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  1. bob1 says:

    #7 — Great point. I agree that you can’t live that way without it affecting you by
    spilling over into your thought life, family relationships, etc.

    I worry about younger folks and all the nihilism they’re imbibing. That’s a terrible
    way to live. Life can be better and more balanced!

  2. Michael says:


    I’ve watched it happen with friends and family…everythiong ends up colored by the news of the day.

    It also opens the door to ending relationships …there will be much regret when the dust settles…

  3. Terry says:

    #1 and #2 – Please check this article by Ben Hunt. I think he nailed it from a secular, non-partisan and even “prophetic” perspective if you read through to the end. Please read to the end.

  4. pslady says:

    Thanks again for the #1 reminder. It’s truer now more than ever!

  5. Janet Linn,BrideofChrist says:

    I wish I could believe that nothing much will change. But I must admit I worry about what sort of life my grandchildren will endure if climate change worsens, or if birth control and health care becomes inaccessible for them, or if gun control stalls in the future under MAGA Republican control. I don’t worry for myself as much as I worry for my four young grandchildren! I am very disheartened by the debate and I’m now starting to think Democrats are as good at gaslighting voters as Republicans are. How could we not have known how much Joe Biden has declined in recent months? Certainly those closest to him must have known and been covering it up. Everything hidden comes to ligh eventually. I’m shocked how foolish they’ve been.

  6. Michael says:


    Good piece…thanks for sharing it.

  7. Michael says:


    That reminder is how I keep my sanity…

  8. Michael says:

    Janet Linn, BrideofChrist,

    I share your concerns…especially for the generations to come.

    I’m trying to be the best I can be and bank on the mercy of God.

  9. Linn says:

    A co-worker I spoke with today is appalled at what is occurring in the U.S. Her pride in her hard-won American citizenship is rapidly eroding. So, we’re busy educating the next generation, hoping they will do better than we have.

  10. filistine says:

    regarding #6–when so many believers in Christ have given a free pass to the GOP presidential candidate who has a sordid history when it comes to morals, it shouldn’t surprise us that leaders within the church somehow think they’ll get a free pass as well. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander–unless they both end up in the soup.

  11. filistine says:

    …and as long as the folks in the pews are handing out free passes, why not hand out one to their pastor, too? After all, he’s a good speaker…

  12. Dan from Georgia says:

    Micheal…your number 7 ->

    This makes me think of those who waste time on FB posting political memes.

    Some days I wonder why I post my art on FB and get maybe 5-10 likes, and a fellow believer posts some dumb political meme in order to tear “the other guy” a new one, and they get dozens of likes.

    Makes no sense.

    I am almost at the point of following my clear conscience and not voting for Trump or Biden. If we had 2 younger, more competent, and clear-thinking candidates, then I might reconsider.

  13. filistine says:

    Michael–maybe it was the other way around. Since so many gave their errant pastors a free pass, they more easily gave the presumptive GOP presidential candidate one as well…
    That would have shuddering implications.

  14. Michael says:


    “That would have shuddering implications.”
    That’s where we’re at…because all you said on this thread is true.
    Combine this with the Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity and you have a recipe for disaster…

  15. Michael says:


    Keep posting your art…it raises the level of the place whether anyone notes it or not.

  16. TMD says:

    This blog falls under #7.

    The amount of political comments, about Trump, Supreme Court rulings, climate change, gun control, immigration and extremism are overwhelming here. Pretty much an echo chamber of “Morning Joe.”

    It has been said preachers preach about what they are guilty of and listeners listen because they agree, not because they are challenged or want to improve.

  17. Michael says:


    Most of my social media is pictures of cats, raising support for cat centered orgs and spiritually encouraging words and thoughts.

    If this site is considered an echo chamber because of our opposition to any form of Christian nationalism and the presence of Donald Trump being involved in anything, then I will consider it a compliment.

  18. EricL says:

    Maybe the problem in the church is similar to the problem of hiding Biden’s rapid decline and Trump’s amoral behavior: those who control the information are withholding or skewing what people hear.

