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  1. Em says:

    “They will be accountable before God for every loss they could have prevented.”
    i believe this is true and a very sobering accountability

    interesting that the land of empty churches yet has a faithful Church alive and well…

  2. Michael says:


    It’s completely beyond me why these men won’t warn the people to stop what they once encouraged.

    They will preach and write against every political issue that trips their trigger but won’t touch tangible injustice being done to the family of God.

    I couldn’t sleep at night…

  3. Paul A. Lytton says:

    Satan is not only a strong adversary himself to Christianity, he also places stupid people in high places to be adversaries to real Christians. Even in (if not ‘especially’ in) sources promoting Christian meaning.

  4. surfer51 says:

    Still No Meaningful Explanations from Gospel for Asia About Their Expulsion from the ECFA and More Evidence of Possible Fraud.

    $128,000,000 unaccounted for and missing…


  5. Argie says:

    As a former CC pastor and having gone to India with a team of other pastors for GFA, I can assure you that the ministry of GFA we experienced in India was incredible. And, while I brought several thousands of dollars to India, it was a direct donation from our congregation to the saints we went to minister to (a process to be repeated in Israel, Croatia, Serbia, etc…). I count my small service into India one of the highlights of my life and pray that the saints we touched in the Name of Christ are well.

    If there was indeed wrong-doing in GFA leadership, it remains to be seen…but remember that all sin is under the blood of Jesus. But, the impact in the lives of the people of India by the ministry of GFA is undeniable and amazing…I witnessed it myself.

    Let us remember to lift up those in GFA leadership, that the Lord Jesus would give them the wisdom to navigate these difficult times. But, above all, let us show grace and mercy – even in the face of what we might perceive to be wrong-doing, as this is the example our dear Lord has given us.

  6. Andrew says:

    If there was indeed wrong-doing in GFA leadership, it remains to be seen..


    I have read countless testimonies from the diaspora. Are you discounting every single one of them? Are you also saying ECFA made a huge blunder and somehow GFA leadership is beyond approach in regards to its fiduciary responsibilities? Can you honestly say that 100% of all donations go to the field as is the claim on their website. Who is paying for their lawsuit now against Warren. Just curious but glad you choose to comment.

  7. Argie says:

    Brother Andrew,

    I am sure those who have been wronged by any ministry will be comforted by the Comforter. And, in the course of human endeavor when we sin there is always a price to pay on this side of heaven. I do not know of the end-point for GFA donations corporately, but only related the way our CC decided to bring gifts to the needy – directly. As to the lawsuit, I do not know nor does it concern me.

    As an older man now, I have learned but few things in life….chief among those are to love others, to show grace to others, and to show mercy to others. How our Lord decides this matter is for His wisdom alone, but I would suspect that those who have done wrong knowingly will be diminished in this life and in their eternal rewards.

    I hope to caution all who wish to try this matter too quickly. These are another Master’s servants, He will judge.

    I wish you well Andrew. It seems the Lord has blessed you with an incredible intellect and a deep passion for a sense of right-doing.


  8. uriahisaliveandwell says:

    It is NOT how Jesus example His love mercy and grace to us of sinners. Jesus confronted the wrongs being done buy those particularly among those leaders who will behaving which is the and as I was among the people and told them or rather warn them to repent or basically spend eternity in hell. in this the love the mercy and grace was shown to them by being confronted straight forwardly, not mincing words, speaking the truth to those who would hear and repent.

    the blood of Jesus does not give license to sell nor does it excuse out of to ignore such behavior coming from those who call themselves a child of the living God.

  9. Andrew says:


    I agree that the few things in life that we are to do, chief among those is to love others. I seek to do that by giving a voice to those that have been abused and not to silence them. Three CC pastors on the GFA board all resigned abruptly and they aren’t saying anything. This breaks my heart that no one can tell us why they resigned and tell us the truth. One thing that gets clearer and clearer to me is that love and truth go hand in hand. You can’t have one with out the other. If the truth is going to be repressed over and over again, there is no love there for either the abused or for those abusing. Both need to hear the truth. The abused need to hear the truth confirmed so they are not made out to be liars and the abusers need to hear the truth so they will be convicted and stop the abuse.

  10. Argie says:


    I can only imagine that you are not comparing yourself to our Lord in your words…Jesus, our perfect Example, had the right and the imperative to confront perfectly. I am only encouraging that we all as imperfect sinners saved by His grace can only but dimly see the mere outlines of all that has occurred here…and as such can never render a fair and just verdict in this matter. We do not even know our own wicked hearts, how can we judge the thoughts and intents of others?

    God will raise those up who are His servants to confront wrong-doers. And, if that is you, may the Lord give you of His wisdom and grace. Be at peace my brother…all that is done in the darkness shall be brought into the light and every wrong will be made right.


  11. Michael says:

    Argie just made his sacrifice to the real god of American corporate Christianity…pragmatism.
    The end always justifies the means…people are often collateral damage in pursuit of those means.
    The victims are offered the comfort of God while the machine grinds on.

  12. Andrew says:

    Well said Michael.

    Just so you know I have found some comfort in your own blog because more often than not you dare to speak the truth.

  13. uriahisaliveandwell says:

    YIKES, hope the typos can be worked through.

    Has anyone seen the movie Spotlight?
    Same reasoning used to cover up a systematic string of leadership that committed “sin” in the “church” and then in enabled
    and protected buy those among the flock.of course attaching God’s name then will to fight to keep people silent and then dairy or having the audacity to say that we should do like Jesus did and show our love mercy and grace then leave it to God.

