their ring kissed.
    Don’t get wrong, I think the video showed embarrassing man-worship, but look at all the scandals starting with Falwell and there were no rings involved.

  7. chainsbroken2x says:

    @6. The emphasis is that KP lied and continues to lie-not so much that people kissed his ring although many evangelicals do have issue with elevating someone to that degree. Again, the point is KP is no longer worthy of trust. There has and continues to be enormous damage to people serving at GFA in different offices around the world and in India. Donors all over the world are being mislead and deceived.

  8. openeyes says:

    I am interested in knowing how Indians are being damage. If anyone can enlighten me I would appreciate it. I am already reeling from learning about the Servant’s Quarters at Gospel for Asia in the USA. One more thing won’t rock me that much. I have heard from Kerala friends that KPY dominates and controls his wife. I wonder if the same is true of their children?? Must they all kiss his ring as well?? Do they bow and such when they greet him? Just curious.

    I also think KPY is using domination tactics on Westerners as well. If any white person questions something they are told they have a superiority complex, they are rebellious or they don’t understand the culture instead of answering questions. I don’t know how KP was raised but there are many Indians, Christians as well, that have much un-forgiveness over the British being here. They act it out in various ways.

    Kissing the ring of a Bishop is not cultural from the churches I have attended in both South and North India. You can go to youtube and look up the Church of North India and the Church of South India along with the Mar Thoma churches to see various services, that do use robes and head gear, to judge for yourself. The government of India doesn’t require any certain dress in order to legally perform marriages or services. This is simply not true.

    Here is a list of denominations in India. You can go google any of them to see the diverse ways of worship here in India and it is all legal. Each region in India has a different culture and traditions. India is hardly homogeneous like other areas.. say like Japan. For KP to speak for all of India, in all it’s diversity, is questionable. I have found that foreigners working in India know more about regions than the nationals because they have to study it in-depth in order to be highly effective in their work.


  9. Tim - Doulos says:

    We did not receive that letter at our church. However, it may have been sent after we already informed them we would no longer financially support GFA. So maybe we weren’t included.

  10. openeyes says:

    I just had a friend in the States that said she has been receiving pleas for money from Gospel for Asia for the last three months. She has never been a donor in the past so looks like they are buying lists in order to get more donors. I think blogs like this and Throckmorton’s are making a dent in the finances.

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