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  1. Steve Wright says:

    The article “Why Healthcare Matters to God” is most excellent and thankfully free from even the slightest tinge of political discussion.

    I have noticed a large number of very dedicated Christians, serving the Lord in a variety of ways, making the career choice to study and practice in the world of medicine. A large number of nursing students of a variety of ages, some just entering adulthood, others doing so as a 2nd career.

  2. em ... again says:

    collapsing American identity? i can’t speak for Republicans, Democrats, other Christians or even the Globalists, but the American identity that we are losing is an understanding of just how dependent this nation’s function is on our founding documents and the strong respect that all Americans (recent immigrants or generations removed from same) were, at one time, taught to have for those documents.
    i erased the rest of my pontification 🙂

  3. em ... again says:

    raise a juice box… hmmm… what do recovering alcoholics do for communion? it is my understanding from the few i’ve known that they must avoid even a sip of anything fermented for fear of falling off the wagon… never thot about that until just now…

    another thanks for the links, they always have me thinking … or trying to

  4. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    em, at our church for those with issues, we use what is called unfermented wine. It is not grape juice, which is processed and homogenized to prevent fermentation.

    Unfermented wine, as I understand it is allowed to have the yeast just begin to crack and fermentation begin and then it is halted right away in the process – so it is wine.

    I have never tried it before – I go full octane and then go back up for 2nds. 😉

  5. Jim Jacobson says:

    I thought the Lamar Kendrick commentary on the church was interesting. He’s about as foul as a man can be (take a look at the lyrics for “Lust” on his latest offering “Damn”) – his input seems ever so slightly hypocritical.

  6. Michael says:


    As a parent of a 15 year old boy, I will say that not just hypocritical, it’s evil.

    I’m no Puritan, as we all know…but at some point this culture needs to face up to the damage done to untold millions of kids by this garbage.

    Rock and roll has always been about sex and it’s always walked an edge…but this stuff just destroys.

  7. Jim Jacobson says:

    In my ignorance I got the guys name backward… Kendrick Lamar

  8. Michael says:

    I have names for the lot of them…but not that I can print.

  9. em ... again says:

    “I’m no Puritan, as we all know…but at some point this culture needs to face up to the damage done to untold millions of kids by this garbage.”

    i think that our (the culture) best hope is the great strides being made in the study of the brain… how it can be programmed, how it functions on a level below the conscious to create, what we interpret as right and natural, but what isn’t necessarily so

    isn’t it interesting that Scriptural speaks of the need to renew our minds? i think that goes much deeper than just a surface agreement as we recognize Truth – just MNSHO … again

  10. Descended says:

    Greg Laurie

    Proof that testosterone boosters really do work for men over 60

  11. Descended says:

    Re: Greg Laurie and interfaith National Day of Prayer

    Dr Martin Erdmann of Verax Institut on American Civil Religion in conflict with Christianity

  12. David says:

    So now it’s North Korea, eh, Pastor Laurie ? Seems like it’s more of the same old “end times scenarios” you guys have been spinning out for years , but a new player has been introduced to the scheme. (or have you fellas been bringing North Korea into the mix before? I really don’t keep up with that stuff much) I guess you need to keep selling those books and conferences . Last Days Madness rolls on and on and on …

  13. Descended says:

    The Stench of Imperial Religion

    Hard to take anything or anyone seriously which asks you to apologise for existing as you are before any dialogue can begin. Rubbish article.

  14. em ... again says:

    just came off listening to the Greg Laurie bit… couldn’t find a word that i thought was out of line (a little self promotion snuck in)… but then i wasn’t caught up in the end times kerfuffule of the recent past

    that said, i guess i’m as much of an expert on North Korea as Pastor Laurie 🙂 and i’m concerned…
    setting aside the end times prophesy search, that is a weird little country that seems to serve the purposes of Russia, China and the Middle East extremists … and anyone else who hates the West (is Russia west?)… i was surprised to learn that they have submarines… pray that these recent concerns (propaganda again?) don’t escalate into another war – yes pray, it helps
    and, if you are sure that the end times are upon us (they could be), pray that the pre-tribbers have it right (i think mid-trib fits what i read best), but above all pray that the amillennialists are wrong – just in case little Kim gets his way with his bombs

    it’s a sunny day in the mountains and i have nothing better to do than sit here and pontificate again – God keep all close and comforted

  15. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    em, the problem that Laurie is struggling with is the same all the Rapture Theology guys struggle with. They do not see the USA in end times prophecy so any significant threat to the USA fits their theology and they get all eager.
    Greg Laurie even said such in the video – that this threat could be what takes the US out and (here I add my interpretation to his thoughts) will open the flood gates to the end times senarios we see in the Late Great Planet Earth or the Left Behind books (because we know it is not in the Bible.

    Tell me again that the rapture folks don’t read with the Bible in one hand and the newspaper (or CNN) in the other.

