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  1. Nonnie says:

    Here is the update on Baby Bennet (my 4 month old grandson, who has HLHS) He had his 2nd of 3 heart surgeries last Monday and appears to be doing very well! I am so thankful! Please pray that he will begin to accept food by mouth. Because of his heart issues, it was very painful when he ate, therefore he began to refuse food (like many heart babies do) so they inserted a g-tube (stomach feeding tube) Because of his recent heart surgery, it is hoped that it will be much less painful for him to eat and that he can begin to eat by mouth. He will have to “learn” all over again. Please pray for this to happen.
    We are all so thankful for our little courageous baby boy and how happy he is, in spite of all the pain he has suffered in his short life. Please pray for my son and his wife. They are exhausted in every way, but giving all they have to their children and trusting the Lord will meet their needs.

  2. Paul A. Lytton says:

    Father God, give me enough wisdom to see how little I know. Give me enough strength to admit how weak I am. Give me love to overpower my hate. Give me humility to wipe away my arrogance. Take away my desire so I can want what you give. Take away my lust so I can be fulfilled. I have nothing to give you except praise. Thank you for Mercy and Grace. Be with the innocent such as Baby Bennet and display your Glory through him. Amen.

  3. Nonnie says:

    Amen to your prayer Paul. Have Thine own way, Lord….have Thine own way….

  4. n o m a n s says:

    Since my husband left the state for work on Wednesday my cat died a horrific death, i got rear ended leaving me in neck pain, and woke up this morning to find my son hadn’t closed our front door all the way so my two beloved pups have gone missing. Feeling like I’m on the verge of something here. Don’t mean to dump but i need some prayer support. Thank you.

  5. Kevin H says:

    Praying for Nomans and Baby Bennet.

  6. Nonnie says:

    Praying for your beloved dogs, Nomans. If I was there, i’d be out looking for them, with you. Hugs. Lord, bring them home, we pray.

  7. sarah says:

    Nomans….praying, not only for the recovery of your pups, but for peace to settle back in your midst. Praying for protection of your household and for grace for each of you….

  8. Reuben says:

    Praying for nomans and baby Bennet.

    I got broadsided by something today at church that I did not see coming at all. I need prayer in making a right decision. I guess even more than that, I need to have my heart changed radically.

  9. jlo says:

    praying for all

  10. Em says:

    praying with – so many here are being “broadsided” now – praying with

    and Lord, get those doggies back safely where they belong

  11. Sarah says:

    Nonnie…continuing to pray for Baby Bennet. He has such a precious face…continue to watch your updates and lift him.

    Reuben, praying for you this evening…that God would be exactly what you need right now and provide clarity.

    Nomans…my heart continues to break for you.

    Praying that somehow God is with your animals. That as He had such creativity and foresight to create these beings that capture our hearts and allow us to feel in ways that sometimes we are not able without their help…praying that as He has created them and known that they would capture our hearts and our affections, that He holds them in equally deep affection. Praying that He has cared for them through the day and has them somewhere safe even at this moment. Praying that somehow you will know soon where they are and be reunited…that another night will not pass with anxiety or sorrow….but with rejoicing and peace.

  12. n o m a n s says:

    I’m so moved by your love and prayers. 10 degrees and falling… Please Lord.

  13. Praying for all!

  14. Shaun Sells says:

    We have a funeral today for one of our missionaries. She has served God in Peru, America, and most recently Mexico. She died last Thursday at about 1am, myself and a few others were able to be with her the last hours of her life and watch her draw her last breath. It was the most peaceful death I have ever seen. Earlier in the day, we thought she was gone, but then she open her eyes and proclaimed “I’m back!” We asked her where she had been and she said she had seen the pearly gates.

  15. jlo says:

    Shaun, praying for a blessed day, gratefull you were able to be there for her last moments.

    Nomnas, praying the puppies come home soon.

  16. Em says:

    FWIW – when our (actually my husband’s) cat disappeared, we put up lost cat notices on the poles around the neighborhood (not legal, i guess -dunno) and it was a week before a local workman brought him back – turned out mr. personality plus had jumped into his truck, so he just took the cat on home to his family … until his conscience got the best of him (the worker, not the cat – that darned cat has no conscience whatsoever)


  17. Michael says:

    Sick as a dog and I have to work tomorrow…any intercession welcomed…

  18. Nomans says:

    Michael, praying you are HEALED!!!
    Adding my praise here… Doggies are safely HOME! They were picked up yesterday by a woman who has a friend who is a vet tech. The vet tech brought my babies home to a warm soft bed, filled their bellies, and even had a dog for my dogs to snuggle. She brought them to her animal hospital today where they spent the day playing with other animals. Facebook was an unreal resource… My sweet little community saw my pain, rallied around me and before I knew it THOUSANDS were aware of my doggies! I would go looking, and people were already on streets looking for them. I got a dozen text messages from strangers asking where I was looking so we could cover more ground. My house was filled with friends and family last night who fed me, held me and prayed, and settled my restless mind with words of affirmation. I would go into stores to bring fliers and someone had already been there sharing info. I am thoroughly ruined by this love. My faith absolutely failed and God absolutely made provision.
    I went to bed last night crying out as the woman… “even the little dogs gather crumbs from under the table!”, and now realize… God has shown me unreasonable, ridiculous favor.

    Thank you so much for your prayers, and being a part of God’s ridiculous love story in my life.

  19. Scott says:

    Great news!

  20. Em says:


    and praising for the news of “God’s ridiculous love” gift to Noman’s

  21. jlo says:

    Michael, praying.

    Nomans, praising.

  22. erunner says:

    I just received word that an old friend who helped me so much in my early years as a believer tried to commit suicide. Finances and health issues have been and are overwhelming. Please pray that Dick would regain hope and that God would move mightily in his life.

  23. Nomans says:

    praying for Dick… hopelessness is an epidemic right now. :,(

  24. Em says:

    amen, with Noman’s in prayer for this man to receive needed strength to overcome now

  25. DMW says:

    I think I have found a girl that is going to work 5 days a week for Debbie and I. Please pray that this all works out in the past about 1 in 3 girls didn’t work out also that someday I can get my driving privileges back…not driving is going to make my life so much harder..

  26. jlo says:

    erunner, will be praying

    DMW, praying.

  27. DMW says:

    No driver’s license is so so hard. Really need prayer that I can get mine back .. They say I told a cop that I pass out all the time.. I was knocked out from hitting my head in the accident and I don’t remember anyone or anything that happened for about a half hour. In any case the guy ar DMV told me I only have about a 10% chance to ever drive again..

  28. Em says:


  29. Michael says:

    Been really sick all week…lots of stress at home and work…Trey and I both need some divine intervention.

  30. Sarah says:

    Praying Michael.

  31. Michael says:

    Thank you, my friend…I’m off to work.

  32. jlo says:


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