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  1. Dave Ramsey seems like a control freak.

  2. Steve says:

    I like the Anglicanism article. Makes we want to check them out more.

  3. Em says:

    I don’t think “purity culture” harms women, but, perhaps, those who have no appreciation of God’s mercy and grace use it as a weapon? Dunno

  4. Muff Potter says:

    Ramsey needs to get a life.

  5. DH says:

    Ramsey has been getting Rich.

  6. The New Victor says:

    Most large companies have ethics policies, though forbidding fornication doesn’t fall under a secular world-view. These people voluntarily chose to work for Ramsey Solutions. DRS might lose this case, but what’s much different than with more secular companies?

    An old (old) VP at my former company married an admin under him. He was crusty, she was at least 20 years younger and good looking. He was a multi-millionaire, so they both got what they desired. My current company has a ethics hotline and we’re told to report anyone of any rank if we see something. The heir apparent COO to CEO was fired over ethics violations (golden parachute, at least $10M, not including equity). The board kept that tight. No one below knows why but even directors were saying, “why didn’t they vet better?”

    Bottom line, you sign a contract, abide by it or work elsewhere.

  7. Brian says:

    I have an honest question would it through U for a loop if your planned long term living situation changed in one day? Mine did and I am so terribly ashamed that I had needs and even was tempted to reach out and ask for help. I was able to avoid the embarrassment and humiliation I would feel and was able to arrange for a new home, finish a deal on my coach, get about 140K more for it than its worth, went through 4 generations of pictures and memorabilia along with furniture, batteries, light bulbs etc. Being the pathetic “liberal” I am I take toxic waste disposal seriously. Moving is stressful and I understand that is weakness on my part or at least that is what is often what I am told about me.

    My new rent doubled but I have adjusted even leaving room to still give to folks, something I find great joy in but also humiliation and where I often get disgusted with myself. Another gift from evangelicalism. I still cling to the cross to my shame as I should play the soulless apostate but I cant seem to want to do that to my shame. I got most of that done in about two weeks. My point for bringing it up, U see I want to thank God so much for His provisions but I cant seeing I dont know him, or at least that is what the tapes in my head keep telling me. Why is wanting peace with God seen as the unpardonable sin? I still hope, I always will hope in Him with the words of eternal life. Why does that make me so evil?

  8. Nathan Priddis says:

    I definitely believe a woman is entitled to certain protections under the Family and Medical Leave Act and Pregnancy Protection Act. I think she has a case.

    The fact the employee made a statement via email, was not a wise move. If Ramsey Solutions can show they are an equal opportunity sex firing employer, that works against her. But I think the claim is valid nonetheless.

    Ultimately, pregnancies are not a permanent condition, therefore the legal protections are likewise. Ramsey Solutions would be in a state of righteous obsession till she was fired. RS would have successfully carried out the righteous termination, but it simply needed to happen in accordance with the law. There’s more then one way to skin a cat.

  9. Dread says:

    Going to give K B Hoyle a look.

  10. Em says:

    Brian! Just say, “Thank you, God. Wherever you are today!” Omnipresence is hard to get our minds around. …
    His sheep? Wouldn’t surprise me to learn you’re one of them.
    Remember the Scripture that says, “Lord, i believe … Help my unbelief!”
    Eternal Truths ARE tough for us mortals to grasp
    God keep

  11. BrideofChrist says:

    I am very confused after reading the first article about the Virgin Mary appearing as an ” apparition “. I don’t understand it. Like the children in the article, the whole idea of it frightens me. Where in the Bible does it say that Saints come back to earth as “apparitions”? I find it very disturbing. I don’t want to be judging any other Christian faith tradition – but what exactly is this article even describing?

  12. Michael says:

    “Where in the Bible does it say that Saints come back to earth as “apparitions””

    Same place it talks about planes, trains, automobiles, and antibiotics.

    It does speak of other supernatural phenomena that have not been replicated since.

    Marian apparitions are a part of multiple Christian faith traditions.

    I’m a little skeptical, but they seem to help the faith of those who believe in them.

  13. BrideofChrist says:

    Michael, I guess I learned something new today! That’s why I read all of the articles. Thank you for your response.

  14. BrideofChrist says:

    I also read the article ” Purity Culture Hurts Women”. I have noticed a few articles posting up in the secular news lately linking Southern Baptist “Purity Culture” to the recent mass murders in the massage parlours. I didn’t become a Christian or go to church until I was twenty years old, so the “Purity Culture” directed at teens was not something I was exposed to. My niece wears a purity ring that her father gave her at a Father and Daughter Banquet hosted by her Private Christian high school. It sounds quite sweet, but I am now wondering if teenaged boys went to Mother and Son Purity banquets and also were given “Purity rings” by their mothers. I don’t remember my nephew ( her brother) being given one, but he was home schooled and it’s possible that is why. Does anyone know more about purity rings and promises and who gives and receives them in so-called “purity culture” aimed at teens in today’s Christian churches? My children are 36 and 33 and married so I think they missed the “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” craze in the church . As a Christian parent I refused to let my two very beautiful daughters date at all until they were 16 years old, but all of my Calvary Chapel friend’s allowed their 14 and 15 year-old children to have boyfriends and girlfriends ( all of the children at the Calvary Chapel Church school were dating). I didn’t approve of that ; it seemed much too irresponsible. My kids went to public high school and they were forbidden to date until they turned 16 years old! I was the conservative parent compared to them – such irony.

  15. Em says:

    I cannot see the need for contact with Mary… I do hope to meet and thank her in Eternity, but……
    Nor can i understand the need for a go between. Isn’t that the assignment of God the Son and the Holy Spirit?

  16. Muff Potter says:

    Pineapple Head wrote:
    “Dave Ramsey seems like a control freak.”
    Well, when you believe and teach that God is a control freak, what’s the natural behavioral outcome in the believer’s life gonna’ be?

  17. The New Victor says:

    My protestant, gringo mind can’t wrap itself around Marian apparitions. I agree it helps faith, but I can’t comprehend that faith. The virgins of Fatima and Guadalupe (the latter a patron saint of Mexico) seem to be different though they’re the same? They don’t call them Maria. It’s a title. The title seems to me to be a nexus point of identification.

    The Pixar movie Coco was lauded by acknowledging a different culture. From a secular POV, great, but it contained zero Christianity, RCC or otherwise. ZERO. I was disappointed yet not surprised. I watched it with my kids after they said how much they liked it. The other side of the family (on my side, it’s just me now, and I’m not ignorant of that inertia) has offrendas. The kids wanted to put up an offrenda to our recently dead chihuahua. No. That didn’t happen.

    Though when Mormon missionaries stopped us on the street when I was walking our living dog last month, my D8 correctly identified Jesus and his mission to earth that satisfied them enough to let us go on our way. I like to think it’s me doing something right, but I’ll attribute that to God.

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