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  1. John 20:29 says:

    anger at God is a pretty good read, but i think that anger is not necessarily bad (i hope it isn’t as i am most efficient when i’m angry)

    i think the trick for the Christian is to remember that it is the devil who sets us up to be angry at God… i think of Job sometimes…
    for my part, if i am angry i try to remember that God knows 2 things even better than i do… the why of the situation that is making me angry and, my heart, where my anger is directed… with what little knowledge i have of the plan of God (the genius of Him), it makes no sense to be angry with God…
    hmmm maybe we can be angry with God, just not angry at Him… because i suspect that, if we think we are angry, we can’t begin to know how angry God, Himself, is…

    dunno …. just sayin’

  2. Nathan Priddis says:

    Evangelical Anxiety.
    Dear God..thank you. I needed this after today, after this week. So rambling crazy, it was both funny and theruputic.

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