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  1. Dan from Georgia says:

    I have a passion for the arts, mathematics, and a good, heavy guitar riff.

    Thanks to you Michael, and others here, I have started reading again. Sad to say I spent so much of my life not reading good stuff, and part of the reason is that I am not a very swift reader, but thanks to you all, I am coming back.

  2. Michael says:


    That makes my day.

    The world broadens out in books…

  3. Reuben says:

    #2 Cancel culture is canceling itself. Let it happen.

  4. Michael says:


    I think you’re right…

  5. Linn says:

    #2-I work in a place where we constantly discuss (well, I don’t so much) microaggressions, equity, diversity, inclusion, pronouns. Instead, I work hard on trying to share God’s love with others and steer conversations in healthier directions. It’s usually safe to discuss cats!

  6. bob1 says:

    #1 Hmmm…

  7. Michael says:


    I simply couldn’t abide those conversations.

    My workplaces were always “diverse”…but they were also often raucous and occasionally bawdy. Most of us are still friends decades after we all found other jobs…

  8. Linn says:

    I’m in an educational setting, so everything is quite proper. The current ideas reflect the times. I just go for other topics of conversation that help to lighten the mood a bit. And, I sometimes am just quiet. So many of the discussions are just throwing words into the air. I’d rather say something that matters. And, I often get that opportunity!

  9. DavidP says:

    #8 reminds me of a saying around here in Minnesota: I want the Vikings to be my pallbearers so they can let me down one more time.

    On a far more serious point, awhile ago after watching some of the watchbloggers snipe at each other on Twitter while deciding which activists to block/distrust (along with some other bad behavior) I really had to step back from the whole scene. Darn right I hate abuse in the name of Jesus and believe we’re still in the middle of a purging of things built on sand, but hoo boy did it leave a bad taste in my mouth. Still listening too and that won’t change, but just not believing everything I read on the bathroom wall.

  10. Michael says:


    That is the mantra of all of us Viking fans.

    I was one of the pioneers of exposing abuse online.
    Now, I’m old, white, straight and male and part of the problem…

  11. bob1 says:

    David P,

    Love the Vikes joke! Of course over here in Cheeseland, you could almost substitute “Packers.” I have a son who lives in MN and he’ll appreciate this joke!

  12. JimmieT says:

    Michael- “one can be passionate about non religious things that God gave us to enjoy and still be faithful”. Thanks for the encouraging insight!

  13. Dan from Georgia says:

    In all seriousness about thought number 8…I remember back in 1998 or so wanting to just sit down and watch an afternoon baseball game, and was thinking…”I should be doing something more important, like something for the Kingdom?…” and feeling discomfort and guilt. I hated feeling like that, and I wanted to simple freedom to enjoy something without it having to have some “spiritual” importance.

  14. LInn says:

    I’m not a football follower, but I love old cartoons. Every Saturday morning at 6 am I have a date with Looney Tunes on ME TV. They run all the best ones from the 40s to the mid-60s, and I love them, especially anything by Chuck Jones. As the anvils fall on the coyote, Sylvester misses Tweety again, and Bugs Bunny outwits Elmer Fudd (and Daffy Duck can’t decide what hunting season it is), I laugh until my sides ache. God has given us all good things to enjoy, and I thoroughly enjoy the choices he has given me. If another Christian criticized me for my choice, I would probably order an anvil for them from Acme.

  15. Michael says:


    I make zero apologies for being a Viking fan.
    I also love L.A. Kings hockey and have become a rabid NASCAR fan.

    I thank God for providing me respite from my daily drudgery.

    I also love gut bucket country and the boogie boogie and can’t abide CCM or classical music.

    I would listen to George Jones for a hundred years before ten minutes of stuff I’m supposed to like.

    Jesus has assured me it’s ok…

  16. Michael says:


    You win comment of the month.
    I wish there was a prize, but I’m poor.

    I love the old Looney Toons as well…

  17. JD says:

    I’m stuck with Curious George because it helps tame our cute little monkey.

  18. Michael says:


    When Trey was little it was Sponge Bob…all day every day.

    It was occasionally quite amusing…

  19. pstrmike says:

    I don’t do it often, but I like going to sleep to Gregorian chants.

    No music era was better than 90’s Alternative…. IMO.

    Best church music era: 90’s Vineyard…………..

    that settles that ………


  20. Michael says:


    I’m all for people enjoying what ever part of creation God has given…even if I don’t care for it.

  21. pstrmike says:

    👍🏻 😎

  22. The New Victor says:

    My mom, Silent Gen, wouldn’t let me watch Looney Toons due to the violence. Ditto for The Three Stooges though the reruns were ubiquitous in the 70s on syndication.

  23. Michael says:

    Everyone in my family loathed the Stooges…including me.
    Never thought they were funny even as a child.

  24. Dan from Georgia says:

    Thanks LInn and Michael! When redemption and renewal come, my guitars and amps better pass thru! For me, music has been my biggest hangup as I have had enough input in my life that I was only supposed to listen to “christian music”….taken me years to accept that my favorite and most healing form of music exists outside the church, and I am now comfortable with that!

