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  1. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Richie Furay has always been one of the good guy CC pastors. Great family man and isn’t he in the Rock n Roll HOF with both Buffalo Springfield and Poco?

  2. The New Victor says:

    The Solzhenitsyn piece, ouch… to think he’d be protested off campus with violence these days. Of course, warning people about the evils of communism continues, as the stories of my Vietnamese friends for the last 25 years. But then Emma Goldman, declared persona non grata by the USA, was ostracized by her fellow communist travelers when she returned from the nascent USSR telling the horrible tales of what was going on there. Spoiled westerners not only didn’t, but perhaps couldn’t believe her. Solzhenitsyn’s point overall was that even 35-40 years ago, he saw what had happened to The West in its abandonment of God.

  3. Duane Arnold says:


    Only Buffalo Springfield… although some of us think it is a travesty that Poco has not been inducted!

  4. Em says:

    Jesse’s big new jet plane… He has several big jet planes already… sell them
    Did God tell him he was to have the latest and greatest? Dunno, Lord, that new Lincoln MKX would make my errands infinitely pleasanter err easier. ? However, He blessed me with a lovely Chrysler Pacifica for not so many dollars. It’s a low mileage 2005 with leather upholstery and all the bells and whistles i can handle, but that new Lincoln, Lord, wouldn’t that work better? I must be missing some spiritual understanding….
    In the 1990s we had a Russian immigrant ring our doorbell to inform us that God had told her we were to give her our RV – nice try… Then a little later we had our house up for sale and a nurse came to the door with a message from God that we were to sell the house to her, carrying a contract with no down payment as she was to use it for an assisted living facility. My very serious Christian husband’s response? “Well, that is interesting as He hasn’t said a thing to me about that.”
    Now i can see God telling someone to give Jesse an airplane (what’s wrong with a nice little Beechcraft, btw?). But don’t declare that God wants you to have something with the intent of laying the burden on your fellow Believers to do it…. God wants you to have it? Keep mum and wait to see Him do it… ?

  5. Em says:

    Lots of good food for thot in the links again – thank you

    Fauxnerability – i’d pay my kids to read and write a 3 page report… It seems to be a human trait to feed these types encouragement to go deeper… Scripture tells us we’re at a disadvantage when it comes to self analysis… “The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. Who can know it?” … Think that is quoted accurately

    God keep all close and comforted this nite

  6. JoelG says:

    “Our God: the God of failures…”

    This is Good News.

  7. Babylon's Dread says:

    I am egalitarian in my theological understanding of men and women in the church HOWEVER, this statement; “Researchers do observe differences between men and women. However, it’s impossible to know whether they are innate or simply learned. Importantly, there’s more variability within sexes than between them.” stands as proof that humanity has lost the ability to differentiate heads from asses.

    I can differentiate genders much easier than I can understand the wisdom of this article. Scot McKnight? What kind of trauma gave him this disorder? There is bound to be a category for this kind of crazy.

    We are nearing the tipping point where conscious communication has no referent points.

  8. Michael says:

    “We are nearing the tipping point where conscious communication has no referent points.”

    That is true and could signal the end of this culture as we know it.

  9. DaveG says:

    #3 Until Procol Harum is inducted, Poco shouldn’t be.

  10. Rick from Texas says:

    I remember seeing Richie Furay at Harvest in Riverside in the early 90’s when Poco started a reunion tour. He led worship and performed at a Sunday evening service.

    During the performance (full disclosure, I was stoked to see Richie Furay doing praise music), he stopped and asked for prayer about the Poco reunion tour. I remember him saying he didn’t want to do it but he was bound by some kind of legal obligation. He asked that we pray about it for him because all he wanted was God’s will in the matter.

    He went on the tour and I remember reading articles where Jim Messina stated that Richie didn’t want to do “Your Momma Don’t Dance” (Loggins and Messina song) because of the suggestive lyrics.

    As a young Christian at the time I was stoked to be able to hear Richie in concert a few times a year at Harvest. In my immaturity in the faith I prayed that he would be let out of the contract.

    As a much more mature believer, I am so glad my prayer wasn’t answered.

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