How Rozell Kept Control: Another Testimony From a Potters Field Survivor: Part 3

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9 Responses

  1. Em says:

    MaKayla, not one of our Lord’s precious lambs was intended to go through what you describe…. No mature Believer to turn to!
    We.must be a scattered flock of sheep indeed.
    God bless and strengthen Michael – Lord, You know your lambs need this ministry now

  2. AA says:

    Praying for McKayla & the others hurt by PFM, may you find healing & comfort.

  3. Erunner says:

    McKayla, I’ve lived with depression and anxiety pretty much all of my 65 years. I can’t begin to fathom living under the conditions you described. That pastor makes me sick. God bless and keep you on your faith journey.

  4. pstrmike says:

    hmmm. The patterns are typical.

    The hierarchical structure where the leader is injected as an intermediary between God and the follower.

    The insistence on knowing everything about everyone.

    Openly sharing the struggles of subordinates without consideration for their privacy.

    Keeping followers in their grip by telling them they were not spiritually qualified to address their own thoughts and heart.

    The emphasizing an over-exaggerated dualism of flesh and spirit by telling followers that they ” in the flesh,” while maintaining that leadership is walking in the Spirit.

    The assumption that leadership is walking in the Spirit usually interprets those thoughts and actions that disagree as being carnal.

  5. “The hierarchical structure where the leader is injected as an intermediary between God and the follower.”

    That’s a poor proxy to say the least…

    I might be way off base, but stories like Mike being so concerned with any “flaws” or “sins” he saw, from his point of view, sound to me like fear: his fear of losing control of his perfect construct, and possibly triggered by similar fears he has, buried under the facade of Narcissism. Narcissism (NPD, actually) is the “inflated false self,” according to one of those “worthless” psychologists according to the CC model.

    I often call out those in other forums those who over use that term by arm-chair Dx, but here I said it.

  6. Em says:

    Don’t think TNV is off base…. These stories scream of leadership that is consumed with ambition, insecurity and bluff AND no faith, no fear of God

  7. That’s what I don’t get, Em, it’s like they know and worship a different god. Wolves, for sure. There’s no conviction without Spirit.

  8. JoelG says:

    I am currently reading this book and finding it very helpful in understanding my own anxiety and how much shame affects every one of us, particularly those who have experienced abuse (which I have not).

    I hope MaKayla is able to find a good therapist to begin to heal the very real mental and emotional wounds she has suffered.

  9. Mike Ehrmantrout says:

    MaKayla, I’m so very sorry this happened to you. Please remember you’re not at fault, you’re not to blame. The Father loves you so very much. People did this to you, not Him. I pray He may grant you comfort, healing, solace and much grace to overcome what they did to you. Blessings to you.

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