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  1. CostcoCal says:

    Matt Redmond speaks my language, “If Jesus were easy to understand, He would not be worthy of our worship.” I agree!

    The older I get, the more convinced I am that Jesus is worthy of worship. And yet, the older I get, the more difficult Jesus is to categorize or neatly label. Both are true to me!

  2. JoelG says:

    Love the “church phrases” link.

    “Hedge of protection” Translation: Protect me and mine but screw everyone else….

    “Traveling mercies”…. huh?

  3. Michael says:

    Matt is one of my favorite people…period.
    Just a very real, good, guy…

  4. Michael says:


    I thought that one would get some attention…

  5. JoelG says:

    The “Luther anxiety of the heart” sure hits home. I struggle with “Anfechtung” on a regular basis. I am meant to be a Lutheran, I think.

    Anfechtung Baby!

    Thanks for the links guys

  6. JoelG says:

    One more… I can’t recommend “God’s Quiet Presence” enough… so good and helpful.

  7. Dan from Georgia says:

    Always love reading Matt R’s random thoughts. His takedown of American Discipleship (TM) married to business principles was priceless. I had my own run-in with a long-ago-trash-container-filler book about discipleship that was written by a businessman. Couldn’t barely stomach it. Best/worst passage of book was where said author said “christian men’s groups should but stock in Denny’s because they are popular meet-up locations for men’s groups” or something to that effect.

    Church phrases: phrase I despise the most is “love on”. Close second…”ask Jesus into your heart”…what about the brain?

  8. Jim says:

    I grew up with zero spiritual input from my family or friends, only attending Greek Ortho weddings and funerals, where the priests spoke greek. At easter, the Greek side of my family would say Christos Anesti (Christ is risen), which I assumed meant that they believed that Jesus went to Heaven when He died.

    His Resurrection was explained to me at age 19 by a fellow longshoreman while working a ship. I probably said “what???” 50 times. It was the beginning of the (good) end for me.

  9. Jerod says:

    “Church phrases”
    reminded of the scene from Iron Giant where Hogarth goes full-on Pentecostal at dinner

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