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  1. Duane Arnold says:


    Grief is indeed the price we pay for love…

  2. Michael says:

    It’s worth it…

  3. Dan from Georgia says:


    Prayers for you. We love our pets much and some don’t understand, and some go further and criticize/condemn. They may not like pets and that is their choice, but since they don’t understand, they shouldn’t criticize/condemn either.

    Yes, Miss Kitty is in the best hands possible. And triple AMEN to #5 especially.

    Peace of Christ to you.

  4. Michael says:

    Thank you, Dan.
    We grieve, but not as those without hope.
    It baffles me why some would want to steal that hope in pursuit of doctrinal purity…

  5. filbertz says:

    Saddened for you that Ms. Kitty has passed. She was a subversive conveyor of wisdom, circumventing your books, debates, and doctrinal constructs to impart practical theology literally on your lap & in your face. We are all the richer for her.

    regarding #4–our unwillingness to open ourselves to love, grief, and pain is a self-imposed sentence to isolation, shallowness, and imagination. The life of love is risky, untidy, unpredictable, and so worth it.

  6. Michael says:

    Thank you, fil…she was a lovely teacher indeed.

  7. Cathy Andrews says:

    I am grieving with you, and agree that those who do not get it, may not ever get faith and hope. Miss Kitty was a great asset to your ministry and to my life as well…you and she will share in your rewards with Jesus, her reward is that she will be there to greet you…I am so very sorry for your loss, I hope that Smokey can bring you some measure of peace in this time…

  8. Michael says:

    Smokey came inside for the first time in months this morning…

  9. Dan from Georgia says:

    Well put filbertz re: Michael’s thought 4. This is something that REALLY irked me when I read Joshua Harris’ “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” (Joshua Harris left the faith a year or two ago btw). This thought that courtship will prevent the pain in dating. Sorry folks, but life has pain if you allow yourself to be in any kind of close relationship. Joshua did realize that his book did lots of harm to many single’s, and asked the publisher to no longer print the book.

    You love much, you suffer much. To avoid love and suffering is antithetical the our faith. Joshua was young and naive when he wrote the book, and unfortunately the damage from his book continues as many singles still won’t date because they are afraid of making mistakes and experiencing pain.

    /off soapbox.

  10. Michael says:


    Someone smarter than me once said that avoiding pain is the cause of most sin…

  11. Dan from Georgia says:


    Very insightful comment, and a heavy amen.

  12. josh hamrick says:

    Sorry to hear this, man. May God be with you through all this.

  13. Michael says:

    Thank you, Josh.
    He’s here…

  14. Em says:

    #9 – i think God said, “Don’t worry, Michael. I will.”
    You take care now even though this separation hurts!

  15. Michael says:

    Thanks, Em…
    What happened with your daughters kitty?

  16. Em says:

    She didn’t have the strength to pull the plug yesterday, Michael. But, if the little creature continues to lose weight even though she eats wel, then we have to face the inevitable – she is a very old rescue cat…. The vet had to give the poor creature a rabies shot – said it was a State law….
    The other rescue cat, Higgens, is also showing signs of being at the his string. Sad story, a family had to sell their home to pay medical bills and couldn’t find a rental allowing cats, so they left them with the Wenatchee no kill shelter.
    When you’ve recovered, i suspect another kitty will come into your life. .. They’re out there as you know..

  17. Michael says:

    My prayers will be with your daughter and her fur friends.
    Miss Kitty was was down to just fur and bones…kidney failure and age.
    I could have kept her alive for a little while longer , but her quality of life would have been miserable.
    She would have had to spend three days at the clinic getting constant fluids and the doctor didn’t think she would survive the separation.
    If she did then she would need IV fluids twice a day, but die anyway.
    I am so thankful that our vet allowed me to be inside with her the whole time…they make everyone wait outside because of Covid.
    I looked for every excuse to take her home…but it was time to end her suffering and begin my own.
    She was worth it.

  18. Kevin H says:

    Michael, I’m never good with words in such situations. I am so sorry for your loss and grief but glad that you can also find hope and appreciate the joy that Miss Kitty brought to your life and that we were able to experience vicariously.

  19. Michael says:

    Thank you my friend.
    I have great hope…my only hope…and I know our Redeemer lives…

  20. Em says:

    Michael, if you are correct i have a wirehair terrier waiting who loved to chase cats… never caught one, but be on guard Miss Kitty…..

  21. JD says:

    Luke 2:35 ”and a sword will pierce your own soul—to the end that thoughts from many hearts may be revealed.”

