Gayle Erwin and GFA: Is This The “Jesus Style”?

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  1. gots me some reading to do

  2. Kevin H says:

    From the Q&A section of the GFA Diaspora website, here is a good synopsis of some of the details of the timing of Erwin’s investigation and report and the “blame” being placed on the GFA Diaspora for why no meeting was taking place between GFA and the Diaspora:

    NEW – “Is Diaspora willing to meet with GFA?”
    July 2, 2015

    The short answer is: Yes.
    However, we doubt there continues to be a reason to meet.

    Diaspora had hoped from the beginning to meet with GFA leadership to address the concerns voiced in our first letter. As we moved forward through this process, we even chose a date with KP for such a meeting (October 2, 2014 and then October 13, 2014), but GFA’s leadership never followed through in actually sitting down to meet. Instead, we were told that Gayle Erwin was heading an investigation into our concerns and, as such, it was now out of KP’s hands and up to the board as to what to do next.

    Please see the Communications History for the emails and phone calls between JD and KP concerning setting up a meeting.

    Several months passed until Gayle Erwin sent his final report in March stating that our claims were dismissed and that they would no longer be communicating with us. We took that to mean an end of any opportunity for a meeting to take place.

    Our original purpose for meeting was to clearly define our concerns and plead for repentance. We desired to see GFA leadership make changes reflective of a rejection of their false teachings on authority, a renewed respect of staff’s personal lives, and full transparency to donors of the nature of Believer’s Church. Our primary concern was not for individual personal hurts to be reconciled (most of us had already forgiven GFA for those things); but those personal incidents simply reflected the larger problems within the culture of GFA.

    Because GFA leadership never admitted to the validity of our concerns in the March 26, 2015 Board Response, we progressively widened the circle of our communications from just the leadership and board initially, to the staff and finally to supporters, both current and potential (see June 1, 2015 post).

    We broadened the audience carefully and progressively for two reasons: First, for the sake of GFA to give them a progressive chance to repent (per Matthew 18), and, second, for the sake of the donors who need such information to make informed stewardship choices.

    Now that all our information is public, the original reason for meeting with GFA’s leadership seems to be nullified. They have not responded to our calls for repentance thus far, and now the current staff, the public itself and possibly the law continues the call to repentance and change. We’re not sure what a meeting would accomplish, unless the purpose of a meeting is to ask our advice in how to make changes. However, from GFA’s responses to us thus far, we doubt they would desire our help.

    We have been told that GFA is telling supporters that the only reason the meeting has not happened is because “Diaspora would not meet without it being videotaped” and GFA has been counseled against doing so by the ECFA. Therefore, they have accused us of not being willing to meet.

    We think this is disingenuous, as it gives the impression that GFA did all they could to arrange a meeting and the only thing that led to failed negotiations was our demand that it be videotaped (see Aug 22, 2014). This is simply false. Again, see our Communications History for the whole truth.

    The only meeting negotiations between GFA and ourselves were the emails and calls between JD and KP. If one reads, s/he will find that JD asked one time about it being videotaped and KP never even responded to that. Then KP announced the investigation. After that, the negotiations about meeting times simply stopped and KP never spoke directly to JD after that. We would not call that a failure on our part.

    Since then there has been one person—a brother named Greg—who has tried to negotiate his own meeting between Diaspora and GFA (see April 16, 2015). Our communications with him can also be seen in the Communications History. We were unable to work with him because we had no indication from GFA or its board that Greg had any authority to carry out such negotiations. GFA’s board has never retracted their statement that they are finished communicating with us (see March 26, 2015), so until the GFA board or leaders acknowledge directly to us that they would like to resume communications, we don’t see any point in working with a third party, like Greg.

    In conclusion, we invite all to review our Communications History to decide personally the whole truth of our attempts and willingness to meet with GFA. Because of the lack of response from GFA over the process, we have incrementally broadened the audience to voice our concerns; thus, at this point in time, a meeting may no longer be appropriate. Nonetheless, we remain open should it be requested.

  3. Michael says:

    Thank you, Kevin.

  4. Kevin H says:

    “We have been told that GFA is telling supporters that the only reason the meeting has not happened is because “Diaspora would not meet without it being videotaped” and GFA has been counseled against doing so by the ECFA. Therefore, they have accused us of not being willing to meet.”

    Yes, I was one of the supporters who was told this. GFA told me that the demands of the Diaspora group were “ridiculous”. The only “demand” they then told me about was the videotaping, which from the documentation and explanation of the GFA Diaspora group would seem to show that GFA was being quite disingenuous about this.

