Gayle Erwin Speaks On Leaving GFA, Admits Donor Fraud

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  1. covered says:

    That’s pretty smart being the first one to admit there was a problem. The other guys better say something too pretty soon.

  2. Michael says:


    My guess is that what they are saying is “shut up, Gayle”!!!

  3. covered says:

    I fully understand how leaders can undermine a Board of Director’s but how does someone move 19 million dollars and the Board be unaware? This could get ugly fast.

  4. Michael says:


    Excellent question.
    I don’t buy this line.
    I think some guys figured out they may have incurred legal liability and are running away.
    My guess is that the Most Reverend Metropolitan Bishop Wearer of Holy Bath Robes might want to get accustomed to tire tracks…

  5. covered says:

    I wonder what the process is for moving funds? I am free to spend up to $500 at my discretion and after that we need Board approval. There should be something in place for much larger non profits in order to move money around.

  6. Steve Wright says:

    covered makes some good points here. I sat on one board of another church for two years at their request for an outside pastor’s opinion (the rest of the Board was part of that church). I was surprised at how much they kept me in the loop – asking for votes on just about any money expenditure that was not a regular invoice. Necessities like the copier breaks and it will cost $180 to service it etc. (example only)

    I know that most Boards of churches would not run to that degree, but at the same time the idea that large money expenditures would not be run by the Board is wrong..though I could see it happening too especially with a board of outsiders like GFA.

    The 20+ years in insurance guy in me wonders about the Directors and Officers Liability Insurance that may be in force (or not). How it reads. What it excludes. To what extent there is extension to GFA from the church’s D&O (Skip and Damian pastor a church, Gayle does not) Lots of questions. And not too much wiggle room in legal documents like insurance contracts – especially when the insurance company can hang their hat on a possible interpretation in a given exclusion or definition that would give them the right to deny a claim in the event the lawsuits come rolling in down the road.

  7. hopeful says:

    KP was able to move that much money from India to the US without the US board knowing the source because the US board has no control and no knowledge of actions in India. KP is the head of everything in India and he can do whatever he wants, easily hiding things from people in the US. It’s just now, with the internet and the Indian government posting financials online that we are able to put two and two together.

  8. covered says:

    Other than for the obvious reasons like being able to say that they serve on the board for GFA, why in the world would these celebrities want to be on the board? I serve on other board’s besides the church I pastor but I have specific duties including watching where the money goes.

  9. Twin Peaks says:

    The Lord is keeping account.

    In the words of Ronald Reagan: “Well…you can run…but you can’t hide.”

    Gayle, Skip and the board members who turned a blind eye in the last year, they will see the effects of their ‘enablement’ bite them in their hind quarters soon.

    “Hostility” in bloggers you say Mr. Erwin?

    No, righteous anger for the unethical and possible criminal actions that you were culpable to. You did not play the role of a responsible, inquiring board member. You were tasked and in control of the very flawed biased report regarding the Diaspora, who begged for justice and light and accountability. You are in dereliction of duty as well as the rest of the board. You looked very biased (until now for some reason) toward K.P.

    You can resign and wash your entire body with hand sanitizer but it doesn’t help the wounded ex-servants you so highly commended in your letter on your facebook message.

    They are the ones along with the sheepfold of God who will now no longer be receiving funds and ministry because K.P. and Family board members will be stopping the flow of money to either keep or do damage control with. Satan is laughing at another fallen ministry.

    If my heart grieves this much, I can only think what our Lord Jesus thinks over this mess.

    Lord, mercy. We need Your mercy.

  10. Kevin H says:

    “It’s all K.P.’s fault. And those nasty blog commenters, too.” – Okay, maybe not an exact quote, but close enough.

  11. chainsbroken2x says:

    The fact is that KP is nothing less than a dictator in the US and India. The US board is not kept in the loop on most things and they only know what KP allows them to know. Most ex staffers are far more informed about the reality of life on the compound and the dishonest dealings. KP has betrayed just about everyone’s trust. God sees and will not be mocked.

  12. Backdoor says:

    Did Mr. Erwin, Heitzig and the others have to sign their names on the Financials stating their approval as GFA Board of Director officers?

  13. Andrew says:

    Its looks like the way K.P, has treated his board is similar to how many Moses Model pastors operate in treating their own congregations and sometimes their own boards. Its right out of the CC playbook. Its easy to see “why” the affinity GFA has had with CC over the years.

  14. open eyes says:

    I appreciate Steve and his love for India. I also appreciate that he has the courage to stand up and dialog with me. It is good he has challenged me! Personally I think a heated dialog is better than no dialog. The latter is worse in my opinion. I think everyone has a piece of the Indian puzzle. I have often thought of writing a book that includes information from all foreign workers in India. I think they are an untapped resource here. Even those workers from Australia and NZ have much different experiences than Americans due to the view Indians have of them. There are a lot of levels here to break through. I believe we are just scratching the surface and hope we can go deeper with it. I see no reason for not believing Steve and his experiences AND believing mine. They really don’t negate each other. If you talk to others you will get more insights. Try to weave it all into a big picture rather than taking sides.

    I encourage Americans to ask more questions about work in India. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid to ask for paperwork or documentation of anything. I would even encourage you to read Hindu sites to gain some insight into how they look at this. Maybe they think they are just as right as we think we are right? Maybe their “radical” views are just a reflection of fears? Maybe we in the West are throwing fuel on those fears and we need to rethink our websites? What are we willing to do to be effective? I am not for lying or saying the ends justify the means but maybe we can do small things to make us all a better witness for Christ? It is uncomfortable but worth it I think.

    Thank you, Steve, for your passion for India. Thank you for being open, vulnerable and honest here. We all are learning.

  15. Nonnie says:

    I was a bit surprised by Mr. Erwin’s harsh words for those (many former staff) who were commenting on Throckmorten’s site. I really expected a lot more grace and kindness from him for wounded people.

  16. covered says:

    Nonnie, Gayle, Skip, Grenier, Raul and the like don’t see wounded people they only see bitter people. The whole, “vote with your feet” mentality and go quietly.

  17. Josh the Beloved says:

    KP will learn by this next time that it will be better to shuttle the monies to the Cayman Islands or keep it India where out of the laws of the US. “Money corrupts and lots of money corrupts absolutely”.

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