I Call It ‘Catbook”

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  1. The New Victor says:

    I’m not a cat person, but I’ve loved the occasional kitteh. I got grief in real life when I had pet rats (great apartment pets, and a bit like cats in behaviors, very personable). It was decades before I got over my trauma of my mom having me take care of up to 50 dogs in her wannabe puppy mill when I was a pre-teen and teen… then I got my current muttely on a whimb when neighbors showed up at my door, “do you want a puppy?” That’s how it went down when I got my first pet rat in the late 90s.

    Your cats comfort you and are comforting companions in whatever pain you’re going through in life. Animals were Adam’s first help meets. You take the time to write and teach us theology through your help meets. I enjoy your columns about them. If not for my hunter dog, I’d get a cat (daughter has asked, but I told her life isn’t a Disney movie).

    You should never have to apologize for writing about your cats. In doing so, you write not only about yourself, but about God. More power to you.

  2. Michael says:


    Thank you…I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my missives.
    I won’t ever apologize for loving another creature…2 or 4 legged…

  3. Kristi says:

    Those kind of people are why we like cats more than people. hmfff #teamcats

  4. Linn says:

    Keep posting yours and I’ll keep posting mine! The Dudebro sends his love.

  5. Michael says:


    Amen and amen…

  6. Michael says:


    I like seeing his pics…and seeing the connection between the two of you…give him some love back from me…

  7. Linn says:

    His ears just perked up when I read your comment. He is definitely set on world domination!

  8. Alex says:

    I’ve never had anyone tell me “Stop posting dachshunds”,but if they did, I’d likely shake my head at them, wonder what their problem is, and keep posting.

    My FB page is almost entirely for myself, for my own enjoyment, for my own memories, an outlet for me. I post for myself, mostly. If anyone else finds entertainment or value, good. If not, ok. Dachshunds make me smile; I love them. And since my page is mostly for my own benefit… well, there you go.

    Keep posting cats. It makes you happy. That is not a small thing in today’s world.

  9. Captain Kevin says:

    “They told me how tired they were of my cat “obsession”…”

    Whoever “they” are is a miserable lot.

    I’ve only ever loved one cat, but I’ve enjoyed your posts about cats for years. God has taught you a lot through them and, in turn, many of us who have had ears to hear.

  10. pslady says:

    Keep on posting your cat pictures & stories Michael! Pets lift our spirits & give us unconditional love..they are one of God’s special gifts to us.

  11. Dan from Georgia says:

    Now I am not a cat person, and I think that has mostly to do with allergies, but that picture up top is absolutely brilliant! Thanks for posting this Michael, and you know that I am in your corner when it comes to these Crabby Christians who have nothing better to do that wag their tongues and judge everyone under the sun.

  12. BrianD says:

    This picture is much more edifying than most of what passes on the internet.

  13. Michael says:

    Thanks, pslady. They are indeed.

  14. Michael says:


    Now that I know it irritates them, I’m doubling down… 🙂

  15. Michael says:

    Brian D,

    It’s a little thing that takes the edge off…and I’m on edge a lot these days…

  16. Pineapple Head says:

    I love both cats and dogs. Great sources of companionship with their unique personalities. Currently have just one dog, an Australian Shepherd who always has his eye on me and loves to watch me work. A little stubborn, but always faithful.

  17. Owen says:

    Michael, this has got to pretty darn close to the best (and possibly most needed) pic on the internet.
    Thank you.
    Don’t stop posting what you post, because you, sir, are doing good with it.

  18. Josh says:

    “Nobody needs my political opinions, nor daily takes on what is wrong with the world.”

    A good reminder for us all.

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