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45 Responses

  1. PP Vet says:

    Best lunch is when the Holy Spirit shows up.

    Best hamburger: Outback

    Best pizza: Costco

    Best value: McDonald’s. What an absolutely amazing company.

  2. London says:

    Best lunch is the one someone else pays for 🙂

  3. Gary says:

    Best sandwich is Quizno’s chicken carbonara on Rosemary Parmesan bread. Best chicken Popeyes. (Be careful- the Pope is watching you. jk) I can’t believe I’m seeing McDonald’s. The only thing they have that’s decent are salads and they’re too expensive. But to each my own 😉

  4. Linnea says:

    Albuquerque-turkey….turkey, green chile, avocado on toasted sourdough. Really good at Kelly’s.

  5. Gary says:

    My favorite burger is the bacon and guacamole burger at Carnal’s Jr.

  6. erunner says:

    KFC two piece original with two thighs, coleslaw and mashed potatoes and gravy. Don’t get me started on buffets!! 🙂 Oh yeah there’s also In-N-Out a quarter mile from the house!!
    Alas, don’t do them much at all these days. How about some fresh baked cookies and a cold glass of milk?? Now I’m torturing myself! 🙂

  7. jamesk says:

    Special quesadilla, tostada and bean and cheese burrito from Dora’s in Brawley CA!

  8. Gary says:

    Mexican? Del Taco’s combo burrito with green sauce and fish tacos.

  9. Xenia says:

    Grilled cheese sandwich

  10. Chik Fil A…soup and salad combo OR 8-count nuggets and a peach milkshake.

  11. Gary says:

    Have you ever tried grilled cheese on sourdough bread? I love sourdough. Sometimes I snack on it, just the bread, sometimes toasted plain.

  12. Becky says:

    Deli Zone.

  13. Nonnie says:

    A good “hole in the wall” mom and pop Mexican place in Ca. They are all over.
    Here, on the other side of the Atlantic, Yo Sushi, or a “Falafel wrap that is loaded with peppers, salad, hummus, tahini sauce, etc, etc.” from the Falafal House in the city market square. Yum!!

  14. Bob Sweat says:

    The Calvary Chapel lunch of choice, In N Out!

  15. Ricky Bobby says:

    Red bull or Dutch Bros. coffee. Gotta pretty much skip lunch most days. Big breakfast and unfortunately, big dinner (need to cut back on the dinner).

  16. Local … Green Chili Chicken Enchiladas with Egg over easy on top… Take your pick of Garcia’s, Sadie’s, El Camino’s, El Bruno’s, Ortega’s, Guarduno’s or any of hundred local establishments BUT IT MUST BE NEW MEXICO’s own Hatch Green or Red Chili. Nothing else even matters.

  17. Michael says:

    Once again I have to go to New Mexico for lunch…the smoked chicken at Golden Pride.
    Great BBQ sauce.

  18. Muff Potter says:


  19. Xenia says:

    Have you ever tried grilled cheese on sourdough bread? I love sourdough. Sometimes I snack on it, just the bread, sometimes toasted plain.<<<

    Yes, that is the best!

    My favorite lunch is the potluck we have after liturgy every Sunday. I generally eat like a rabbit most of the week but Sunday, every Sunday being a minor feast day, is a day to eat whatever delicious food item presents itself.

    I have never understood the appeal of sushi. It too much like a dead goldfish on a cracker with some algae wrapped around its head. Blech.

  20. Xenia says:

    I have analyzed my typos and have arrived at the following conclusion: I don’t press down on the keys hard enough. I hit the proper keys but just barely. I need to start pounding on my keyboard.

  21. fyi says:

    My Hero Sandwiches in Northridge, CA! I learned to love it in college, visited again 30 years later and it was EXACTLY the same! Even smelled the same when you walked in. That is a good lunch…

  22. jamesk says:

    2nd fave… Porter Street BBQ in Eureka CA.

  23. Crowned1 says:

    Broccoli chicken lunch special from Little Chopsticks in Mission Viejo, CA.

    Fresh chicken & broccoli in a light Chinese gravy, white or fried rice, egg flour or hot & sour soup, veggie egg roll, fortune cookie $5.99…boom.

  24. Ixtlan says:

    well, since its required:

    In-n-Out Burger, any where there is one.

    or years gone by, Vasquez Deli. Vacaville, CA. Best burritos, incredible flour tortillas.

  25. Shaun Sells says:

    Sweet and Sour Chicken with fried rice at a little hole in the wall restaurant here in Cheyenne. They prepare it fresh, no steam table or hot lamps and you add the sauce yourself.

