Jean’s Gospel:Introducing the Lord’s Prayer: Give us this day our daily bread

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12 Responses

  1. Dallas says:

    Had a potentially weird take away from this one… how long do you suppose it took the Israelites to notice that their clothes were not wearing out? I have a t-shirt from when I played high school baseball in the late 90s, and it only just recently occurred to me to think that it is a long time for a t-shirt to last. Even that I attributed to happenstance… at what point do you notice miraculous resiliency? The providence of durability.

  2. Kevin H says:

    Jean, this continues to be an excellent series.

  3. Michael says:

    This is gold…so pleased to have it here…

  4. Jean says:

    Dallas, I suspect that just like us much of the time, the Israelites took for granted the Lord’s daily provisions for them or viewed them as our own achievements.

    Jesus cured 10 lepers one day in a single encounter. Only one thanked God.

    Great question.

  5. Jean says:

    Thank you Kevin and Michael!

  6. Owen says:

    Jean, Dallas,

    Agreed, it can be so hard to see what we’re taking for granted. Sometimes I think we have no idea what all God takes care of for us. I am so guilty of this.
    Then I wonder “how would me/my life attitudes change if I actually realized everything He does?”

    Great study, Jean.

  7. Jean says:

    Thank you Owen.

  8. surfer51 says:

    Speaking of Jesus curing lepers…

    God often times will offend our sensibilities in order to keep us pliable and unassuming.

    Here is an 8 year old testimony given by our own Tom Stipe.

    It is engaging and very informative.

    A very unusual healing orchestration by God catches Tom totally by surprise!


    Dallas I look at my self in the mirror after 50 years of hard construction work and wonder like you do about your shirt.

    How do I do it year after year after year with out wearing out… 🙂

  9. surfer51 says:

    As always Jean, like Micheal said, “Pure Gold” indeed.

  10. surfer51 says:

    Sorry misspelled your name Michael…

  11. Jean says:

    Thank you Sufer!

  12. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    That video is much older than 8 years – that looks mid 80s

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