Kempners Guilty Plea & Sentence

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  1. Kevin H says:

    Is the .com down again? Haven’t been able to get on all morning. (It’s now 1:00 in the afternoon here on the East Coast). But at the same time, nobody has been commenting here at all either, so not sure what is going on.

  2. Michael says:

    .com has been up without a problem…try clearing your cache.

  3. Kevin H says:

    I cleared my cache on both IE and Firefox but still no luck. Maybe it’s something with my server here at work. Guess I’ll just have to wait until I get home to try to get on. I’m sure I’m missing a fun day. 🙂

  4. Michael says:


    A much calmer day talking about Pipers sabbatical and John Stott.
    I needed some good news… 🙂

  5. Kevin H says:

    Glad to hear. I’m sure you needed a little bit of a break.

    I just hope I can get on the .com in the future here at work and this is just a temporary blip. I work in Pennsylvania but the parent company of the company I work for is located in England. So somehow they have our servers routed through there. My IP address may even show up as being in the UK. I just hope there isn’t anything weird going on through that process that keeps blocking me out in the future, too. I seemingly can get on any other website that I normally can get onto, including obviously this one.

  6. Michael says:

    None of my usual UK posters have been on this morning….thats odd…

  7. London says:

    Is the .com site down again?
    If so, ironic since Michael just said he wanted an “off button”

    but, now, reading those comments above. I wonder…cause I do have a UK email address.


  8. Sarah says:

    London…I thought hat was kinda funny too 😉

    Maybe it’s God’s way of telling us to knock it off for a day and pay attention to what He did.

  9. London says:


  10. Glenn says:

    The dot com site is down again…………………

  11. Michael says:

    We were taken down again.

  12. Sarah says:

    It’s down y’all. Pray for Michael, it looks like it’s a mess again.

    Seriously, though…maybe it will be good to have a day off to focus on Easter.

    Hoping tomorrow is a day that encourages and refreshes us as we celebrate the Resurrection.

  13. brian says:

    I know it is irrelevant but I wish people would stop doing this. I understand it is not against the law because the get away with it, which is the only measure what so ever of justice, always has been, always will be. But I wish they would stop.

  14. filbertz says:

    sorry to hear of this latest snafu. praying for peace in the storm and an over-riding sense of assurance. Blessings all

  15. Nonnie says:

    Rejoicing this morning that our God reigns.
    No matter what our circumstances, our burdens, our heartache, we can look up with hopeful, joyful hearts.

    He is risen!
    He is risen, indeed!

    PS Thank you all for praying for my mom and our family. Love to you and your families this glorious Resurrection Sunday!

  16. brian says:

    “He is risen!
    He is risen, indeed!”

    There was a time, I do hope so I really do. I know we should not need such hope, but I often do, and daily I repent of needing such. I always found that strange. Irrelevant but strange.

  17. sister christian says:

    Our God reigns!

    Amen Nonnie!!

    Our God reigns in power, over all nations, principalities, and systems.
    Our God reigns, in peace, and Justice and Mercy,
    Our God reigns, in joy, Love and Grace

    Our God reigns,
    and we are heirs of His Kingdom and adopted into His family
    We can rejoice that we are His and He cares for us

    that we are part of His family and one!


    WE ALL Need that hope… Not just you, and its nothing to repent of,
    But to rejoice in!!! He Christ has given us that Hope!!! Hope despite the world that wants to tell us to the contrary, and we are to rest and trust and look forward to that blessed HOPE in HIM…. Lift up your head, let your heart rejoice this day!!!
    Be encouraged dear brother!!!

    you wrote:
    “I know it is irrelevant but I wish people would stop doing this.”

    I wish they would stop doing this too! Whats their point? To discourage, to tear down,
    to break apart fellowship?


    You may be ever so discouraged at this continual hacking,
    But rest assured, and You know… YOU KNOW….
    There is a deeper work going on through PP. and if you dont see it all diplayed on the pages of the blog, theres a deeper work going on behind the scenes
    a work of healing,
    a work of disclosure, a work of building bridges,
    a work of uniting, a work of truth, a work of God in our midst!

    Most surely
    Our God reigns!

  18. Sarah says:

    Sister…I think brian’s comments about wishing people would stop doing this refers to people hacking the website. I don’t think he is saying anything to try to break apart fellowship…

    Hope everyone is having a good start to Easter morning. I just read this article from one of my favorite artists and thought I would pass it on:

  19. brian says:

    “WE ALL Need that hope… Not just you, and its nothing to repent of,
    But to rejoice in!!!”

