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  1. Bob Sweat says:

    Once again, Jack Hibbs is a fool. It seems to me that in Romans Paul wrote that the law came in to increase the sin.

    If I put a sign in front of my house that said “don’t throw rocks at my windows”, what do you think would happen?

  2. bob1 says:

    The book “Jesus and the Powers” looks really meaty.

    Here’s a quote from the book that seems pertinent:

    “The Christian vocation is neither pious longing for heaven nor scheming to make Jesus king by exerting force over unwilling subjects” (p. xv)

  3. Michael says:


    Hibbs acting the fool is now his standard…

  4. Michael says:


    That book is by N.T. Wright and Michael Bird…two voices I commend in all their work…

  5. Janet Linn, BrideofChrist says:

    That first one about Jack Hibbs! Who does he think he’s kidding? In the U.S., 76% of teachers in public schools are female. A child is more likely to be raped by a (male pastor) than a female teacher. My best friend’s daughter, who was barely 18 years old, went to a large Chapel Chapel K-12 school in Vista. She married the principal of the CC school, who was 10 years older tan she was, in a big church wedding, right after graduation. I taught for 30 plus years in Southern California in the public schools, and I can guarantee you that wouldn’t be acceptable in a public school. It would be considered a disgrace and the principal would be fired. I taught Sunday school for years in a Poway Calvary Chapel. My Sunday school Director there later went to prison for child molestation. His children went to the same public school where I was teaching second grade, and the entire school was shocked and worried about his poor kids. Jack Hibbs is gas lighting you!

  6. Xenia says:

    I would want the Ten Commandments taught and explained to my children only by someone we were theologically in agreement with. I think its presence at a school would be more symbolic than useful. But who knows; God works in mysterious ways.

    Same with prayer. What is stopping Christian parents from praying with their own kids before they go off to school? What percentage of Christian families even pray together regularly? I visit my Christian family members and they don’t even say grace before meals and look embarrassed when we do. I don’t expect the diverse group of people who are teachers to make up for my own neglect.

  7. Xenia says:

    I generally don’t listen to secular music of the rock and roll variety, not because I don’t like it but because I like it too much. I mostly listen to epic fantasy music, classical music, and folk music, especially Celtic fiddle bands. And Bluegrass.

  8. Xenia says:

    Medieval dog names. Here’s a dog called St. Guinefort:

    He has a bittersweet story.

  9. Xenia says:

    Getting harder to die: My daughter’s husband and I had to make some quick decisions on the last few days of Rachel’s life and even today, two and a half years later I wake up in the middle of the night and wonder if we did the right thing.

  10. Michael says:


    I agree…I don’t want anybody giving religious instruction to my family unless I’ve completely vetted their theology…it’s my job to do Christian teaching…

  11. Michael says:


    As I wrote a few days ago, I’ve had to make decisions only God should make.

    My hope is that I’ve heard the Spirit correctly…but it does eat at me…

  12. Michael says:

    Janet Linn, BrideofChrist,

    Well said.

    His people eat that stuff up…and they scare me…

  13. Janet Linn, BrideofChrist says:

    My oldest daughter was secretary of a the Christian Club which met after school at Vista High. The group was led by a Christian teacher after school hours on school grounds. They would often meet for prayer around the school flag pole before school started! My daughter was the same age as the girl I mentioned in my last post- they were friends for many years. Her friend married right out of high school, to her pastor – principal. My daughter has her Masters degree, was nominated last year for the U S. Chamber of Commerce Employee of the Year, and she has a Christian husband who served in the U.S. Army honorably for15 years. And she has two adorable children. My friend’s daughter had a father who was a pastor at our church – our closest church friends for years and years. He left his wife and children to marry a woman he was counseling at our church. He denounced Christianity, then went on to become interim Mayor of Carlsbad, Head of Cal Fire, and then Head of United Way of San Diego. But he abandoned his family and if course his young daughter was easily groomed by a father figure – a principal and pastor ten years his senior! Everything about this was so wrong! We were invited to the wedding but we did not attend it.

  14. Jean says:

    I would like to see the 10 Commandments posted in the White House and in the chambers of Congress.

    It’s a joke when they use the 10 Commandments to shame the citizenry while they violate them with impunity.

  15. Captain Kevin says:

    Hibbs makes me want to lose my lunch! I’m grateful that the 3 Calvary Chapels I attended over a 25-year period did not have leadership of this ilk. Then again, if they had, I wouldn’t have lasted that long.

