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  1. Babylon's Dread says:

    The critique of Freud in the video about Christians and sexuality is the baseline upon which we should have been building forever.

    I teach my church that history belongs to those who win the category designations. To challenge homosexuality as a category mistake is the foundation of dealing with this problem

    I hear so much about how love is suppose to be our path. The love I am hearing about is not love it is indulgence. Love does not permit all things. Love does not endorse all things. Love does not indulge all things. The kind of love being advocated in this cultural issue is not love it is far far from love. It is the elevation of the self above all other values to a point that will destroy the self.

    Anyway – category mistakes are cultural poisoned Kool-Aid – those who drink from it perpetuate far more damage than they will know because they will congratulate themselves on their compassion while sowing to the wind.

  2. Babylon's Dread says:

    Language is everything because God spoke. In scripture the creator empowered his image bearers with voice that carried his authority. He gave them power to rule by NAMING. He gave them voice. However third voice that we hear in scripture as the serpent. He flatly contradicted the creator’s voice.

    Whoever sets the categories of a conversation win before the debate begins. If you define the categories you rule the outcomes. We lose when we try to speak with a voice that was not given by revelation but by reason. Reason is not evil it is subservient to revelation . This is not true for those whose minds are not submitted to the Voice of the creator.

    Everything is determined by the voice you listen to. I can tell you the outcome of anyone’s path just by noting the voices with which they reason and speak.

    We lose our children when we do not teach them who and how to hear. This process begins before birth. Linkathon is the amalgamation of voices.

  3. JoelG says:

    “What if Jesus doesn’t know you?”

    Yikes. This is my worst fear. I have to admit those words from Jesus (I never knew you) causes a lot of anxiety. I’m a “words of affirmation” guy. My wife tells me she loves me a lot and I never get tired of hearing it. Having a “relationship” with God is a bit harder. I don’t hear much from Him after I talk to Him or write to Him. But I assume He hears. I lay it all out there to Him. I’m honest about my ongoing sins and pray for forgiveness and patience. I’ve started going to church again for confession and absolution, to hear His Word and eat His Body and Blood. But I can’t really do much else other than try to listen and hope He knows me. I hope the same for everyone else. What else can we do?

  4. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    I always want to punch guys in the nose who make other people question their faith – I don’t understand them. What is this crap “what if Jesus doesn’t know you?” See, now he has dumped it back on me – at the end he tells me to reconcile it – fix it by loving God better, then, maybe then he will know me.

    Now, earlier on I knew he was whacked when he suggested having direct contact with God – outside of his word, by going in a dark room, closing my eyes and waiting to hear the voice. If I was learning from this guy I would shoot myself – total despair coming from him.

  5. Em says:

    If i went into a dark room, closed my eyes and waited to hear God’s voice, i suspect that i would be able to tell you what His laugh sounds like….
    Part of Faith is trusting that God does know you (He does)
    “Summer and winter, springtime and harvest sun, moon and stars in their courses do run; join with all nature in manifold witness to Thy great faithfulness, mercy and love….” Good hymn
    you fear God, you believe Him…. You “know” each other. ?

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