Greg Laurie Interviews Mel Gibson

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  1. Jean says:

    “Gibson made his mark with a heavily “Catholicized” version of the crucifixion.”

    I haven’t watched the movie, because I don’t want a dramatization to color the drama of Scripture for me. Also, Gibson has been notorious outside this movie.

    However, I’ve never heard a critique that the movie is “heavily ‘Catholicized'”. Is that dog whistle language? I didn’t know the Catholics view the crucifixion differently than conservative Protestants. Would you mind giving an example or two of Gibson’s Catholicization of the crucifixion?

  2. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    I am a bit bewildered why everyone asks this. Was this any different than the interview a couple of years ago with the duck guy or when Rick Warren made an appearance?

    now it did look a bit like Gibson was twitching and swatting away evil spirits during the interview. (personally I like Mel Gibson and his movies – although I never did see the Passion)

    Actually, I would like to see them interview Rosey Grier

  3. Michael says:

    The film was actually based on “The Dolorous Passion of Anne Catherine Emmerich” a Catholic mystic.

    The Veronica legend and the place of Mary are big in the narrative…I could go on…

  4. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Well, Gibson is a Catholic, so I don’t know why it wouldn’t be a Catholic version. I guess the question is – why did evangelicals rush in hoardes to go see a Catholic movie?

  5. Bob Sweat says:

    Man crush!

  6. Bob Sweat says:

    I enjoyed The Passion of the Christ, but Gibson played the evangelical card to help make himself millions.

  7. Kevin H says:

    Yeah, but Mel Gibson has previously spewed anti-Semitic hatred and now Greg Laurie is interviewing him at his crusade which means the next crusade is going to get wiped out by an earthquake because he’s giving his platform to an anti-Israel Jew hater.

    Wait, I think I’m getting my threads all jumbled up. 🙂

  8. Erunner says:

    I was concerned because of Mel’s past anti semitic remarks as well of the big mess with his old girl friend. Hearing those tapes was downright scary. He has a 25 year old girl friend currently which I guess goes with the territory.

  9. nathan priddis says:

    Gibson is a drunken anti-Semite.

    What makes me angry is the unspoken requirement that in order to be a Christian, we also have to be morons, idiots and uniformed. That our brains need to be checked at the door. (mine is over next to the lost and found)

    Christians flocked to the Passion of the Christ because we are morons and uninformed. Of course the film would be called “Passion” because it is a “passion play.” But because we are morons we don’t understand why it carries that name.

    A passion play dates from the middle ages and is associated with rioting, rape, murder and looting. It is inherently anti-Semite, and can’t be divorced from it’s history.

    To put it mildly..
    ..”Passion plays also figure in the history of antisemitism, as they placed blame squarely on the Jews for the death of Jesus. Some believe the plays resulted in a rise in anti-Jewish violence following performances.”..

    Speaking of “crusades.” Crusades had only one purpose. Killing. The crusaders could not even makes it out of Europe before the killing, raping, rioting and looting began. What took place in Jerusalem was a neco-gasim.

    I would never use ether imagery as a believer.

  10. Xenia says:

    He looks good in a kilt.

  11. Kevin H says:

    Xenia wins this thread. 🙂

  12. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Mel Gibson reminds me of Samson.
    Tries to follow God’s leading, but is overcome at times by his own passions.

    Does that make him a Christian reject or a Romans 7 man?

  13. Paige says:

    Xenia. Hahahahaahaaha

  14. Papias says:

    “He’s famous. That explains it to me.”

    Nail meet head.

    I had one of my friends post his pic during the Crusade with the text “Mel Gibson is here!! Pray for him!!”

    Funny she didn’t post pics of others there to pray for…just this celebrity.

    We love our celebrities, especially Christian ones….

  15. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Paps – why did she think he needed prayer?

  16. Papias says:

    MLD, She didn’t say.

  17. Xenia says:

    Probably because he is Catholic.

  18. Josh the Baptist says:

    Watched the video.

    That’s what qualifies as a crusade nowadays? Wow.

    Also, Greg is morphing into Chuck Smith (physically).

  19. Duane Arnold says:

    The key to this, in my mind, is Greg saying “when we were talking backstage”. It’s a stage… entertainment… celebrity culture…

    If we choose to live by celebrity culture, we will also die with celebrity culture…

  20. Al says:

    Non issue in my book.

    I’m more concerned by the fact that Greg Laurie Incorporated has amassed a Multi-million dollar Fortune from selling the Gospel of Jesus as his only product.

    That disgusts me and is telling of Greg’s heart and character. He sucks for that reason alone.

    Greg has gotten rich by poaching “backsliders” from other churches. What a stupid worthless life and “ministry” when he could’ve used that Power and money and influence to really help people in real need.

