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  1. Em says:

    MacArthur’s link? Gotta say, “amen”

    We have a white neighbor, an atheist and a professional woman who states firmly that the white race’s time is past and with its demise goes the evil of racism. I don’t think one’s skin color has one bit of virtue attached to it. Victim and virtue are not synonomous terms. Hatred has no color preference. Hatred with power does great evil…. IMNSHO ?

  2. Erunner says:

    I couldn’t read it all. It’s enough to try and understand children dying and grisly things that dot our news daily.

    But for a religious institution to do the things detailed in the parts of the article I did read is beyond evil. How in the world could these people do these things to innocent and helpless children?

    I think if we knew the dark realities that escape the light we’d need professional help to deal with it and be physically restrained from going after the guilty.

    Thank God for all of those who do the right things in caring for the innocents.

    How the faith of surviving friends and families had to have been tested. Would I have the faith to continue trusting God or would I walk away?

    Depravity is nothing new. How we all need role models and teachers to help us stay on the narrow road.

  3. Em says:

    Erunner’s comment pretty much is what i’d say…

    there are people, male and female that are so horrible that one wonders if they are even candidates for redemption at all, but then Satan does prowl looking for useful humans….

    depravity is a term that, perhaps, we need to think on more? it certainly isn’t just sin, is it? God help us when the depraved get power…. those children of Michael’s link will be avenged, by God, Himself!

  4. The New Victor says:

    I read about half of the buzz feed link yesterday. What’s lost given the SJW attitude about violence against women is that women are violent, too. Often against children. FBI and state stats back this up, but it isn’t a conversation our society is willing to stomach. I experienced it. Erin Pizzey, who started the first women’s shelters on he UK in the early 70s, saw it, and was driven out for voicing her concerns. She grew up with birth violent parents. Humans can be abusive, men or women, and children are the worst of the victims. Sickening story. So, top, that before about 1980, these things attend on the radar of the psych and legal community.

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