#FreeSaeed: Let’s Do This!

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3 Responses

  1. brian says:

    My letter it is rather dorky I know but I just wanted them to know how I felt I hope everyones efforts get this man home.

    Dear Congress Person “fill in the blank I changed the name of the member as needed”
    First thank you for your service to our nation I am sure it is not easy for you trying to measure the many competing voices on the many issues that face our nation. This is not one of those divisive issues, this is about the freeing of an American citizen held by a foreign power because of some type of “thought crime”. I am not here to pass judgment on the Iranian judicial system or their way of dealing with people that disagree with their government or policies. I just want this man to get home to be with his family before Christmas. On a personal note: if it meant I had to beg the Iranian government, I would. If it meant apologizing for any offenses they have felt they suffered I would. I am not sure I could deny my Christian religion to gain his release I would struggle with that. I just want this man to be home for the holidays because he is worth it and I think our nation needs this. I think this could also be a very special healing between our two nations, maybe our two people could find peace. I have known many individual people from Iran do to my part time employment as an ESL teacher, every single one of these fine people were / are wonderful, respectful and very compassionate.
    One of our fallen leaders at the hands of one of our own said
    “Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal.” John F. Kennedy
    We all do share this small spinning blue ball flying through a very wondrous and dangerous solar system. But we have much in common and I hope we, as a people can come together on finding a way to see this Father, Husband, and friend to return home. He was just trying to serve the least of these. I know there are great differences between our two nations but maybe we can come to agreement on this situation. I beg you.

    Brian Darby A human being (something we all have in common)

  2. This is important…. I want to see another big rally

  3. brian says:

    I think this is our chance to get past the fill in the blank nonsense that distracts us and a time to just help a fellow brother, This man needs to be home for the holidays.

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