  25. Josh says:

    Link, you comment on the Loony Tunes was top notch !

    I grew upon those cartoons as well. The art was just fantastic, and unfortunately, something we’ve lost to technology.

    Some of those cartoons were super racist, but most of those don’t get played anymore. You can probably find them on YouTube. I’m glad in that case we’ve recognized that it was just wildly different times, and we haven’t thrown out the baby with the bath water.

  26. Captain Kevin says:

    Linn: “If another Christian criticized me for my choice, I would probably order an anvil for them from Acme.” LOL!!!

  27. Captain Kevin says:

    My new favorite cartoon is Bluey.

    Michael, I feel the same way about the 3 Stooges. I do recall as a kid seeing a movie called Snow White and the Three Stooges, which I thought was amusing. Not sure what I’d think of it now.

  28. filistine says:

    #9 should be a comment/prophesy from the 1970’s, for its fruit is apparent (glaring) in aging adults all the way through children. In fact, many non-readers are attempting to ban books from those who wish to read. The ability to weigh the comparative value of an idea comes not from being told, but through consideration within.

  29. filistine says:

    I recall one of the “livliest” discussions we had here on PP was regarding “The Shack,” and many of the ardent critics hadn’t read the book, but only heard it was dangerous or bad.

  30. filistine says:



  31. JD says:

    Baby Shark Christmas doo doo doo doo doo.

  32. JD says:

    Bin Bon Duc baby monkey. Captivating entertainment for the four year old. Temporary insanity for me.

  33. Captain Kevin says:

    Michael, you can’t abide classical music? Shocking! LOL!!

    Chopin and Rachmaninov are my pianistic heroes.

  34. Captain Kevin says:

    fil, I remember those discussions. As a rebel, the negative “reviews” made me read it. I thought it was inspiring and great story telling.

  35. Michael says:


    “The ability to weigh the comparative value of an idea comes not from being told, but through consideration within.’

    Really well said…

  36. Michael says:


    My piano heroes are Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard and the wondrous Ladyva…left handed thunder…

  37. Dan from Georgia says:

    Josh (7:03am)…

    I was startled when I moved down to Georgia and wife and I would go to antique stores and find some things in these stores (comic books included) that would frankly creep me out.

  38. Dave says:


    “I recall one of the “livliest” discussions we had here on PP was regarding “The Shack,”…

    This reminds me of some well-intentioned but dramatic ‘pearl clutching’ within film critic reviews that included grave warnings to Christians, about the recent biblically based series; “The Chosen”.

    Despite precautions of some production staff’s affiliation with the Mormon church, and some creative license taken for aspects of plot development …I have been thoroughly enjoying each season, and couldn’t find anything legitimately objectionable.

  39. The New Victor says:

    Thanks for the recommendation of The Chosen. It’s in my queue though it’s tough to get my kids to sit down with me. On a sick day last week, i got my daughter to sit with me to watch Rescued By Ruby, based upon a true story. Nice, family friendly film with themes of mercy, hope, a flawed human (and a flawed dog) and redemption with kind of a real life miracle at the end which was true.

  40. Captain Kevin says:

    The Chosen is wonderful. Some people get their knickers in a knot because it’s not word-for-word Gospels. If that’s what they want, all they need to do is read or listen to their Bibles. When their favorite preacher uses “sanctified imagination” to retell a Bible story during a sermon, it’s fine. But put it in a movie or TV series, and it becomes heresy. Gotta love these gatekeepers.

  41. Dave says:

    Captain Kevin,

    “Some people get their knickers in a knot because it’s not word-for-word Gospels”.

    Yeah, agreed. It’s unfortunate that some folks wont allow themselves to be edified by “The Chosen”, because of the intense concentration needed to ‘strain out gnats’ they perceive existing.

    Even more disappointing, are those whom allowed a nit-picking legalistic critique to eliminate it from their viewing consideration.

    I can’t think of another series or film in which the sacrificial compassion portrayed in Jesus’ character, resonated so deeply within me.

    Although I’m not from a charismatic theological background and typically refrain from ‘mystical experience’ discussions …I believe it fair to say that the series is ‘anointed’ and absolutely glorifies God.

  42. Captain Kevin says:

    Dave, I’m right there with ya.

  43. Dan from Georgia says:

    I can’t remember the website, but there is/was a Christian entertainment site that would NEVER give out a top rating to a movie unless someone got saved in the flick.

  44. Linn says:

    If you want a compelling movie about good vs false Christianity, try 1955’s “The Night of the Hunter. The book is also really good. It wasn’t recognized as a truly great film until the 1970s. The story is compelling, the acting amazing, and the film is a true piece of art.

  45. Dave says:


    “If you want a compelling movie about good vs false Christianity, try 1955’s “The Night of the Hunter.”

    It’s been decades …but if memory serves, that was an atmospheric black & white film starring Robert Mitchum, whom the plot line had stalking a child?

  46. Linn says:

    Yes, it is. Actually, children. It has a superb cast-Robert Mitchum, Shelly Winters, Lillian Gish. It’s excellent!

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