  16. em ... again says:

    well, MLD, you have a point @15… perhaps, those who are taking to heart the admonition to “watch because you know not the day or the hour,” but only apply it to current events do have one eye on the Bible and the other on – probably their TV these days…
    on the other hand, i think it’s worth praying that that little man with all those war toys and nothing else doesn’t decide to plug everything in and see what happens… i don’t think he’ll do that until he thinks he’s got Iran and Russia on his team and ready to go – FWIW

    those of us on the sidelines thought that the greatest service that Hal Lindsey started back there was to get a whole lot of people looking into the Bible that otherwise wouldn’t have done so… many of your generation looked, liked the Book and joined the Faith – now that was a good thing and, most probably played out exactly as God designed – that thing about using the foolish things of the world… ?
    further, if one is fascinated by prophesy that refers to the earth’s drama that plays out from the ascension to the return of Christ (or even O.T. prophesies now fulfilled), what a great way to get a feel for the power and immutability of God… that said, those who are tasked with teaching the Faith have no business running around saying the sky is falling – IMV

  17. Descended says:


    I think what you describe is more specifically a pretrib problem, though not unheard of in the other rapture interpretations.


    I think the tendency to have a little bit of an “ODM” approach to end times can be healthy, so long as your truth is grounded in scripture and not the opinions of men. Jesus warned us four times, “see to it no one deceives you”.

  18. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Descended – Pre trib – mid trib and post trib all believe pretty much the same thing once the church is gone.

    Now if you meant unique to pre mil, then you might be onto something.

  19. Michael says:

    I posted that Laurie video to mock it, then remembered that I’m an Anglican now .. 🙂

  20. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    So Michael – what does that mean?
    1.) Anglicans are no longer allowed to mock? or…
    2.) Anglicans are accepting of all kinds of strange teachings? 😉

  21. Michael says:


    Anglicans aren’t big on mockery…they tend to do things with aesthetic style and dignity, even polemics.

    I, on the other hand… 🙂

  22. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Perhaps you need a tattoo on your bicep in gang lettering that says Anglican.

  23. em ... again says:

    i understand the mockery, but i also understand the desire to find a pattern in present day happenings that fit what the Bible predicts… if those folks can get a grip on themselves, trust God and not panic (how’re they gonna stop history, anyway?)…
    i still love my sound Presbyterian roots, but there is a slight Pharisaical tendency among mainline Christianity… i said “slight,” as there is also a jealous guarding of Truth there for the most part and that is ‘job one,’ eh?

  24. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    em, the pattern in the present day is the same pattern that Jesus left us with – it has not changed and it will not change until his return to judge.
    See Matt 24:5-7

  25. David says:

    Here’s another on to add to the link list :

    “Can We Talk about ‘God Stuff’ Without Getting Angry ? ”

    New podcast , The Areopagus , co-hosted by two pastors, one Orthodox , the other Protestant : Fr. Andrew Damick and Pr. Michael Landsman . And guess what ? They are friends and talk to each other like friends while maintaining their own theological distinctives. Wow, what a concept.

  26. em ... again says:

    #24… can’t say that i disagree with your observation regarding the “pattern.” However, one thing i do notice is that the pattern cycles and each cycle is more intense than the last. The result is that every generation of serious Christians is goaded to watch. That said, i would have to wonder just how much more intense these cycles can become? The wars and rumors of same run from skirmishes to the threat of the annihilation of civilization by a radioactive doomsday (won’t happen), but it’s going to keep getting worse until it gets all better… which motivates me to hope that i am wrong about a mid tribulation rapture and that you are wrong about a last minute gathering as Christ returns… sadly, i suspect one of us will be right… but the end is all good

  27. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Em, I don’t know that things are worse or more intense. In the 16th century one third of Europe was wiped out by the plague. That is pretty intense.

  28. Anne says:

    #10 ROTFL Testosterone boosters for men and plastic surgery for both men women used to be almost standard requirements for the upper echelon of some CCCM elite leaders & inner circle peeps during the last years of my involvement. Good lord some of the mind blowing things you learn being somewhat connected to the “in crowd” besides how many wives are truly spiritual for forgiving their spouses infidelities. Memories I can laugh about now of “spiritual counsel” that my prospects in work, ministry, finding a godly mate might benefit from having a little work done hahahaha!!

  29. David H says:

    Michael — “I posted that Laurie video to mock it, then remembered that I’m an Anglican now .. ?”

    And it’s well worthy of mocking.

    Kendrick Lamar is a rube. A rich rube, but a rube non the less. All he cares about is selling music, and concert tickets.

  30. I’ll bite – I guess I need to look up Kendrick Lamar

  31. coming out to Arizona this morning we passed a billboard that only said DAMN – was that for his album?

    David H – what else do you want him to care about. If he is making $20 million he is paying plenty in taxes to take care of others.

  32. em ... again says:

    #27 – i know that argument, MLD… perhaps intense isn’t the correct term… well maybe it is more impactful (made up word) on the planet as a whole – all at the same time, not limited to a hemisphere or an area or even a society… how often do we hear, there’s nowhere to go to escape? all immigration migrations aside

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