  5. OCDan says:


    Matthew 7:21, my friend.

    It is a verse that scares me because it is the scariest verse in the Bible.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think it scares these wacko mega-christian pastors.

    In the end, God will have his say and it will be final and it will be for eternity.

    You see, what does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?, especially in light of the fact that we should fear the one who can cast our soul into hell or bring it home to Him.

    I hear and understand the frustration. The key is always to remember and focus on the One who is ultimately going to repay everyone for their deeds, words, thoughts, and motives. Fortunately, Christ has paid it all for me and the Spirit dwells within me. These guys, I like what MLD has reminded us all about fruit. I just don’t see it with these guys. They are no better than the Benny Hinns of the world.

  6. Michael says:


    They have no fear of God.
    I quite literally tremble when I write articles like this…I fear God’s discipline for every word I write.
    God’s work must be done His way…and sometimes I do it my way.
    I’ve paid for doing so.
    They must be running a tab…

  7. A Friend says:

    Gayle Erwin couldn’t care less.

    He is cozy with Bob Grenier and still endorsed him no matter the testimony I gave him.

    It’s all a show. He’s as big a scam and sham as any of them. Don’t buy his country boy schtick, he’s a phony.

  8. conscientious objector says:

    “Don’t buy his country boy schtick, he’s a phony…” Agreed!

  9. A Friend says:

    Erwin will go to any CC that will pay his speaking fee regardless of what goes on there. He is a hired gun, nothing more.

    It’s all part of the Calvary Chapel ‘system’ and how these guys make money.

    Grenier benefits from the implied endorsement, Erwin gets a nice mini-vacation all expenses paid plus a cash “honorarium” or what is really a speaking fee.

    It’s a win win.

    That’s how the scam works folks. Truth be told.

  10. A Friend says:

    As long as GFA has money to pay Erwin and the others, as long as they are able to dodge too much media attention and too big a firestorm, they’ll keep right on truckin’ and benefitting themselves with money and fake-cred for “doing the work of Jesus!” which is really them just being the narcissists they are and lining their pockets with the Jesus Money.

    It’s a Career, it’s not a “ministry”…make no mistake about that.

  11. OCDan says:

    I understand what you are saying, but by writing these articles you are doing God’s work. One thing is sure regarding your writing, God is always on the side of the downtrodden, disenfranchised, abused, neglected, abused, etc. It doesn’t mean they are all saved or blessed, etc. However, what I am trying to say is that taking advantage of someone is not in God’s economy and it will be dealt with in this life or the next or in both, one way or another.

    To that end, your writing is pointing it out and I appreciate it, despite the pain it exposes all around.

    Keep up the excellent work and may God continue and always bless you richly (I know He already has with Jesus and Mrs. Kitty and your son).

    Hat tip to you.

  12. Michael says:

    OCDan…thank you.

  13. OCDan says:

    “It’s a Career, it’s not a “ministry”…make no mistake about that.”

    Career = honorariums and empires to build

    Ministry = washing feet, weeping with those who weep, rejoicing with those who rejoice, breaking bread with the downtrodden, helping the widows and orphans

  14. SJ says:

    Can there be any good reason why GFA has millions sitting in an Indian bank, walked money into the country or chosen not to “tell all”?

    Honest question, thinking aloud.

  15. Kevin H says:


    GFA told me the reason they were walking the cash into India was to experiment with other ways to get cash into India because it is getting “harder and harder” to transfer money into India through regular means (bank transfers) due to the persecution of the Indian government on Christianity and they fear the day is coming soon that they won’t be able to transfer at all through regular means. It seems that persecution and security concerns are regular go-to answers for GFA when it comes to them explaining (or not explaining) suspicious looking financial activity.

  16. A Friend,
    “Gayle Erwin couldn’t care less.

    He is cozy with Bob Grenier and still endorsed him no matter the testimony I gave him. ”

    Oh my, I am so sad to hear this. This is heartbreaking.

    …ok, stepping away from religion, gonna get lost in graphic design, art & music where the crazies are Banksy, Picasso & anyone with 2 turntables & a microphone

  17. conscientious objector says:

    GFA told me the reason they were walking the cash into India was…

    It’s called money laundering… tax free and nooooo accountability, just cash 🙂

    That’s illegal!

  18. Kevin H says:


    I’m not saying what GFA did wasn’t wrong or illegal, as they probably were. Just telling what GFA told me and probably other donors.

  19. Jim Jacobson says:

    There seem to be a lot of mean spirited and unsubstantiated charges here against a brother. Since no one here has actually spoken to Gayle about GFA, it seems a bit harsh and premature.