    It’s to be expected from political parties- they always put a spin on everything. It’s sad when media (who often claim to be neutral observers) pick sides and turn into partisans hiding their favorites’ follies and crimes, while exaggerating or even lying about the foibles of the “other” side.

    In church, it’s tragic that information is so controlled to make the leaders look perfectly fabulous. At too many locations, this isn’t a Jesus-centered enterprise anymore. It has become a platform for “CHURCH FANTASTIC, Starring PASTOR ALL-POWERFUL”. There are no other leaders in those congregations to ensure things stay Christ-centric, that money is handled with integrity, and that morality is upheld. The show has only room for one star and that is NOT Jesus. The people are fed what they want to hear in the hopes that they won’t notice that the spotlight has shifted away from the savior.
    Control the information and you can trick people for quite some time… until the “star” slips up, be that a politician or authoritarian pastor. And even then, many people will continue to buy the lie, because it’s what they want to be true.

  19. TMD says:

    This site is basically partisan, unbalanced, and extremist. If that’s what you want then so be it. As you always say, it’s your sight.

    Entertaining at best.

  20. Michael says:


    The church at large has proven that it doesn’t care about anything but money and influence.

    From all the people we’ve exposed to Trump…image is all that matters.

  21. Michael says:


    What you see as partisan, unbalanced and extremist, I consider an extension of the Barmen Declaration.

    But I’m glad you got that off your chest…

  22. pstrmike says:

    “It has been said preachers preach about what they are guilty of. . . .”

    I’ve known of a few cases where that is true, which for me, indicates a seared conscience. However, on a grand scale, I see that view as yet another urban myth. One or two popular mega-church pastors are found guilty of it, so it must be true of us all. Nonsense. Such generalizations are possible because of an environment formed from the difficulty of stewarding their own relationship to God. That is true of the accused and accusers alike.

  23. filistine says:

    TMD seems to fit right in to what he thinks about PP and preachers in general.

  24. Reuben says:

    When I read Michael on anything politics, I see that he painstakingly tries to point to valid scriptures.

    Yet again, someone who rejects the gospel, and that’s fine, but rejection none the less…

  25. Michael says:


    The Scriptures defy being pigeon holed into American political categories.

    There is a conservative moral and sexual ethic right alongside what would be considered a liberal social ethic.

    The whole book is about Jesus… who blows away all attempts at categorization…

  26. Kevin H says:


    Partisan? – To be partisan means to particularly favor and support one side. Since you obviously don’t think we are partisan for Trump, MAGA, and Republicans, then the only other option would be that we’re partisan for Biden, Democrats, and liberals. So please show us the evidence of the apparent overwhelming support we show here towards Joe Biden and the Democrats.

    Unbalanced? – True on this one. We are purposefully unbalanced by emphasizing allegiance to God and His ways rather than allegiance to worldly ideology and methodology. We do not try to balance these allegiances.

    Extremist? – Isn’t it ironic how often those who are actually extremist themselves are unable to identify what is actually extreme, as they see everything to their left (or right) as extreme, even when it may actually even still fall on their side of the spectrum? So with that in mind, what evidence do you have from this site that actually meets a definition of “extreme”?

  27. bob1 says:


    Nice gaslighting attempt. Actually not.

    Extremism? Look in the mirror.

  28. Jean says:

    I wonder if the issue might be that Evangelicals are never taught that when one is to apply God’s law to any issue or situation in life he/she should start with a thorough self-application.

    I was watching a conservative commentator this afternoon talking about the end of Pride month and some of the perversions that were offered up in various celebrations last weekend. He said that when conservative Christians get outraged by the celebrations, do they ever consider that what the gays are doing for one month a year, heterosexual Christians do for 12 months per year. His case in point was the meteoric rise of a young women who has become known as Hawk Tuah Girl. I think this conservative commentator has a point. His conclusion is that until heterosexual Christians repent of our celebrations and normalizations of sexual promiscuity, nudity and sexual vulgarity, we hardly have a right to criticize the gays, who want their lifestyle to be treated by the culture as just as normal.

  29. Dan from Georgia says:

    Thank you Michael…it’s been a battle for me on whether I should stay on FB…my only way of keeping in touch with some family and friends.

    Then…there’s the other…um…stuff.

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