  16. Captain Kevin says:

    The author of the article on listening to secular music presents some balanced reasoning.

  17. Muff Potter says:

    Give Gershwin’s ‘An American in Paris’ a listen if you’re tired of junk from second-rate hacks.

  18. Xenia says:

    Mr. Potter, i do like Gershwin quite a lot, especially Rhapsody in Blue.

  19. Idahoan says:

    Musician and worship pastor Samuel N is probably a fine musician. But this statement,“Instead, I prefer to delve deeper into their heart posture.” makes me happy he’s not my worship pastor. I don’t suppose there’s ever been a very fine line between Christian and secular music. Johnny, I suppose, was Christian. But, A Boy Named Sue not so much. I Saw The Light! There’s a Christian song! Hank? Maybe not so much. I understand he was inspired by a traffic light and demon rum.

  20. Muff Potter says:

    Posting the ten commandments in a public school is no more the establishment of a ‘state religion’ than a starbucks in the capitol rotunda would be the establishment of a ‘state coffee’.
    I say let the people have their freedom.

  21. Alan says:

    I have listened to many hours of Rosaria Butterfield — her conversion is an amazing story and her identification with the most conservative wing of the Reformed church anchors her narrative of how she deals with the issues. Of course having been an academic and having lived as a lesbian for more than a decade gives her a level of credentials to speak. While I find her extreme to the point of harming her own viewpoint I consider her a voice to carry an impressive moral authority.

    She also opposes women’s ordination and worships in a church that has only the Psalter as their hymnal. She is an english teacher and thus understands and respects canon and creed. She often speaks of her repentance over having been a leader in the attempt to change the American way of life and thinking. She was an activist and now is a missionary.

  22. Michael says:

    Butterfield seems naturally inclined to be a zealot…and her handlers use this to their advantage.

  23. Terry says:

    Janet Linn, Bride of Christ – My kids all went to Vista High, two of them during the same time frame as your daughter. I know the teacher you mentioned, and her husband was the youth pastor at our church. I came close to putting my daughter in the same CC school you referenced when we first moved into the area, but chose public instead. I’m not familiar with what follows in your post, but it was interesting seeing these things from someone else’s perspective. (We’ve lived in a neighborhood near Guajome Park for 26 years now.)

  24. Terry says:

    Michael – He says he repented of prosperity gospel and in the future will be “less gimmicky”. He says in the future he won’t be heavy-handed in asking for donations. Then he promises God’s financial blessings to anyone who supports his ministry in the dark days that we are about to face. It’s literally all he knows how to do.

  25. bob1 says:

    “Less gimmicky”?

    How could he be more gimmicky than he already is?

    As the Native Americans might say, this guy speak with forked tongue.

    His word seems to count for very, very little…

  26. Dan from Georgia says:

    Hinn…we’ve seen this before. Remember Jim Bakker? Went to prison and wrote a book called “I Was Wrong”?


    Last I saw of him he was still grifting.

    Grifters gonna grift.

  27. Michael says:

    Hinn is a fraud, a wolf, and a spiritual criminal.

    He should have been tarred and feathered long ago.

  28. Captain Kevin says:

    Janet and Terry, small world. I grew up in Oceanside.

  29. Someone Else says:

    The False Promise of the Sigman Male – Very poignant. “The most masculine man I know—my father—has never once posted a workout video and wouldn’t know Andrew Tate from Andrew Jackson. He offered something better: a real man who got up early every day and went to work, involved his family in the life of the church, and was faithful to my late mother. I’ve realized his life is a gift that many young boys never had. And thus they search for masculinity in the fever swamps.”

  30. Jerod Hatch says:

    Kevin, Janet and Terry, still smaller world, born at Scripps in San Diego and grew up mainly in Escondido and Murrieta/Temecula (they’re the same town, c’mon now). Lived in Chula Vista and Santa Barbara before settling in Hemet with my family (after it was awesome, so sad). We fled to Idaho when the Mongols and MS-13 wannabees were basically holding our neighborhoods captive. Thanks Newsom and Gascon.

  31. Captain Kevin says:

    Jerod, you’ve lived in some of the hotter parts of Southern California.

    Not familiar with Gascon, but Newsom has ruined much of my home state. It’s sad.

  32. Everstudy says:


    Gascon is the uber liberal DA of LA County.

  33. Captain Kevin says:

    Thanks Everstudy.

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