John Crist Exposed

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10 Responses

  1. Jessica says:

    Never was my cup of tea. I thought his humor was sarcastic and not enough creativity. Maybe he can get a job as a manager for Hobby Lobby. lol

  2. Paige says:

    I pray for a wave of sober humility in this matter. I pray there is legit pastoral care for John and all those he harmed. I pray the John continues to admit responsibility, confessing sins. May the Lord keep us from being Christian cannibals, forgetting our own dubious natures. I find the whole thing to be incredibly grievous on many levels. It is tragic for all.

  3. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    I must be culturally unaware but what is a “Christian” comedian? Do they tell Jesus jokes? Baptism jokes? Does he perform in churches before the sermon or are their Christian comedy clubs.
    It’s terrible if he is abusing people.

  4. From the first time I heard his shtick, I felt something was out a whack. A bit too aggressive, dismissive and caustic. Couldn’t figure how he had such a following.

  5. Em says:

    Paige = words of wisdom… ?. … IMNSHO. … of course

  6. Michael says:

    I thought the guy was somewhat amusing…until I started hearing the rumors long ago.
    There’s more to this story…

  7. TrueWords says:

    Appreciated your words, Paige.

    We’re the only army that shoots its wounded.

  8. Eric says:

    I’ve seen lots of his stuff on YouTube. It’s funny but I agree with PH’s assessment.

    There are various “related acts” – Tripp & Tyler, who have done really good (polished, funny and in good taste) videos, have done a few with Crist. There’s another guy who’s come up lately who looks like he really wants to be the next Crist, following his sarcastic style quite closely.

    “He must have really ticked off the wrong person…”
    See his recent video about ministers and private jets. It’s quite a blunt one.

    He sent a long sorry letter to Charisma, but his website (with merch shop) is still up atm.

    Btw a sorry letter, when you hear it in the voice of someone you only know as a comedian… you don’t know how to feel about it. (Similar to famous actors accused of sexual abuse, when they speak in their defence – you hear the voice of an actor, whether honest or not)

    As a stats guy I wonder what causes what. At least one of these must be true:
    A large fraction of men, even Christians, would take advantage of women, but most don’t have the opportunity – but celebrity brings it.
    Men who are likely to take advantage of women are more likely to become celebrities.
    Being a celebrity corrupts, making those who reach those positions more likely to want to abuse or less inhibited than when they were a plebian.
    Or some other such explanation.

  9. Captain Kevin says:

    Dang it!!! I didn’t go out of my way to watch his stuff, but what I saw was pretty amusing.

    Yes, MLD, “christian comedy” is a thing.

    Paigemom, Amen!!

  10. David P says:

    I had a friend tell me that Crist did some spot-on mockery of Copeland’s meltdown, and he mocked a few other hucksters — so Charisma getting the drop on him may be a bit of payback.

    THAT SAID, yeah hear this rumor as well. I’m remembering Mike Warnke of course — but I’m also hoping Crist’s “redemption” tour isn’t in the books for early 2021. Yes, I’m a touch cynical.

    The Christian Celebrity circuit is not particularly healthy these days…

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