  20. Michael says:


    The charges I’ve made are documented in the links provided.

  21. Andrew says:

    “A man cannot serve two masters…Erwin needs to make a choice between the two in front of him.”

    The Calvary Chapel connection with GFA and Gayle Erwin is undeniable. I’m not sure which is worse though. I’ve warned on here before about cult like vision casting authority at Delaware county PA. I do find it more than a coincident that Gayle will be speaking there next. I hope folks are starting to pay attention because servant hood is the last thing I see happening with any of these leaders.

  22. Officer Hoppy says:

    regardless of whether Gayle is culpable or not, I’ve known him for over 40 years, and I will not kick him to the curb. I just don’t do that to friends. Maybe that is Gayle’s stance toward KP. I dunno. While it is fair to question Gayle’s investigation, My experience is, he has always been a trustworthy man. To clarify, the accusations he profits from CC or GFA, In my dealings, while he receives an honorarium, his income is generated from book sales.

    Gayle is why I am a follower of Christ today. He was my college pastor. He has showed up more than once to tragic situations, ( deaths) just to be there or be of comfort.

  23. Andrew says:

    To clarify, the accusations he profits from CC or GFA, In my dealings, while he receives an honorarium, his income is generated from book sales.

    Of course Gayle is profiting from both CC and GFA with their book endorsements alone since KP is claiming GFA doesn’t get one penny from the sales. With KP’s vision that every believer on the planet get a copy of the “Jesus Style”, I’m sure a lot of pennies are going to Gayle who remains on the board of GFA.

  24. Kevin H says:


    I don’t think we should kick Erwin to the curb either. However, on this issue in regards to GFA and his “investigation” and his continued presence on the GFA board, I think some hard questions need to be asked. It does not appear that Gayle has been faithful in following the “Jesus Style” by how he went about doing this investigation for GFA. An investigation that was supposed to examine the charges by more than 100 former GFA staff members that GFA leadership was wrongfully overcontrolling, spiritually abusive, and deceptively dishonest towards them and others. An investigation where he chose to interview not even a single person from the group who were making the charges. An investigation that he was supposed to do within 10 days and allowed to drag out over 6 months. An investigation that ended with the conclusion of “We’re sorry we hurt you, but there is no basis to any of your claims and we won’t discuss it with you any further.” Additionally, since he continues to be a board member of GFA, he is also corporateley responsible for the dishonest, evasive, or complete lack of answers that GFA is giving to the many questions and allegations being raised about GFA.

    Gayle may have done a lot of good things throughout his life. And that is to his credit. However, these are serious things that in the light of rightness and justice need to be asked about Erwin.

  25. Michael says:

    This never ceases to amaze and completely depress me.
    Over a hundred former employees of GFA have been “kicked to the curb” and the boot had Gayle Erwins name on it.
    They, (as victims never do), don’t count.
    I haven’t advocated kicking anyone to the curb except by stopping funding to GFA until this crap gets cleared up.
    I have some close friends in ministry.
    One in particular.
    The great thing about those friendships is that they hold me accountable for what I say and do so I don’t shipwreck my life.
    They care enough to tell me the truth.
    Gayle needs better friends.

  26. Officerhoppy says:

    Well I didn’t mean to imply you were kicking Gayle to the curb. Just that I didn’t feel I could abandon the brother. As far as better friends, I am confident that Gayle, in the end will make the right decision. If he asks me for my opinion as to what he should do. Which he won’t because I seldom see him, I will offer it.

  27. Michael says:


    ” Just that I didn’t feel I could abandon the brother.”
    Just exactly what does that pious platitude mean in real life?
    You won’t seek him out to speak truth to him and you say you rarely see him.
    That sounds like you’ve abandoned him already.

    What your statement means in real life is that I’m going to defend my co-worker and affiliate online despite what he may have done and without bothering to affirm that there may be a trail of broken people under his boot.

    It says that I am going to stand with my people no matter if I should be standing both with my brother and the people who may have been hurt by him and in love for both holding him to account.

    It says I’m holier than all thou and it screams that you don’t give a hoot in hell about the issues.

    I’ve heard this song before.

  28. Officerhoppy says:

    Sorry you feel that way about me! What can I say. Guess you got me!

  29. Officerhoppy – Perhaps you could take initiative and reach out to Mr. Erwin. I wrote to him but he has not answered. As a board member, he has a fiduciary responsibility to hold GFA accountable (which of course is also his Christian responsibility). Since you know him, perhaps he would explain himself and GFA to you. Maybe you could get some answers and we could see what their real stance is.