    As kind as your words are Sister, it was a constant theme in my Christian life to repent of needing, anything what so ever. I know I am not the only one but I often wonder if I am the only one if that makes any sense. As for rejoicing, after so many years following Christ, rejoicing has not been much of an option, actually it never has been. I find that sad on Easter, completely irrelevant but still sad.

  20. brian says:

    Sarah in my life as a Christian, on my soul, I have never ever considered that an option, ever. I can remember many times weeping inside on Easter services thinking, not me, it cant me me. I dont deserve you Lord, or worse I cant need you Lord. I is a funny feeling repenting of needing God, I know I have often prayed such a prayer. I can even remember at a few Easter services repenting of needing Easter. a strange concept but very constant in my Christian life, repenting of needing Christ.

  21. Sarah says:

    Have never considered what an option, brian? Andrew’s article?

    Praying for peace for you this morning, and for joy.

  22. Sarah says:

    Heading out early for church today and a full day, but thought I’d share this before going:

  23. Sarah says:

    hmmm….didn’t work. Oh well. I’ll just say Happy Easter 😉

  24. Linnea says:

    Celebrating Jesus’ resurrection this morning and praying for joy, sweet fellowship with the Lord and with His people, rest and comfort this day. Happy Easter 🙂

  25. sister christian says:

    “Sister…I think brian’s comments about wishing people would stop doing this refers to people hacking the website. I don’t think he is saying anything to try to break apart fellowship…” Sarah, thanks for pointing that out.

    Although, Thats what I was talking about, people hacking the website,
    Whats their point? Those who are continually hacking the website?
    To discourage, to tear down, to break apart fellowship?
    Or is it simply random people that have nothing better in life to do?
    It certainly is no small disruption when they do!

    Hope thats a bit more clear! 🙂

  26. sister christian says:

    “it was a constant theme in my Christian life to repent of needing, anything what so ever.”

    Did people teach you thats the way it should be, or is this a conclusion you have come to on your own?

  27. Nonnie says:

    We had such a wonderful Sunday Service. Our pastor and his wife dedicated their baby girl ,and our pastor’s father (a pastor of another church) prayed for each child and parent in the room. I didn’t get to hear the message as I was with the children, but I told them Easter story and we all sang “He Arose.” It was a wonderful time of celebrating what Jesus has done for us.
    I am home now from church and being enveloped in the Lord’s love and peace.
    God is on the throne and in Him we can rest.

    Blessings to all of you in the states as you begin your day.

  28. Believe says:

    Happy Easter.

    He is Risen!

    Every day for me is Christmas and Easter…however, it is a good thing to be especially reminded of the all-critical all-encompassing and Cornerstone / Stumbling Block work of Christ on the Cross and His Resurrection on a day like today.

    Praying that the PP family has a great Easter with friends and family…and that the pastors are filled with the Holy Spirit when delivering today’s messages…and that the Gospel is preached with power.

  29. Believe says:

    …I have some theories on the hacking…another day, another time (will be interesting later to test the theory).

  30. Captain Kevin says:

    Happy Glorious Resurrection Day, my Phoenix Preacher friends!

  31. centorian says:

    Happy Resurrection Day! He is risen, He is risen indeed.

  32. Lutheran says:

    Christ is risen!

    He is risen indeed!

    Happy Easter to all —

  33. Concerned says:

    He’s alive!

  34. Tim says:

    He is Risen!!

    Here’s what we’re looking at today as we celebrate & remember.

  35. Erunner says:

    Happy Easter to all.

  36. Michael says:

    I moved the Easter comments to the Weekend Word .

    Looks like this will be home for awhile…

  37. David Sloane says:

    You might want to try a mirror site of Phoenix Preacher on blogger. Hackers find that Google is a bit harder then WordPress to take down.

    But then the Phoenix always comes back… 🙂

  38. Michael says:

    Hopefully, this is going to be a lot more stable.
    It’s on the latest version of WP and it has anti virus installed.

    The .com is so old and so huge it’s almost defenseless.

  39. brian says:

    To answer your question no one came out and said, but every time I ever crossed that line the response made it clear. I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer but this is one lesson I have learned down to my bones.

  40. Phil Naessens says:


    Were you able to rescue the pages from the .com site? If yes then move them here and lets all say “Welcome to our new home”!!


  41. Michael says:


    Right now the whole .com is infected with a base 64 virus.

    After we get it cleaned up I have some decisions to make…

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