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  1. victorious says:

    This is gold from the CT article stating there is no shame in not receiving a miracle. I love the emphasis on our pain as places where God is already present.

    “ When Christians predominantly focus our faith on signs and wonders, we are discipled to view our physicality and places of pain, including disease and death,

    as problems God can fix rather than places he is already present.

    Perhaps our faith shackles rather than shelters, without our awareness, when we resist being held in the tension between the cross and resurrection, preferring rescue to resilience and miracles to the mundane. ”

  2. Duane Arnold says:

    I don’t always agree with Trueman (UMC Split) but he hit the mark in his article…

    “Same-sex marriage is not really the issue. Thorough catechesis is. At the risk of tautology, if Christian marriage makes sense, it only makes sense within the framework of Christianity, on the basis of an ethics rooted in Christian doctrine. There is no point in dividing a denomination or congregation over same-sex marriage if that division is not driven by a deeper commitment to creedal Christianity.”

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