    Greg Laurie is a wasted life. He was given a Talent and he gave God back the keys to a Porsche.

  21. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    I agree with a lot that is said about Greg, but I still think he does a good work. Now, I think the role of the Crusades have changed over the years because of the internet. In days of old, Billy Graham times, people didn’t know how to effectively witness etc.- so you brought them to the tent meeting, to see the evangelist to hear a pro do it.

    Today I don’t think that is the purpose – I think most of us at the least share the gospel because we have seen it modeled, or we give tapes to our unsaved friends etc. The role of the crusade and a guy like Greg? He is the closer.

  22. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    “from selling the Gospel of Jesus as his only product.” I doubt he charged anything for the Harvest Crusade this weekend.

    “Greg has gotten rich by poaching “backsliders” from other churches.” I think most ‘backsliders’ are skeptical to give their money to a stranger like Greg – so he must first earn their trust. Again, I think it is a good work if he works with ‘backsliders’ when no one else will.

    My question isn’t about Greg – it’s why 100,000 Christians came out to an event that was designated for non believers. I don’t think they should let anyone in if you did not bring an unsaved friend. The ‘christians’ are showing up for a night of entertainment.

  23. gomergirl says:

    Wow…. I guess I don’t understand the point of the post…. I know there is a collective dislike for Greg Laurie and his machine. Fair enough. But why hating on Mel?
    I get that people don’t like The Passion. I thought it was cool, and moving and pretty great. But I am not a deep thinker, nor do I dissect movies to look for hidden meanings and agendas. I just like movies. But I don’t think this is where he made his mark…. he is in so many great movies, and I like to remember those, over his crazy homeless guy impressions…. Signs….. Best.Alien.Movie.Ever!!!!! And he IS Mad Max. Martin Riggs and Hamlet and Bret Maverick (horrible movie, but he was good)….. So, why the angst? ANd Xenia is very right, but most any man looks great in a kilt. Will you hate on Denzel too, if he were to be interviewed? Or Jim Caviezel or any other actor who says they are a christian? Its not why I go to movies…. IDK, I guess I am missing something. If I got this totally wrong, you can delete this.

  24. Michael says:

    The original point of the post would be to pose the question “what the hell does interviewing a movie star have to do with evangelism”.

    As to “hating” on Gibson…some folks don’t like anti-Semitic drunks who abuse women.
    But, he does say he is a Christian…

    I don’t give a hoot in hell what faith people claim in regard to their vocation.
    I only care that they do their vocation well if I am buying a product or service from them.

  25. Babylon's Dread says:

    Pilate interviewed Jesus and won all kinds of converts.
    Interviewing celebs is good business, effective politics and great theatre.

  26. Michael says:

    Actually, I need to amend my #24…if a trade or vendor has a fish symbol on their business card it’s a pretty good sign you should run like hell.
    That has been my experience…your mileage may vary…

  27. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    Mr. Fuji died. I could care less about Greg Laurie and Mel Gibson. Neither one of those guys was a great wrassler.

  28. Michael says:

    Well played, Sheck…. 🙂

  29. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Besides this and the Kaepernick stuff distracts from the real important news. What about Tebow’s baseball tryout yesterday?

    Actually it would be cool if he did make it – Kind of a The Natural remake in real life.

  30. Jean says:

    Yes, he could stencil John 3:16 under his eyes again. I miss that.

  31. Josh the Beloved says:

    Is a christian drunk more righteous than an anti semitic drunk?

  32. Josh the Beloved says:

    If a Christian has other prejudices, but doesnt have an anti semitic prejudice. Is he more righteous? Can a professing christian who goes into anti semitic rage under drunken state in privacy of his own home perhaps as guilty as another professing Christian who gets drunk and rages against black people or watches pornography?

  33. Michael says:

    Those are weird questions.
    Righteousness is declared by God on the basis of the actions of Jesus Christ, not the sinner.
    Loud drunks are always obnoxious.

  34. Erunner says:

    My question would be is did Mel ever confess/repent for the things he said about Jews and all of the stuff between him and his girl friend? If he has repented it would be important for people to know.

    There’s been a huge backlash that a Catholic even appeared with Greg. I think that was a given no matter who that Catholic might have been. Maybe those same people have forgotten that Pastor Chuck and Rick Warren sat together at a past crusade. I remember that driving people to drink!

    I also wonder how many who are followers of Ray Comfort justify crusade evangelism based on what Ray has taught through the years?

    It gets a bit convoluted at times trying to make sense of it all.

  35. nathan priddis says:

    Michael mentions the questions are weird and this is correct. They do not address the underlying issue that some such as myself have with Mr. Gibson, and why I specifically mentioned drunkenness.

