Happy Reformation Day/ Halloween

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  1. filistine says:

    Frankly, I think Luther would have had a gas with Halloween festivities as they are practiced today…right up his alley. Warm beer and Twix for sacraments? Perhaps a bit overboard. 😉 I think many churches that have previously practiced the “alternative” harvest celebrations (which generally mimic a Halloween party) have come to realize how empty and foolish it appears and have shifted their focus or dropped it altogether. Attempts to convince people today that dressing up and trolling for free candy is evil/devilish/from the pit of hell itself falls on deaf ears. It’s another case of misplaced priorities and wasted moral capital on the part of certain segments of the Church. I’m going to a party at friends’ house in the center of candyland in my community. I’m sure there will be beer and Twix, but there will not be any sacramental overtones.

  2. Tim says:

    No carnival for us this year. We’ve had a Reformation Day Carnival (yes, that’s what we called it…creative, I know 😉 ) in the past, but we just couldn’t do it this time around. That being the case, we’ll continue to patiently ignore Halloween, and have our focus upon Jesus and His word.

    And of course, our worship tonight will begin with “A Mighty Fortress is Our God.” 🙂

  3. Tim says:

    “I think many churches that have previously practiced the “alternative” harvest celebrations (which generally mimic a Halloween party) have come to realize how empty and foolish it appears and have shifted their focus or dropped it altogether.”

    Fil…out here, I’ve noticed very few kids going door-to-door. We actually encouraged people to stay home on Oct 31 in the past, knowing that it was one of the few times that non-believers might actually come to our doorsteps. Typically in our neighborhood, we had all of the candy leftover to ourselves because no kids came by. They all go to carnivals because it’s the safe place to go & celebrate.

    That being the case, why not do carnivals to be a ministry within the community? It makes perfect sense to me, and it’s a great opportunity to reach out with the gospel.

    The only reason we’re not doing it this year is due to an earlier lack of time for preparations.

  4. Well in all of the festivities of Reformation Day and Halloween, let’s not forget the biggie tomorrow – All Saints Day.

    It’s easy to have that sugar high and forget all about it. 😉

  5. Amen. Love it!

    I probably identify more with Martin Luther than any other man in “Christian” history. Not comparing myself to him at all, I just “get” him. He’s raw, honest, passionate, sensual, etc. and doesn’t hide behind False Piety. He was often angry, often offended, often offensive etc. He was also often right…and he was often wrong. He was merciless to the establishment church, he railed, he critiqued, he lobbied strongly for reform. He was the epitome of humanness and he always always hoped in mercy and grace from Jesus Christ rather than his own self-righteousness.

  6. filistine says:

    Tim, I’ve noticed that trend as well, but I don’t think it’s so much safety as the concentration of candy! 😉 Good to “see” you.

  7. Michael wrote, “most will ignore it tonight in favor of a “Harvest Party” where you pretend it’s not Halloween and dress up in Christian costumes and eat Christian candy.”

    ROTFLMAO!!!!! 😆

    I typed that on my Christian mac which was assembled by children for slave wages in China.

  8. Xenia says:

    Not a fan of either.

  9. Babylon's Dread says:

    I am a total sell out… HARVEST PARTY… and we ain’t even pretending that it is anything particularly spiritual… other than the fact that we always love each other, prophesy over one another, bless one another and party like it is Rapture day… wait I don’t actually believe in that… Reformation day is cool but the outfits are dour … really they are more bleak than hobgoblins and zombies…

    At my church reformation day means people give ups some more of their addictions. Everything but overeating…

    And I thought the real Reformation Day was when John Wimber left Chuck Smith…

  10. Kevin H says:

    I’ve always been uncomfortable with Halloween, at least since I outgrew the trick or treating years. I have no problem with trick or treating and I would never forbid my daughters the joy of collecting free candy. Just the holiday as a whole makes me uneasy with some of the apparent celebration of evil and knowing some of the holiday’s historical background with evil happenings, some of which probably still occur today. I’m not one who will generally judge Christians who celebrate the holiday, especially since I even partake in some of it (trick or treating, etc.). But what I don’t get is when I see some Christians who go all out in celebrating Halloween, often displaying some very questionable decorations, activities, etc. Are they really that innocently ignorant of the evil connotations and connections of Halloween? Or do they just not care?

