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  1. sarahmorgan says:

    Regarding the church phrases that should go away, I’ve never understood the widespread use of the phrase “hedge of protection’, the only person in the Bible who uses that phrase is Satan (in the book of Job). Does anyone even know that anymore? The article didn’t even mention it.

  2. Michael says:


    I doubt that is common knowledge…good point!

  3. Em says:

    “Embrace the militant masculinity”
    ” enshrine patriarchal authority”
    “Condones the callous display”
    If you are a male, i hope we celebrate that as God’s design
    If you are the patriarch of your family, take it as an honor and a responsibility to show strength, good judgement and compassion – leave a legacy of Christian character
    What’s a callous display? Incompetent bullying?
    Embrace, enshrine and condone? ? ? And distort? Don’ think so….

  4. Em says:

    We hold up bad examples of the races (all races have them at the bottom and at the top-so-called) and we say, “See what they are ! They’re all like that, ya know.” That’s a racist

    to call a bad actor a bad actor is NOT racist – God in your mercy, give us discernment

  5. CM says:

    And for each of those of those 10 phrases that really need to go away, the Babylon Bee has probably satired. For #10, here is a handy item that will make that phrase “JUST” go away:

  6. bob1 says:

    “Embrace the militant masculinity”
    ” enshrine patriarchal authority”
    “Condones the callous display”
    If you are a male, i hope we celebrate that as God’s design

    There’s plenty of debate and discussion about patriarchy, equality and masculinity these days.

    Seems to me it’s a hell of a lot more important to focus on character issues — as in, “What kind of man are you — what character traits do you display?” To me, the structures are secondary — but they’re not irrelevant, either. For example, if it’s common for patriarchal societies to enslave people, then those structures should be examined and maybe changed or discarded. IMHO.

  7. Em says:

    bob1, without a focus on character, nothing else matters
    BUT. 😇
    God has the final word on what defines character – exploiters and bullies among other traits, are NOT people of good character.

  8. bob1 says:


    I agree. Hard to argue with those assertions!

  9. MM says:

    We are all racist to some degree or another and to deny that isn’t racist at all, it’s either ignorance or a refusal see.

    However being racist does not necessarily mean it’s about the color of ones skin.

    There is something in us which can only be seen when we take an active pause and look.

    Here’s a great link about what is going on these days:

    “That human beings start out crooked and prone to sin means we require strong social institutions meant to form us, and that we cannot thrive in their absence. ”

  10. bob1 says:


    Thanks for sharing this article. AEI is an old con and neocon think tank that’s been around for a long time.

    Question for you: do you believe that this POV is completely compatible with Xnity?

  11. Em says:

    “That human beings… start out prone to sin….. [DOES] require strong social institutions….” Yes, we, as a nation/ society, cannot THRIVE without them…. BUT……
    Who gets to form and support those standard bearers?
    Some among us would make very poor, (maybe bad even from what i see), choices
    Oh, Lord Jesus, we need YOU ! ! !

  12. MM says:

    To be honest Bob1 I really don’t know.

    When I asked the question how the races evolved, since there appears to originally be only one human race, I was taught decades ago the answer lies in anthropological study.

    Basically people group with others they either like to be around or are forced to be around. As humans moved about the world and became isolated as groups those traits which were preferred became dominant. Some teach the weather or climate was a deciding evolutionary factor of which traits remained, however that theory really doesn’t hold scientific scrutiny.

    These days we, or we used to, have access to many people groups and the homogenization of human traits is happening. However racism is really about not wanting our neighbor to disturb our equilibrium and resources. It is truly inherent in all of us and thus the command to “love our neighbor…” comes down from God.

    Original question, I don’t know how compatible anything really is.

    My best answer and discussion, thank you for asking.

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