  14. Michael says:


    Thank you.
    I try…and I try to be fair.
    How anyone can defend this stuff is beyond me.

  15. chainsbroken2x says:

    @ 7


    “As an older man now, I have learned but few things in life….chief among those are to love others, to show grace to others, and to show mercy to others.”

    I agree with this and I believe similarly–however, I can testify that GFA leadership does not operate out of love, grace and mercy. They operate out of deceit and manipulation. Many recent former leaders and staff of GFA individually and collectively brought this to KP and his few disciple leaders in a godly and respectful way but KP rejected the counsel of many. Instead he said he spent time alone talking to God and came away with a peace that he is right. He then proceeded to shun and label those who approached him in this way as rebellious, “poison”, and usurping his authority. Shaming and shunning were the next stages before the bulk of these people left. He controlled and shamed/intimidated his board the same way. (ECFA found GFA board was not made up of independent majority). This is not about a handful of wrongly labeled disgruntled employees. The numbers of leaders and staff that have left in 2015 alone is into the dozens. Most left primarily because of the deception and unbiblical authoritarian leadership and because of the lack of transparency and cult like characteristics GFA exhibits on the inside.

    This is not fiction. Collectively, a large amount of money was smurfed over the last few years using primarily students and others involved with GFA. This is by GFA leaderships own admission.

    You are like a lot of other uninformed who act like they “know” when fact is you were never on the inside and therefore your opinions have little or no weight. If you do have facts, please share them. Staff, donors, and volunteers have been wearied and scattered by these few leaders at GFA and if they really know the Lord the time has come for humility and true repentance. Only then will any healing and restoration occur.

  16. Argie says:

    Friends…in no way am I condoning any wrongs committed by any person or groups of persons. I mere contend that we do not have all the facts of this matter and as such cannot reasonably render a just judgement therein. The Lord is the Judge who will determine right and wrong for any sin committed on this earth, and I am sure that for any wrongs were done He will bring justice to bear upon those responsible. What concerns me is that an entire body of work by literally hundreds of workers and volunteers seems to have vanished in the moment an series accusations were made – true or not.

    Where have we come as a family of believers when we so quickly abandon others even when they fail? What of grace? What of mercy?

    I will leave this string and pray the Lord bless you all as I do not wish to cause division here.

  17. Michael says:


    There is no division here.
    We all oppose corruption and abuse and those who defend it.
    God uses means…and the means He uses most often are His people.
    We are commanded to judge those inside the church…commanded.

  18. Andrew says:

    What concerns me is that an entire body of work by literally hundreds of workers and volunteers seems to have vanished in the moment an series accusations were made – true or not.

    Argie, true. But if its a human work it will all go up in smoke anyway. Only if its the work of Christ will it have any lasting value.

  19. Kevin H says:


    Nobody here is disputing that GFA has done some good work and ministry or even your testimony of what you personally witnessed in this regard. What people are doing here, however, is righteously judging GFA (primarily top leadership) for the many wrongs they have committed and refuse to admit to or repent of. At best, they have sort of acknowledged a few while doing their best to minimize them.

    For those who have kept up with this case, there is no question that GFA has committed serious wrongs. It is not a matter of “if” they have committed them, only matter of how much and how bad. Anybody who argues otherwise must be either unaware of the plethora of testimony and evidence showing GFA wrongdoing or else they are simply choosing to side with evil.

    Yes, there is a place for grace and mercy. Where it must be shown first is towards those who have been wronged and abused. And part of showing that grace and mercy toward the victims is doing what you can to try to make the wrongdoing stop. To only show grace and mercy toward the wrongdoers while taking no steps to try to stop the wrongdoing will only serve to encourage the wrongdoing to perpetuate. This is not real grace and mercy in any sense.

  20. Michael says:

    Kevin H,


  21. Em says:

    as another old person (really old) i wonder if those who have seen the good works done in India by those who work under the umbrella of GFA have considered taking their offerings directly to the workers?

    we pay our taxes because we are legally required to do so (by God as well as man) even tho we know that special interests and graft siphon off a good bit of those monies… but no one is legally bound (by God or man) to send their donations to GFA

    so… i’d say to those who have been there and seen the good works being done, and who by now have heard the warnings of Throckmorton and others (not hearsay by any contrived stretch) – since you know personally who is doing the good works – why not get on a plane and take your donations directly to those mission fields – cut out this middleman who is getting rich off of the good works of others…

    if you think the fellas who head GFA are just sinners who have gotten off track a bit, do them a favor by blocking this road to riches and help get them back on track – when the Bible speaks of covering sins, it doesn’t mean keep on doing them in secret

    just sayin – cuz i can

  22. Michael says:


    That was wisdom.

  23. Col46 says:

    Andrew @9 hit it – love and truth must go together…
    Grace and truth came through Jesus Christ – John 1.17…
    Both are necessary.

  24. Mr Jesperson says:

    Ex Reverend Argie, to me you are the perfect example of the blind leading the blind. Jesus did not pull his punches in speaking out about the leaven of the Pharisees. His definition of love is very different than yours. It included truth and real humility. I suspect personal pride is the number one reason why people refuse to call a spade a spade in this case. False humility is all about looking good in front of an audience. Real humility admits that you were deceived. I was deceived for a very long time. Try it. It is good for you.

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