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  1. bob1 says:

    Sweet justice today for two Georgia women who had their lives ruined by a

  2. Dan from Georgia says:

    Good news!

  3. Michael says:

    I teach on Saturdays, so Friday is my last real day of prep.

    There is a special joy in opening a Bible and searching out different views and sources in order to better understand our faith.

    I never tire of this and the process keeps me grounded in a world that I more and more have a hard time recognizing.

  4. Captain Kevin says:

    I love that, Michael.

  5. Pineapple Head says:

    Watched KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON tonight. 3 1/2 hours long but amazing. Glad I read the book before. I’m a big Scorcese withe SILENCE being one my all time favorites.

  6. filistine says:

    The book was so well-done, and so powerfully revealing. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but hope the villainy, racism, and hard-nosed detective work comes through in clear tones.

  7. Pineapple Head says:


    From my point of view, the movie lives up to the quality of the book. I think that’s why it’s so long. I believe would find the movie plodding, but I savored all of it. One difference from the book is that Ernest’s thought processes and motives are way more on display in the movie. He may have been treated a bit more kindly than he should have been.

    I’ve always had a soft spot for movies about indigenous people as I have 2 adopted kids who are part native. My son is part Crow, my daugher is part Nahua (from Mexico).

  8. Linn says:

    Pineapple Head
    I watched Killers of the Flower Moon last night as well, and I loved Silence (the book Silence is a great read as well-haven’t read KFM yet). The film was long, but just a little bit longer than Oppenheimer, for which I haven’t seen any too long comments. I’d much rather watch something long and significant, both intellectually and dramatically, than binge watch shorter programs . But, I will confess to getting my hour of Looney Toons this morning!

  9. Dan from Georgia says:

    I love Popeye. Watched Looney Toons and Tom and Jerry as a kid.

  10. JD says:

    Currently it’s Teletubbies, which I watched with my daughter when she was a youngster.

  11. Pineapple Head says:

    My son (31 yo with Down Syndrome) is a faithful Me-TV cartoon watcher. Bill and Tooney Monday thru Friday (before he goes to work) and Saturday mornings

  12. bob1 says:

    Heard a prescient observation from historian George Marsden: “A fundamentalist is an evangelical who is angry about something.”

    Way too many of the former and not enough of the latter these days!

  13. bob1 says:

    So…went in to get the RSV vaccine. I said I preferred the NIV but that was a no go.😭

    Still remember when the fundies hated on the ABS version. They hated it. Called it “Modern News for Good Man ” Yet civilization still survived.

  14. John in AZ says:

    There’s one coming out soon that looks interesting called Freud’s Last Session. It’s purely fictional, but the plot is Freud meets CS Lewis, and they enjoy each other’s company while debating Christianity vs atheism.

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