  30. Michael says:

    Excellent suggestion, Warren.

  31. Officerhoppy says:

    For the record, we have never supported GFA, or KP. So I don’t think I have a dog in the fight. Re Gayle I haven’t seen him in 8 or 9 years. I have little influence with him. So what is it you would like me to do?

  32. Mr Jesperson says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for illuminating who this man who handled “the investigation” is. I have been curious. You are correct that his friends are not friends if they do not confront him. I have been held accountable a few times in my life. The men who did that were true friends. I would not want things any other way. The teaching in the New Testament about this is quite clear. The only man who does not need accountability is the one who is in the grave. If you are still breathing then you need others watching your back.

  33. Officerhoppy says:

    Warren and I posted over each other.

  34. Andrew says:

    No one is abandoning Gayle. But it sounds like 100 former staff were abandoned by GFA. To me it doesn’t matter if its 100, 10 or just 1. We should never abandon a brother(s) like this. But this is the CC/GFA/KP way to protect the brand and throw the individual under the bus. This vision casting Moses modeling authoritarian cultish controlling leadership doesn’t give a crap about those they have hurt with their spiritual abuse. Now that I got that off my chest, I hope this gets cleared up real soon but I’m expecting more of a Mark Driscol scenario playing out.

  35. Michael says:


    If you haven’t had any contact with him, then why feel the need to publicly support him…without any mention of what he is involved in?

    That is odd and seems very one sided and purposeful.

  36. Em says:

    FWIW – long years ago as a new Christian, a teenager, i assumed that ALL “men of the cloth” were deeply committed to the Faith and wise in the Word… when i learned of the local Baptist minister’s (big church) loose morals, i wasn’t nearly as disillusioned with the man as i was with the church that kept him on as their spiritual leader all those years (he remained until retirement as i recall)… pew sitters are supposed to grow, not just sit there there making their weekly dumb duty call on God… IMV we pew sitters are very culpable when these matters come to light …

  37. Michael says:


    Amen about a dozen times…

  38. Xenia says:

    Sounds to me like Officer Hoppy is thinking the best of his old friend.

    Pew sitters….. lose the pews and see what happens.

  39. Em says:

    but, Xenia… if we don’t sit, we’ll have to stand …?… 🙂

  40. Xenia says:

    Yes, you will have to stand. 🙂

  41. Ixtlan says:

    ” I have found that college is a place that they watch over you will you grow up a bit”.

    That can be true in some circumstances regardless on what a person does after high school, but there is much more to the college experience than that. To contextualize higher education in such light is shortsighted and a bit condescending and I would expect better from him. If my memory serves me, I thought Erwin had actually taught at a Christian college, and if so, such a comment causes me to wonder if his experience there may have left him a bit jaded.

  42. A Friend says:

    Warren T. said, “Officerhoppy – Perhaps you could take initiative and reach out to Mr. Erwin. I wrote to him but he has not answered. As a board member, he has a fiduciary responsibility to hold GFA accountable (which of course is also his Christian responsibility). Since you know him, perhaps he would explain himself and GFA to you. Maybe you could get some answers and we could see what their real stance is.”

    WELCOME to Calvary Chapel 101 LOL.

    I’ve written to Gayle Erwin too…and other co-Pastors co-Elders and “Oversight” and “My pastor Chuck Smith!” etc of Calvary Chapel regarding my abusive and corrupt step-dad CC pastor.

    This is how they operate. They will collect info and Stone Wall, that is what Roger Wing and others taught them in terms of Crisis Management etc. Jeff Dorman was a good attorney for them and gave them practical lawyerly advice as well as well as other lawyers.

    Not very “spiritual” but has served them well from a Business/Corporation perspective which is what they really are.

    “Jesus” LOL…hardly. Big Biz and very strategic and very much liars to the public and to their followers in the lies and false impressions they give regarding conducting themselves in a biblical manner regarding honesty, integrity, church discipline, church governance etc.

    It is what it is. You’ll encounter the same things I did. They are a disgusting lot.

  43. A Friend says:

    Don’t waste your time on ex-officerhoppy. He’s as useful as tits on a bull and only cares about his own small franchise in Oregon. He just likes to comment once in awhile for some reason and stir the pot a little, but has zero power or influence by design and couldn’t care less…as long as folks in his neck of the woods still aren’t offended by the Calvary Chapel Brand and as long as it doesn’t affect his salary and benefits and retirement.

