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  1. greg says:

    you need to read your bible

  2. Michael says:

    Profound as always, greg…

  3. Sherry says:

    Trans people happen in the womb.
    There is a documentary called NINE MONTHS THAT MADE YOU. Dvd available online.
    It goes week by week in fetal development.
    At one point when the genitals are formed, one or more hormones are normally sent to the brain like a memo. ‘You’re going to be (‘male’ or ‘female’).
    But sometimes that hormone is delayed.
    The brain doesn’t get the memo.
    Therefore there are kids who can be very young and are alienated from their own body and very uncomfortable.
    It’s definitely not a fad.
    And it’s not new.
    It’s just now they don’t have to hide from people with demanding expectations.
    However they get killed by people in the US who are hateful.
    They get killed very often.
    By uniformed, sick, hateful people.
    Don’t be one!! Don’t spread ignorant and dangerous thinking!

  4. Michael says:


    There are no doubt a minuscule number of people who genuinely have this sort of issue.

    However…I believe it is as much a construction of a social agenda as anything and you will not convince me that we suddenly have this many people with gender dysmorphia.

  5. Michael says:

    If someone disagrees with someone else, it does not mean that they are either sick or hateful…and I won’t allow that sort of verbiage here.

  6. Linn says:


    Being on the spectrum can already skew how you view yourself and others.

    Folks who are intersex (those born with characteristics that don’t easily fit them in as male or female) are often used to defend the trans argument, but they are less than 2% of the general population. That just doesn’t explain why everyone else is suddenly becoming trans.

    I do have enough confidence in God’s sovereignty to trust that He has made me who I am (female, in my case). I also believe that people might have trans tendencies, just like some have same-sex attraction, but that can be managed within the economy of traditional sexuality. I also look at Romans 1 and think we have degenerated to the point of no return unless Christ returns to restore all things.

  7. Jean says:

    People have all kinds of feelings about all kinds of issues. Our society and the church is not obligated out of love or liberty to endorse or tolerate every individualā€™s feelings. If you are running a school with hundreds of minors, you have a duty to all the children to provide a safe environment and good education. If someone isnā€™t comfortable in a bathroom which accords with their original biological sex, then they should tell their parents and seek home schooling.

    Teachers should only use pronouns consistent with their and their studentsā€™ birth certificates.

    What has this world come to?

  8. Em Wegemer says:

    I was a tomboy as a child and I envied my boy cousins because of their “plumbing.” BUT I can’t think of anything I’d hate more than kissing another girl on the lips….
    Perhaps, the brain is programmed? BUT not by our God! ! ! šŸ˜‡

  9. Muff Potter says:

    There isn’t a reason on God’s green earth that just any Bob, Bill, and Daryl, should be allowed to legally purchase an AR-15.
    Military style assault weapons ain’t worth a tinker’s damn for deer and quail, and they have but one purpose.
    At this very moment there is some nameless and faceless nut-bag out there planning his big splash with an easy to get assault weapon.

  10. Derek says:

    I am surprised anyone even listens to you anymore. I have just been waiting for the point where you go all atheist like the other people you drive away from the faith.
    You really need to just shut this place down and quit being a force for evil.

  11. Michael says:


    I’m surprised too…and surprised that you seem to be attached to the site .

    On the contrary, many see this site as place of sanity where Jesus is lifted above the carnal wrangling of His alleged followers.

    I’m not going anywhere and I thank you for your continued readership.

  12. Josh says:

    How could Michael drive someone from the faith?

  13. Chris A says:

    Dang, Derek needs to start drinking decaf….

  14. Em Wegemer says:

    Derek, a force for evil? That is as cuckoo as a. German clock! ! !

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