    Let’s start with here:
    -Gibson presents a movie to Christians that has an image of piety and devotion.
    -Christians patronize the film and hand over an enormous amount of funds.
    -Christians promote the movie to each other as spiritually beneficial.
    -No explanation is given about the historical background of passion plays, or that the Church is historically anti-Semite. Christian leaders do not educate there congregations in general and Church history is not different.

    In summary. Mr.Gibson did not disclose his true feelings to the Christian community, but alcohol did. (see Gibson arrest transcript below)

    ……”Gibson’s belligerent attitude (unreadable). Gibson (unreadable) out profanities (unreadable), calling me, “You mother (profanity redacted).” Gibson repeatedly threatened me, saying, “I’m going to (profanity redacted) you. You’re going to regret you ever did this to me.”

    While en route to Lost Hills Sheriff’s (unreadable), Gibson’s conduct remained (unreadable). Gibson almost continually threatened me, saying he “owns Malibu” and will spend all his money to “get even” with me. Gibson blurted out a barrage of anti-Semitic remarks about “(profanity redacted) Jews.” Gibson yelled out, “The Jews are responsible for all the wars in! the world.” Gibson then asked, “Are you a Jew?”………..

  36. Eric says:

    Honestly, watching this clip, my first thought was “cocaine is a hell of a drug”. Gibson’s mannerisms seemed…really weird. Ok, I might just be a total jerk (actually, I know I am), but something seems off.

  37. Al says:

    MLD said, “The ‘christians’ are showing up for a night of entertainment.”

    Yup, that is the troof.

  38. Al says:

    Michael said, ““what the hell does interviewing a movie star have to do with evangelism”.

    Not much. I’d interview Mel Gibson for the same reason Greg Laurie did, b/c he’s a big shot movie star and would be lots of eyeballs on my youtube channel. I’d hope to find something interesting to hash out politically or philosophically, but Gibson doesn’t seem too bright so I’d probably just get him to yell “Freeeeeeddddommmmmm!” or something.

  39. Tracey says:

    gomergirl, I liked Mel Gibson as an actor until I heard the recording of his obscene tirade against his girlfriend of the time, mother of his child. It was disgusting. As much as I love “Braveheart”, his abuse was so far over any line of decency, I cecided I would never watch another of his movies. That’s my reason for my dislike of him.

  40. Surfer51 says:

    Old Mel is going for a repeat with his part two movie: “The Ressurection.”

    The recent movie that I saw was “Risen.”

    Now that was a great movie!

    If you have not seen it yet, your in for a real treat.

    One scene in particular was spectacular in that it so plainly demonstrated Jesus love.

    And be assured it has none of Mel’s violence angles at all.

    You know, where the viewer sees Jesus beaten etc.

    I don’t know who produced Risen but they nailed it.

  41. Tracey says:

    And just to add to my last comment, I find it embarrassing, challenging, telling that non believers are often able to clearly discern evil behavior much quicker than Christians — Mel and Josh Duggar (and let’s not forget Trump) come to mind. We Evangelicals make things way too complicated and fuzzy.

  42. Michael says:


    Amen to your #41…

  43. Tracey says:

    Michael, is it not ironic that Christians are the moral relativists?

  44. Michael says:


    That’s what happens when you sell out to the religion of politics and corporate churches.
    Pragmatism and the bottom line become the plumb lines…

  45. brian says:

    Why Mr. Gibson was in this interview and it was for the holiest of reasons his movie grossed $612 million in its first worldwide release and only 30 million in production costs and around 15 million in post-production distribution and marketing costs. He did much of that free using churches and the evangelical machine, that too is holy and should be rewarded. Others have mentioned that the film was heavily based on Anne Catherine Emmerich’s psychotic anti-Semitic rantings which also had a well I won’t do down that road. The Passion plays of medieval Europe and their effect on people of the Jewish faith was mentioned. I saw the movie several times to try to do Mr. Gibson’s few justice, I always wondered why the scriptures, and I understand they take a backseat if not booted out of the car when it comes to production issues but they are not “graphic” concerning the crucifixion of Jesus. The bible is very graphic in other areas such as Judges nineteen or God seeking to kill Moses in Exodus four twenty-four. But I am not a scripture scholar so I don’t understand that much. What troubled me most of the movie was the portrayal of the children who took on the forms of Demons and the twisted faces that, in my opinion, where the depictions of Jewish people in medieval Europe. What I liked about the movie were the family scenes of Jesus and Mary the aspect of the original languages was a master stroke on Mr. Gibson’s part. Especially the scene where Jesus was building a table with chairs. I think the Resurrection morning ending was also masterful in my opinion.

