Kevin’s Conversations: Only Jesus Bats 1000

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25 Responses

  1. Dallas says:

    The title is in need of a moved decimal, pretty sure Pedro Ciriaco once batted .1000 for the Pirates.

  2. Dallas says:

    Wow, bad memory while trying to be clever. Ciriaco had a pretty decent small sample size batting line with the Bucs.

    OK, I’m done now.

  3. Dallas says:

    Ok, now that I’ve read the article, the church in many corners could learn from major league baseball, after that slide last year and another that hit a little closer to home, a sports organization that prides itself on tradition said, “you know what it doesn’t matter how long we have played the game this way, it is dangerous, and people are getting hurt” and they adjusted the way they do things.

    Maybe it’s because we don’t see children, women and men carted out of the pews when they get hurt, that we don’t take quite as simple of a note from the harm done.

    Maybe the church could use a Mahaney rule or a Driscoll rule etc to go along with baseball’s Utley rule.

  4. Michael says:

    The best thing about sports is that our heroes fail in front of us…and still remain our heroes.

  5. Pushes the envelope? That’s a very nice way of saying “dirty player”…….

  6. Kevin H says:

    See, a Mets fan with a differing opinion. ūüôā

  7. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    The slide only became an issue because it was the World Series with a large TV audience. That slide happened all the time during the regular season, oh for maybe the past 100 years.

    Culture changes the rules with no notice – which is the reason that ‘same sex marriage’ has changed the slide rules with no notice. Not too long ago you could voice your opinon about same sex marriage and it was no harm no foul – just your opinion. Today, well the instant replay will hound you for life.

  8. Dallas says:

    MLD, this is getting away from the metaphor, but I think the slide rule is probably a result of instant replay. Middle infielders can no longer bail the way that they used to when turning the double play, and since they have to stay closer to the bag it makes sense to reel in the range of the takeout slides too.

  9. Kevin H says:


    Utley was initially suspended a few games for that slide. However, the takeout slide rule had always been vague and rarely enforced. Utley and his team of representatives sent video to MLB of Utley executing similar slides plenty of times before, never a time in which it was ruled illegal by the umpires on the field or that MLB ever said anything to him about it after the fact. MLB basically had no leg left to stand on and dropped the suspension.

    Of course, because of this high profile incident, they did firm up the rule and enforce it quite strictly now.

  10. Dallas says:

    Pivoting off of what Michael said about sports heroes failing in front of us, being a child of the steroid era in baseball it is definitely harder to look back on those times and see success on the field being tainted by failings behind the scenes. That is definitely a lesson we can carry out into the world with us.

  11. Kevin H says:


    Your analogy of the sports world reacting to an injury and changing the rules to protect players in the future versus the church failing to take action to do the same is quite apt, at least in some situations. Some churches/denominations/etc. that see a weak spot will take action to try to protect those who truly need the protection. Others, not so much.

  12. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    All I can say is that all who love Jesus in this crazy world today had better start wearing a batting helmet and a cup.

  13. Dallas says:

    KevinH, true. I guess my thought is that so many of these things come to light very publicly do that there is no excuse for anyone to have to make the mistake themselves to learn the lesson. When MLB makes a rule change, they will implement it at every level. There are some in the church that remind me of those who reacted to player safety rules in the NFL, by saying that they should start a new league where they will play real football.

  14. Dallas says:

    Batting helmet if salvation, and cup of truth?

  15. Jtk says:

    I used to watch a lot more sports. Life and ministry, my kids, followed by my hobbies, have put it way in the back of the line.

    But a couple of these 30 for 30 stories by ESPN have me ENTHRALLED!

    OJ’s America is fascinating…

    I love someone who can tell a good story. With a good story, I regularly find the Gospel, including the enemy, every time.

  16. Jtk says:

    OJ shared credit with his teammates. Wow. Awesome.

    OJ could talk his way out of trouble a gazillion times. Huh…

    OJ ignored racial politics for what benefitted him and him only…

  17. Josh the Baptist says:

    OJ’s America was really, really good. I was riveted to every episode.

  18. Josh the Baptist says:

    *by* every episode?

    *to*? *by*?


  19. Erunner says:

    Ty Cobb supposedly sharpened his spikes to inflict injuries when he was on the base paths. Mickey Mantle went to the plate hungover and hit a home run.

    My hero was Steve Garvey. Clean cut guy who never missed games and played the game the right way although he didn’t have much of an arm. I was bummed when his consecutive game streak ended on a slide at home plate. Our infield of Garvey, Lopes, Russell, and Cey played together forever and did good things.

    Later the truth came out about his personal life and I’d see bumper stickers declaring Steve Garvey is my father. That was my reality moment.

    I’ve gained a ton of perspective through the years of watching the might fall in the church and in the world.

    Where it hurts the most is when these things take place with people you know and are close to. That’s real pain and emotional angst. The other stuff is important and interesting but really has no impact on me.

    More than anything I’ve tried to learn to be more concerned about myself because nobody knows me like I do. Like you I’m capable of bad things and it’s only by the grace of God I haven’t crossed bad lines through the years.

    Finally as a Dodgers fan I didn’t like the Utley slide as I thought it crossed the line and injured another player. I was also never impressed with what Pete Rose did to Ray Fosse in the all star game. He took a free and cheap shot at a defenseless catcher in a game that didn’t mean a thing. Heck! I could talk baseball forever! Thanks Kevin!

  20. Al says:

    I like Chase Utley….now that he’s a Dodger.

    ^^ That is a multi-layered Philosophical statement with much meaning underneath the first level LOL

  21. Steve Wright says:

    Erunner, we had season tickets (split 4 ways) during those Dodger years. What was also great is other teams like the Reds had the same roster each year too. All catchers should have taken lessons from Steve Yeager or get out of the baseline.

    My favorite was Cey more than Garvey. So my shattering image moment was when he became a TV huckster for some ambulance chasing law firm advertising on daytime TV.

  22. My favorite was Joe Ferguson.

  23. Al says:

    “What was also great is other teams like the Reds had the same roster each year too”

    Agreed, that was a great Era. Free Agency killed Major League Baseball…and most professional Team Sports unfortunately.

  24. Al says:

    My fav was Scioscia, that dude blocked the plate like Gandolf or that goalie for the US Men’s soccer team. “None. Shall. Pass!” LOL

  25. Erunner says:

    Steve, I forgot about those Cey commercials. Thought I saw him with Dionne Warwick on a few of hers as well! ūüôā

    Baseball was a different game then. I was totally impressed with Tony Gwynn who had all the talent in the world but he decided he wanted to remain a Padre for life. He didn’t define his career by rings. The game has passed me by! ūüôā

    Scioscia blocked the plate like nobody’s business.

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