Free Saeed!

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  1. Naghmeh is in Albuquerque today and tonight and I am unable to get home until she is gone. I regret that but have communicated with her.

    Let’s press this matter until it is resolved.

  2. It would be encouraging to see some of you post a blessing here. Just note your solidarity with the cause to #FreeSaeed.

  3. Josh Hamrick says:

    I’m in with Saaeed. My church prays for him weekly.

  4. Steve Wright says:

    My wife and I pray for Saeed, Naghmeh and their children on a daily basis in our morning devotions as husband and wife..

    Today I reminded my facebook circle of friends that the picture of the Abedini family remains as my pofile pic by deliberate design, even if it means I can’t show off my own family.

    Dread, I am sorry you won’t get a chance to say hello in person to her. She is such a gracious woman of the Lord.

  5. I really am upset about missing her but I could not change my travel plans to accomplish the connection. I also figured that my meeting would be very brief. So I wrote to her and decided to wait for another day.

  6. Ah Dude you just transcended all of the verbiage semantics that really does not do much for anyone here and took it to the HIGHEST level possible. You never cease to amaze me. You have once again blown me away with your insightful perception and ability to communicate your heart. Wow!

  7. oops wrong post thread…LOL!

  8. dustyd says:

    y para el cruel que me arranca
    El corazon con que vivo
    Y para el cruel que me arranca
    El corazon con que vivo
    Cardo ni oritga cultivo
    Cultivvo la rosa blanca

    Good morning everyone ((((big HUGS))))

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