  11. Josh Hamrick says:

    I’ve got a gig at a Mexican Restaurant tonight.

  12. Xenia says:

    Our little town is in the middle of gang warfare. Last week a 17 year old boy was shot to death behind some stores. There was a gang sweep and 8 were arrested. The gang plans to attack our town in retaliation. Yesterday we all received automated phone calls from the police, warning us all to basically stay in our houses because of this planned retaliation. The kids are not to go trick or treating, please take them to the city’s party instead. (Last place on earth I’d go, but they are trying.) Last night there was another shooting. There’s an armed vehicle now parked on our main street. Lord have mercy on our poor town.

  13. Josh Hamrick says:

    That’s awful, Xenia. Praying for you guys, right now.

  14. Bob Sweat says:

    In the 60’s is was a youth pastor and we fixed our social hall up like a haunted house. Our churches did the same thing thing. When I was a pastor in Oregon in the 70’s and 80’s, Youth for Christ used to have a huge haunted house at the fairgrounds every year. Then it seems, all of the sudden, Halloween turned into a evil holiday. Now, we dress the kids up and let them go to churches with the same goal, getting candy. Yes, its safer, and we can even drop Christian literature in their bags with the candy. Bottom line, they still dress up in costumes. So what were churches and organizations life Youth for Christ and Campus Life missing back in the 80’s?

    By the way, my moniker is what I’m wearing tonight!

  15. Xenia says:

    Thanks, Josh.

  16. Bob Sweat says:

    What happened to my moniker???

  17. Sinner n Saint says:

    Last year I had about 15 guys over to my house and we drank Belgian beer, read aloud our favorite Reformer’s quotes and watched the movie Luther…it was a blast.

    This year I’m no longer pastoring and we’re going to a church that I rather like but I’m sure would not enjoy a Reformation party…at least not yet 🙂

    Happy Reformation Day!

  18. Kevin H says:

    Well, this should clear up any Halloween confusion: 🙂


  19. KH. that was funny 🙂

  20. Josh Hamrick says:

    Thank God. I saw Russell Moore, and thought another baptist had said something stupid.

  21. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    Quit celebrating Halloween a few years ago as it was a big obstacle for me as I was back slidden. I used to go clubbing on Halloween week. All the revealing costumes were alluring. Now I just stay home and wait for it to be over.

  22. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    Thanks for the Post!!

  23. CrucifiED says:

    Evil is a reality and a terror in different ways to all of us and we all have our own way of dealing with these fears. It could be a scary story, a scary movie, a Slayer tune, observing Halloween or meditating on the Word of God.

    It is perfectly natural to recognize the existence of evil and sort through our fears in these different ways and we all have [especially people of faith] a line we choose not to cross.

    The problem is that everyone else, especially in evangelical churches, feel it is their responsibility to drawn that line for you as if they know better.

    I’ll sort through my fears [with God’s help] in my own way and I’m OK with that. If I need your help I’ll ask for it. Until then, leave me alone with my scary tunes.

  24. filistine says:

    I’m back slidden and don’t ever club anyone, revealing costume or not. 😉

  25. Nonnie says:


    I am spending the evening with Charley, the Incredible Hulk and Power Ranger Elinor. Just call me “Super Nonnie” today.

  26. jwondering says:

    I’m sorry. Did I miss linkathon?

  27. BrianD says:

    It will post tonight.

  28. Xenia says:

    I’m going to a prayer meeting at church and then I’m coming home, closing the blinds and retreating to the back of the house to listen to the scanner and eat BBQ potato chips.

  29. Praying for you and your community, Xenia. I love that area where you live, so this saddens me.

  30. Sinner and Saint, why did I not realize who you are ’til now?! I’m slow. Hope all is well.

  31. Reuben says:

    Got it CK. Sorry, I am moderating slow tonight. Dang doorbell keeps ringing. sheesh

  32. Xenia says:

    Thanks, Captain Kevin!

  33. Thanks Reuben! Ya know, if you were a true believer, nobody would ring your doorbell because everyone would know how godly you are, and that you couldn’t possibly welcome those evil trick ‘r treaters (insert ridiculous smiley here)!

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