There’s A Verse For That…

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  1. True words, Michael. Those in the church that abuse their position in order to excuse their sin will face greater judgment. How sad that the victims are once again victimized.

  2. Michael says:

    Thank you, Randall…it seems these things never change…

  3. Em says:

    Absolutely true. . Amen !
    Recently one of my grown children asked me what verses i relied on when raising them… I replied that i didn’t rely on verses – that the whole counsel of the Book, line upon line and precept upon precept was the only way to feed on the Word

  4. Xenia says:

    Just speaking for myself, I am a fan of verses.

  5. Captain Kevin says:

    Amen, Michael!! This needs to be said over and over and over!!

    Xenia, I’m a fan of verses too. 🙂 Just not taking verses out of context with which to beat people over the head.

  6. Em says:

    Xenia, may we assume you are referring to verses IN context?
    Somehow i don’t picture you closing your eyes, opening the Bible and pointing to a verse…. ?

  7. It's Past Time To Act says:

    Well said, Michael. Much needed, and well said!

    [I’m sure PFM and The Rozells follow these posts. So this is to them.]

    “Either you truly realize the harm, extreme hurt, and spiritual damage you’ve caused to your fellow Christians – God’s children and The Body of Christ as a whole, as well as your gross misrepresentation of our Savior, or sadly, you don’t.

    And If not, then this horrible tragedy and need for true repentance and real brokenness from you goes far, far deeper than your pride, narcissism, finances, and ‘life going on as usual.’ For many are still suffering from your abuse, in silence from you. This is not about your posturing, or being on stage, or presenting an image. But real trench Christianity. To see if what you preached, taught, and proclaimed all these years is real, or was just “the greatest show on earth’ To ask, who were you really doing all this for? To see if this Jesus you say you’ ve been following and proclaiming , is actually real in your lives.

    Someone recently said, ‘Your apology and restitution needs to be as loud as your disrespect was.” You might want to read that again. Maybe several times for they are wise words to be applied. And not for show. The Body of Christ will know if it’s truly genuine or not, or simply just another stage performance. It was with Zaccheus.

    So, everyone is waiting. Now months later, still waiting. With our wondering is protecting the ‘image’ of Michael and Pam more important than that of The Gospel and of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ? [The same goes for CCA and Don McClure.] The real question is, what IS really most important to you?

    For we are admonished, “when you’ve done it unto the least of these, you’ve done this to Me…”

  8. Thank you for this.

    B and I have been called it all.
    We do not “count it all joy.”

    You betcha there is a verse for that.
    Try Ezekiel 34.

    To uncomfortable?
    Try Matt 23:27.

    Still unsure?
    Matt 15:14

    Oh, yes, to be sure…
    There is a verse for that.


  9. Michael says:

    Thank you, Lori Anne…

  10. Muff Potter says:

    “…I gotcher’ verse right here…”
    — Joe Pesci —

  11. Jessica says:

    It’s Past Time To Act, I am sorry to tell you but an apology and accountability most likely will never come. Since 2014 I waited for Bob Coy to stand up like a man, father and husband and take responsibility for his trail of destruction. It took me years to finally understand thanks to Michael and this site why an apology will never happen, bc there was more, lots more about the situation that made your hair curl. So you find out the beginning is the “tip of the iceberg” and so with Mike and Pam surely there is more. These monsters prey on people, have no conscience and are sociopaths. This post hit home for me. I have been a caregiver of a very close loved one who had been sexually assaulted and I can tell you I cringe thinking if we had been still attending these churches and were told the twisted verses, my loved one would not have healed, instead though it was their fault which it never is. For PFM I say get attorneys and go to court to sue. That is the only way. But I know most survivors of abuse do not want to relive their trauma, but instead move on, but like with rape survivors it takes years to work through issues. And someday when these brave young survivors want to tell their story or go after Rozell they will. For now, we can only thank Michael for keeping the communication lines open, here. We shall keep them in our prayers.

  12. thetruthwillsetyoufree says:

    So true jessica!!!! Im dealing with the same exact thing you are talking about. I commented under a comment of yours in another post too, “bob coys real profile picture” would love to chat with you personally. (There’s a lot I’m trying to work through right now surrounding these churches and want to share with someone and ask questions with someone who seems to understand)

  13. Brooke PFM Survivor says:


  14. Heidi says:

    But who do I tell?
    My family will suffer.
    I need someone else to testify in my place.
    I’m too scared.

  15. Babylon's Dread says:

    If someone throws a verse at you intended to back you down you should ask why they are doing that and you should stand a little more firmly.

    We all can be bullied by having our sins highlighted. Usually my position is to affirm their suspicions and tell them that there are much worse things they have not seen.

    So verses of scripture lead to discussion and mutual sharing. They do not lead to shaming and silencing. Otherwise take a flamethrower to the place.

  16. Em says:

    Pastor Dread, that is true – hope everyone sees those words – maybe they should be over on open blogging, too?

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