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  1. LInn says:

    Flawed heroes…I remember when I found out 25 years ago that one of my favorite contemporary Christian authors had had an affair, and that she was also battling drug addiction. She was my hero-a single woman, serving God in full-time ministry, and i had all her books. It saddened me, but since we still hadn’t hit the days of heavy internet use, I filed it away as “even strong Christians can fail”, and I pretty much forgot about it until she turned up a decade later on my local Christian radio station sharing her story of recovery. I’m not sure she would have had the chance for recovery today. We either declare people beyond repair, or we apply a quick fix and put them right back out in front of the public (more likely, they put themselves back out there). We really need to understand that all believers can fall, and we need to allow time, or insist that there is time, for healing and renewal before our heroes pop back into ministry. In some cases (I am especially thinking of repetitive sexual sin), they probably need to leave the public eye.

  2. Em says:

    Linn @ 11:40
    Right on the money! ! !

  3. Em says:

    Okay, spiritual cats!
    I like Michaels better… He sees the cats’ peccadilloes and knows we can “make applications

  4. Linn says:

    My cat’s spirituality is all about the fact that I am in inferior creature. After all the, the Egyptians treated her ancestors as “gods.” I am only good for scooping litter, opening cans, and having a warm lap. And, I am her loyal quisling.

  5. prodinov says:

    No One has used Cats to express the Gospel as well as Michael. His stories and observations deserve much more of a wider audience. It speaks to ALL!

  6. Mike E. says:

    I agree Prodinov…I think we need as a blog family to expose Michael’s work more. What could we do? I’ve recommended them on social media accounts. I think I’ll just keep doing it. Lots of cat lovers out there, and lots of folks whose should need what Michael’s meowing. I mean writing. 🙂

  7. Mike E. says:

    ***should read, lots of folks whose SOULS need….”

  8. UnCCed says:

    Would love to have the professor (Duane) share his research on the following, but I’ve accidentally (seriously) become an amateur historian (probably acquired at least a BA). While I’ve dabbled in European history, my fav areas are American and Church history.
    My “thesis” I’ve noticed (the part I’d love to read a book focused on),
    1) all through history the “great” men were equally riddled with flaws and many struggled with depression-read David’s thoughts literally, I dare you.
    2) These men had a healthy fear or at least familiarity with how bat-sh!!! Crazy people are, again, read Biblical authors thoughts, and my favorites are the US founders.
    *As a side note: They didn’t need a pandemic for people to turn on each other, and if you just read what Jesus/NT writers wrote about this and “the last days,” well, we’ve been in the last days for 2k years!

  9. Mike E. says:

    UnCCed–I agree. I’d argue it’s really quite simple. Sin. The human condition. That’s the post.

  10. Em says:

    Ahh, sin/rebellion….
    It seems fashionable these days to believe in life after death, but not as described to us in God’s Book….

  11. Muff Potter says:

    @Linn re: Flawed Heroes:
    Over the years I’ve learned to believe in myself, and do the best I can with what God has given me.
    But yeah, the dream gets sullied when you (generic you) find out that your ‘heroes’ have feet of clay.
    As an ex-fundagelical, I know it well.

  12. Muff Potter says:

    @ Mike E:
    Which sins are we talking about?
    And is really that simple?

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