    A side note and a bit pathetic on my part, I find Mr. Gibson’s remarks about women and people of the Jewish faith horrid and reprehensible but I did mention that in an email I sent to the only email address I could find for him. But I also spoke about praying for him and his family and mentioning some links as to where he might find help for his substance abuse issue and his issues with the Jewish faith / anti-Semitic views. I did not expect him to read it I just felt one should try. Again pathetic but well. Nice article Michael.

  46. nathan priddis says:

    Wow. Something is really wrong with Gibson. That interview must have felt like a very long nine minutes for Greg. Something is producing some major neurological issues.

  47. brian says:

    Im not a medical health professional of any type but I noticed the same thing, Mr. Gibson did discuss his long-term drinking issues this article does discuss some of those effects.

  48. I caught just a glimpse of this interview as it was being broadcast live in my Facebook feed. I glanced at it for a moment not knowing who in the world Greg was interviewing. My first guess was it was Chuck Girard, known best for founding the early CCM band “Love Song.” Then I just kept scrolling…

    And Josh is exactly right…Greg is looking more and more like Chuck Smith!

  49. So I watched the entire clip. Very interesting. Being originally from sunny So Cal it actually is right in line with the culture. It really is a different world in Orange County.

    As for Mel’s condition, this just seems like the natural progression in his mental/neurological condition.

    If there was one thing that I like about the clip, which was a bit uncomfortable to watch, was when MG said, “Real heroes don’t wear spandex.” Something I wish more people realized.

  50. K says:

    Did anyone else find Mel Gibson’s behaviour a bit strange?? Does anyone know what was wrong with him? Why was he so jerky?

  51. nathan says:


    He has something neurological going on. Since this is a religious context, there are some religious experiences that leave serious mental and neurological issues with those that engage in them. I have never heard Gibson’s name associated with those sort of practices. His movements and speak also do not seem to match my expected symptoms.

    Parkinson’s seems to be out. Again because of the type of movement.
    He is not stoned, or showing signs of intoxication.
    His weight is holding up, with excellent muscle mass.

    Long-term alcohol use would seem to be the logical issue.

  52. William Moseid says:

    The Lord works in mysterious ways, “His Wonders To Perform”. I viewed the film 3 times, the first & second, I thought very interesting. The Third Time, I believe the Holy Spirit impressed on me just what Agony, Including the Agony, Jesus experienced when the Father turned His Face away from him.

    Untold millions of people throughout the world came to The Lord as a result of viewing this movie.

    No response, written in this reading indicated that during the two interviews, that Mel Gibson said the Holy Spirit told him to make this movie. Jim Caviezel stated the Holy Sprit informed him that he should accept the role offered by Mel Gibson.

    I have seen no indication that this film was “Sanitized” as A “Catholic Film”, but was a faithful depiction of the Scripture . . . . .

  53. Anonymous female says:

    It is unsettling for Christian men to place this “celebrity” on a pedepedl.


    “”Gibson and Grigorieva first emerged as a couple after Gibson’s wife of nearly 30 years, Robyn, 54, filed for divorce in 2009. Grigorieva “truly loved Mel,” a friend told PEOPLE, who noted that Grigorieva converted to Catholicism for the actor. “Until she saw who he really was and what he was capable of.”
    In a restraining order request filed June 25, 2010, the Russian singer alleged that the actor punched her in the face “more than once” on Jan. 6, 2010, causing a broken tooth, knocking out a veneer and causing a concussion.
    “I thought he would kill me,” Grigorieva told PEOPLE. …Ultimately, six tapes were leaked to the public. They include the actor using the N-word and other derogatory phrases, as well as angry rants against his ex for everything from her “tight clothes” to her “fake boobs.”
    In addition to the embarrassing tapes, revealing e-mails and text messages were released that exposed secret negotiations that failed to keep the tapes private. At one point the actor had agreed to pay $15 million to keep the tapes under wraps.””


    “Mel Gibson has found himself at the center of accusations of physical and verbal abuse by a photographer who claimed the actor shoved her and yelled an expletive-laden rant at her…Gibson accused Miller of “invading” his space and “disrespecting” him by taking the photograph. Miller says she was several meters from the actor when the photographs were taken.

    Miller told the Telegraph, “I thought he was going to punch me in the face.”

    “He was spitting in my face as he was yelling at me, calling me a dog, saying I’m not even a human being and I will go to hell. He swore and called me a c**t. It was non-stop, he didn’t even breathe,” she reported.

    Miller was supported by Telegraph editor Paul Whittaker, who said: “Mel Gibson is a major film star and movie director. He’s a public figure. Being a movie star does not give him the right to shove and insult someone.”

  54. Anonymous female says:

    The above word has a typo, which was too late to correct. “Pedestal” is the appropriate word.

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