  44. A Friend says:

    Officerhoppy said, “while he receives an honorarium, ”

    That is cash in an envelope, it is money. Quit being such a spin-doctor and liar. He does profit from CC and GFA, he gets cash every time he speaks you lying jerk.

  45. No but really... says:

    A Freind, please update your site!

  46. Michael says:

    A Friend,

    Please respect confidentiality…I edited to do so.

  47. A Friend says:

    No but really, Michael does it better and I’m too busy making money and getting ready for the trial that will expose Bob G. to be the liar he is.

  48. A Friend says:

    If Bob backs out of the Trial at the last minute…it’s a sure sign IMO of guilt. What say you?

  49. No but really... says:

    “If” is a mighty big word at this point… that say I

  50. A Friend says:

    His attorney has already said he doesn’t want to go to trial. I wonder why? B/c he’s done a lot of bad things and has been lying about it and thought he could bully me….and thought he could scare me and thought he could put so much pressure on my situation here trying to abuse my wife and kids via lawsuit when he knows he’s in big trouble if it went to trial….

    He has thrown everything at me…and I’m still standing and stronger and more determined than ever. I’m paid up and we’re getting ready to expose the whole mess and to bring some much needed justice and accountability to that situation.

    He’s hurt me with everything he could my entire life. His sadistic nature will be shown in court as it all unravels for a jury to see and hear from many witnesses.

    Bob, you read everything I write…or so you stated from your pulpit…you makes copies of it you said…well make a copy of this: F you and you’ll never beat me and you’ll never dominate me again…and you won’t get away with it, at least not all the way.

  51. Erunner says:

    A Friend, what if BG does bow out and is able to somehow continue on, business as usual. Will you be able to accept that in light of everything you grew up with and all of the time and energy you have invested in seeing him brought to some sort of justice??

  52. Officerhoppy says:


    I know you intended your comments to be insulting but you are exactly right. I have zero power and authority in CC. If there is a design, it’s mine. I pastor a medium sized church and focus my attentions here.

    As far as stirring the pot that certainly wasn’t my intention but I guess I did! Was just trying to say that my experience with Gayle is that he has been trust worthy. And I would be loyal to him as a friend. Didn’t say I was approving of any thing.

    I thought I was just contributing another side to the story, from my personal experience. I suppose I was publicaly supporting Gayle…but I didn’t think I was defending him!

    I think there is a difference

    Xenia had it right!

  53. Em says:

    coming from reading MLD’s last comment on the Hebrews thread, it seemed worth sharing and pertinent here this afternoon … or maybe i’m just not following too closely …?…

  54. Jim Jacobson says:

    Alex, call me.

  55. Officerhoppy says:

    For the record, I do have a salary but I have no benefits and I pay my own retirement. Also my wife works and she has PERS.

  56. A Friend says:

    E said, “A Friend, what if BG does bow out and is able to somehow continue on, business as usual. Will you be able to accept that in light of everything you grew up with and all of the time and energy you have invested in seeing him brought to some sort of justice??”

    We have contingency plans. You can’t just walk away from a lawsuit that he started…not w/o consequences.

  57. A Friend says:

    JJ you call me. Michael has my number.

  58. A Friend says:

    Hoppy you don’t get any benefits? Hard to believe. No housing allowance? Nothing?

    You pay your own retirement? With what money? The money you get in salary from the church for “serving Jesus”…correct?

    Or do you have another job that pays you money where you aren’t “serving Jesus” for a salary?

  59. jlo says:

    “the accusations he profits from CC or GFA, In my dealings, while he receives an honorarium, his income is generated from book sales.”

    Book sales that are generated from his speaking engagements…..

  60. Lurkie Loo says:

    Michael, thank you for all you have done and written, both the investigative and introspective. Many times your writings have stopped me in my tracks as I’m rushing around, causing me to crack open my Bible app and stop and pray. I can’t fathom what you’ve poured out, but it’s evident that He has poured fathoms of Living Water into you.

  61. I am glad that at least Em got my closing comment on the weekend word thread. 🙂

  62. Michael says:


    Thank you…I hope we’ve been helpful.
    We will keep trying. 🙂

  63. Bert says:

    If I remember correctly one of Gayle Erwin’s Jesus Style recommendations was that no local church should continue more than 30 years, after which time it would be disbanded. Imagine all the grief we would have been spared if Calvary Chapel, incorporated in 1965, had taken his advice.

  64. Michelle says:

    Will you be writing a follow up on this subject based on the new info released in December 2015, and Gayle Erwin’ s resignation from GFA?

  65. Kevin H says:


    A follow-up was written soon after the release of the new information.

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