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  1. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Unless I missed it, it looks like All Saints Day (today) missed the cut. 😉

    Most protestants do not observe the festival / feast days so it goes unnoticed – but the hymn should not be allowed to slip by – “For All the Saints” – this at a Lutheran Youth conference. Best 5 min you will spend today.

  2. Michael says:

    When folks have something they would like to see shared on the Linkathon! by all means send it to me on Monday night and I’ll be glad to add it.

    Compiling Linkathon! is the worst part of our week so all help is gladly received…

  3. Dallas says:

    On reading fairy tales… got me to thinking of the Ethics of Elfland chapter of Chesterton’s Orthodoxy, and I stumbled on this jewel right at the beginning:

    “When the business man rebukes the idealism of his office-boy, it is commonly in some such speech as this: “Ah, yes, when one is young, one has these ideals in the abstract and these castles in the air; but in middle age they all break up like clouds, and one comes down to a belief in practical politics, to using the machinery one has and getting on with the world as it is.” Thus, at least, venerable and philanthropic old men now in their honoured graves used to talk to me when I was a boy. But since then I have grown up and have discovered that these philanthropic old men were telling lies. What has really happened is exactly the opposite of what they said would happen. They said that I should lose my ideals and begin to believe in the methods of practical politicians. Now, I have not lost my ideals in the least; my faith in fundamentals is exactly what it always was. What I have lost is my old childlike faith in practical politics. I am still as much concerned as ever about the Battle of Armageddon; but I am not so much concerned about the General Election. As a babe I leapt up on my mother’s knee at the mere mention of it. No; the vision is always solid and reliable. The vision is always a fact. It is the reality that is often a fraud.”

  4. John 20:29 says:

    from the first link…
    “Moore was respectful, but he seemed puzzled by Land’s eagerness to defend Palin. “Dr. Land thinks that Governor Palin’s resignation was a shrewd move,” he said. “I don’t. I don’t understand it at all.”

    this is, for me at least, a great article… but why should a theologian concern himself with “shrewd moves” at all? – dunno – just doesn’t set right somehow – dunno, tho … do i?

  5. Dan from Georgia says:

    Scanned the Celebrity Christian/suicide article and plan in reading more later. Sad story and also makes me angry how we use people to prop up God.

  6. Dan from Georgia says:

    That last sentence may be kind of weird in my previous comment but I am typing my initial thoughts fast on my phone so give me a break.

  7. Erunner says:

    It’s heartbreaking reading the story of Roberta Langella. Not sure what to say.

  8. Erunner says:

    steve, I couldn’t bring myself to read part 2 even though it was linked. Cymbala’s books were considered must reading back in the day.

    Living with a mental illness I am angered and saddened at the treatment Roberta received. The stigma remains. I can’t fathom the toll this took on those who took care of your sister. There can be serious impact on the caregivers.

    As far as the money goes I’m so used to this I admit I’m not surprised. We read so many of those stories here. Tons of red flags. Roberta has completed her pilgrimage here. She’s in the presence of God now and forever more. God bless and keep you and yours.

  9. victorious says:

    Cymbala is one sad individual sucking up to the acclaim and money. The Kingdom attracts frauds who are drawn to the acclaim but who are completely undiscerning as to the presence of Jesus.

  10. victorious says:

    Steve –

    Thank you for sharing your sisters true testimony that indeed ended with her meeting the Shepherd she needed and longed for in glory and in His victory. I read part 2 and I was so glad that she was already writing out her true story that you helped to disseminate.

  11. steve says:

    Watch this space. I am going to be posting 2 more articles in the coming 3 weeks that will shed more light on just how deep the corruption of Jim Cymbala goes. You will be shocked.

    Thanks for your kind words.

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