    As far as chains go – Five Guys Burgers and Fries with bacon and grilled onions or anything from Chik-fil-A

    If I am grilling – bratwurst with mustard and onions.

    And, all of those require a Coca-Cola to complete the deal.

    These food threads are making my diet very difficult, but I have persevered and am at a total of 23#’s lost with 27#’s more to go.

  26. Gary says:

    Porter Street also in Arcata. My wife and I travel through Eureka and Arcata when we go camping. We discovered Porter Street last week after driving by there on our way to the Samoa Cookhouse. Best bbq beef ribs I ever had. Even better than my own. Since we’d driven by there so many times and missed it I asked how long they’d been there. 17 years I think. I can’t believe we’d missed it for so long except that they’re closed on Sundays. Kinda like Bless My Soul Café which we discovered about 5 years ago.

    I’m a bbqaholic and there are a lot of good bbq places here in the SF bay area. The best is Gorilla Grill in Pacifica. Next after that is Uncle Willie’s in downtown Oakland.

  27. Crowned1 says:

    Muff @ 17 Spoiler tag please!

  28. DavidM says:

    Garduno’s in Montebello, CA. Tastiest Mexican food I’ve had outside of Mexico.

  29. Darcy says:

    Freshly fried tortilla chips with homemade spicy salsa and guacamole.

  30. PP Vet says:

    Kudos for:
    Red Robin gluten-free buns
    Carl’s Low-Carb burger

  31. PP Vet says:

    For some reason, when I fast, I like to watch Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Sort of vicarious fun. What an awesome program.

  32. Steve Wright says:

    I keep this quiet around my out-of-state friends and most of our church…

    But I like Tommy’s much better than In-N-Out 🙂

  33. Shaun Sells says:

    I don’t know what Tommy’s is, but my favorite part about In-N-Out is the cost and the verses on the cups. If I want a real hamburger I go to Five Guys, so you are not alone.

  34. Hmmm…I try to mix it up, because I can get burnt out on food if I eat it too often. So, I will put the five meals, that I like to eat every once in a while, like once a month.

    1. A foot-long Spicy Italian on Wheat at Subway.
    2. An Extra Crispy 3 pc. Chicken meal w/mashed potatoes and gravy, from KFC.
    3. Chicken Quesadilla’s, homemade with tortilla chips and salsa.
    4. Hamburgers grilled in the backyard with all the fixin’s.
    5. Grilled Steaks, with fresh vegetables (squash, corn on the cob, onions, bell peppers) steamed in aluminum foil.

  35. Nonnie says:

    Steve W, OH YEA! Tommy’s. “If you don’t see the shack, take it back.” 🙂

  36. Reuben says:

    Five Guys is a way better burger.

  37. I haven’t ever been to Five Guys, but I see they have them in Memphis. I will have to try one out.
    Won’t be able to compare, ’cause there are no In-N-Outs here.

  38. Michael says:

    I’ll be the odd man out…can’t stand 5 Guys.
    Greasy mess I could make at home when I was about 10…

  39. Michael says they are greasy and I hate greasy hamburgers. Is this others experience? I know some like grease, but I am not a fan of it. Don’t want to waste money if that is so.

  40. j2theperson says:

    We make lamb burgers once a week. I really like having the left-over ground lamb for lunch. Also scrambled omelets are nice and easy.

  41. Glen says:

    Grilled cheese on sour dough with Costco pesto sauce under the cheese.
    Burgerville USA – just about anything on the menu. Portland, Vancouver, SW Washington small regional chain with the best semi-fast food. Tillamook cheese, eastern Oregon beef,
    berry shakes in season. Top quality, fresh and gooood!

  42. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    In n out, grew up around the original in Baldwin Park, lived in La Puente which was the second one made. They had in n out university

  43. Solomon Rodriguez says:


    I live right up the street from Gardunos, is it that good? My kids like it but I haven’t had it. Alondras Hot wings in Montebello is the nest

  44. Dude says:

    Sourdough bread toasted with sweet cream butter with peach or strawberry jam anytime of the day.

  45. Muff Potter says:

    My apologies for the soylent green crack folks. My best lunches ever were Lake Michigan perch, fries & coleslaw. This was long before the world had moved on (as Stephen King would put it). The perch were still safe to eat back then (no dangerous levels of mercury), and the potatoes for the fries & cabbage for the slaw was grown locally in the rich black loam of Southeastern Wisconsin.

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