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  1. Em says:

    perhaps, some or all of them are simply men of God, but not great and promoted one step above their ability to serve? … gives new meaning to the old “Peter Principle”

  2. Papias says:

    GFAs auditing firm (Bland Garvey) dropped them as well, according to Gayle Erwin.

  3. Anne says:

    I was asked to be on the board of a small CC in a little NM town about 18 years ago. I was working full time and caregiving an aging parent so voiced concerns that I would not have time or energy to participate. I was informed the board member requirement was to make sure paperwork was in order for legal reasons only, that nothing would be required of me as far as participation in matters about the church. The pastor explained that in CC, the board members had no actual duties and were just legal window dressing as the governance regarding the actual activities of the church were the head pastor’s total responsibility. I’m sure that is not the exact case with all or even most CC’s but may possibly be an underlying attitude that defers to whoever is the head of what ever church/ministry without much input or actual work from the board. Just my experience in a very small, somewhat strange little CC a long time ago….not sure if applicable or not to this situation.

  4. That Guy Over There says:

    Anne, that pastor then didn’t even understand how the board at CC Costa Mesa worked.

  5. once a cc guru says:

    That’s exactly how the board functions at CCCM which is the example of every other Calvary, and anyone on the inside knows that!!!

    “The pastor explained that in CC, the board members had no actual duties and were just legal window dressing as the governance regarding the actual activities of the church were the head pastor’s total responsibility. “

  6. Andrew says:

    If the board members are just legal window dressing, the grumbling congregation must just be donor giving units.

  7. once a cc guru says:

    Here’s the skinny on to manage your giving units… No Joke!

  8. AA says:

    The CC Moses model, the board is the rubber stamp buddies. All too common.

  9. open eyes says:

    This is all very sad. Glad it is being exposed though.

  10. dustmyblues says:

    “This is all very sad. Glad it is being exposed though.”

    It is indeed very sad. I wonder if Gayle Erwin or any of the others are even concerned about the responsibility they had for the GFA Diaspora that were and have been abused by the GFA leadership. They always talk about the fiduciary responsibility. But what about their responsibility as shepherds to protect the sheep? Has any of them voiced any regret about that failure? As I understand it, Gayle wrote some type of report after doing an ‘investigation.” I haven’t read that report, but did any of it take the concerns of the people who only wanted to serve God with open hearts only to have the leadership at GFA treat them with such disrespect as to threaten to reveal certain details of their spiritual and personal lives? To me, this is the most egregious sin of all, not the money, although I know that’s important too.

  11. chainsbroken2x says:

    @10. You make very valid points. Gayle actually came up with a preliminary report and was apparently chastised by KP for what it contained saying 80% of it was garbage. KP, Danny and David Carroll believed that it would turn into a witch hunt so they kept Gayle from interviewing current and former staff during his so called investigation even though KP informed staff that Gayle would be interviewing a number of the current staff. So many of the staff at the time were hungry to have the opportunity to speak with Gayle and confide in him about the abuse and control issues. Unfortunately that never happened and then many of those same staff felt like all hope for change had vanished and the 2015 exodus of staff began. It is still continuing with more to come. It is not just the US office.

    Chuck Zink is another board member that was approached but a few staff members and he chose to kindly dismiss their concerns with patronizing emails.

    Mr. Francis Chan is next in line to see if he has a Christ-like heart to actually listen to former staff and try and bring some truth and light into the reality of life at GFA and all the deception or if he too will simply have the dismissive attitude that KP exhibits and requires of his leaders and apparently the board members.

    There is chatter that Pastor Jarrett Stephens of Prestonwood Baptist is the mysterious 8th board member of GFA and if it turns out he is maybe he will be willing to actually consider Matthew 18 and talk with former staff and consider the real issues and abuse/deception that exist at GFA.

    Will he, Mr. Chan, or even Mr. Zink step up to the plate and not bow to the manipulation and control of KP? Will they or any of the non Punnose family board members accept their responsibility as board members to do the godly thing no matter how hard it may be?

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