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  1. Em says:

    With the sorrows here over companion animal loss, i had to read the God’s plan for them article… As i read i recalled that my pastor/farmer grandfather wouldn’t even eat breakfast or supper until his horses and cows were fed… He strongly believed that we were stewards of the animal kingdom…
    The ones that served mankind in so many ways

  2. bob1 says:

    Death threas to the professor at Wheaton?

    Nauseating. Disgusting.

  3. CM says:


    Color me not surprised. So many so-called “Christians” have drank the anti-vaxxer, Qanon, conspiracy Kool-Aid, someone really should have all of them meet up in a South American country and pass out the cups.

    Same sort of cult mentality that got a US Congressman killed down there shortly before they all drank the Guyana punch.

  4. CM says:


    In fact, rather than killing this professor perhaps those nutjobs should not take any vaccines at all and with luck expire earlier and save us the trouble.

  5. Nathan Priddis says:

    Just saw Josh Duggar is busted. I feel sorry for him. I also have a Gothard segment of my life. Gothardism was profoundly harmful for young boys. Hyper-sexual, but always concealed behind eufamisms. Despite the aura of wisdom, Gothardism is a juvenile mindset. Forever stunted in junior high or early high school, I believe Gothard effectively lived his life vicariously, through his movement and educational materials. He lived his teenage fantasy through us.

    My suspicion is the charges will not be sexual in nature, but I don’t think JD ever reached escape velocity to leave Gothardism behind. I look at Gothard as some un-dead specter from the crypt.

  6. CM says:


    Since Federal LEOs were involved, I can only surmise the charges are something regarding children and minors (especially across state lines). And there is NO Mike Huckabee as Governor to save his a*s (and the Dugger tribe’s image) like an earlier time.

    Josh Dugger should be glad Chris Hansen doesn’t have his show anymore.

  7. Em says:

    Morality in all its aspects is better lived than preached….
    Yet it must be exampled anf taught….. ? ? ?

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