  22. brian says:

    I had a cat after my mother passed, it was a real blessing to her and then to me. I have to admit, partly b/c of my understanding of the evangelical faith that was beyond pathetic at best and most likely disgusting as a man being attached to a cat. At times in some faith communities that applied to “Earthly” family as well. Among a few it applied with a deep eternal passion. They literally loathed their biological families. I use to think it was b/c of some type of horrid abuse but not, it was because of the family member not liking being told they were wretched POS that God wants to kill unless they join the franchise or sub-franchise.

    Well this cat worked her magic on me, to my shame, I became attached to her deeply. I still berate myself over that given just how angry such emotions make God, or at least that is what I had drilled into my head. Men of God dont act like that. Of course I dont believe that but I am a spiritual neophyte at best. Well she became infested with flees and I tried to give her a bath and she got really tense and it caused her to have a stroke. I murdered the one living memory of my mother. I disgust myself, still do. The vet and a few others tried to comfort me telling me she was already over 15 years old and the flees would have killed her along with the other issues. I dont allow myself to receive comfort of any kind, EVER. Another gift of the evangelical religion.

    My mobile home park sold and due to a misunderstanding about the deed on my part. So I lost my replacement housing and had to move. I went from having a place to live and a secure future housing to having nothing in a day. So in a week I arranged for a place to live, started clearikng out 70+ years of junk, memories, sadness and hope. It took me about three weeks to get all my ducks in a row with absolutely no help from anyone, (another gift from the evangelical religion). But as the date approached I needed help to move. I can move things up to about 150 LBS by myself, I mean I it kills me but I can and have. so out of desperation I hired some folks to help, paying people makes it ok to get help but barely.

    I emptied out five rooms of furniture etc and cleaned the house on my own but the day of the move I sinned, I asked a family to help me and they came over and did. I had them pray for me ( was was sick to my stomach for days after that). It horrified me I leaned. But the move went perfect, got a nice duplex. Even though I am an emotional POS I am also practical when it comes to money. I was able to negotiate twice what it was worth to just go away and not raise the stink I am noted for being able to do. At least that is what a few folks told me.

    I think the company was just being a bit merciful and practical. So I go over to the closing today and the guy who dismantles the units was already in the drive way ready to take apart my house even before closing. I lost it, I mean I did not swear and the man felt horrible because he made a mistake and he could have gotten in a great deal of trouble, but being the spiritual degenerate I am I forgave him and said you are just human. I disgust myself at times. Then the lady who closes the house came over and I just told her how I felt. I shared with her many things I normally dont and she was ready to cry but I said its not your fault and started to comfort her. Again a moral, spiritual and human failing on my part.

    Then the escrow folks messed up and I did not get the check when I should have and I forgave them to. I even called back and apologized for being a bit frustrated with the escrow person. I even shared a bit about the Lord etc. I am sure I sinned somewhere in there. Anyway it closes tomorrow. I called my nephew the one I helped raise one of the highest honors of my life. We talked about memories and he confirmed all the memories I had I always think I make stuff up and even mentioned it was far worse. He always found be a strong person. I disagree with him on that with a deep passion.

    Its sad but I never grieve, it was so despised in the fellowships I was in. I love the new home I am in, even though it is not permanent it is wonderful. I actually dont want a permanent place on this side of eternity. Oh during all this my sight went south, I struggled with this stupid dyslexia and had to sort of teach myself to read again, long story. I dont say these things to brag I truly dont I find them all personal weaknesses about me I am ashamed of often. Much of the phrases I use are the internal dialog I feel/think as I work through the memories and frustrations I have/had.

    God is always faithful even to one like me.

  23. DH says:

    I’m glad things worked out brian.

  24. DH says:

    I give thanks to my Lord for giving me the gift of Miss Kitty…what a joy she was to me…and will be again…

    I agree…

  25. bob1 says:


    I think you’re an amazing guy with a very colorful inner life!

    I always enjoy your posts.

    Like DH, really glad things are working out.

  26. Linnea says:

    Michael @ 9:17am…that is profound and worthy of much pondering.

  27. Muff Potter says:

    Thank you for this Michael.
    I fear death greatly.
    I don’t have an absolute certainty of a better resurrection, I can only hope that it’s true.

  28. Em says:

    Muff, FWIW, try to concentrate on the 3rd chapter of the book of John…… 🙏
    This is a worthy God… IMHO

  29. Em says:

    Also, at age 85, i don’t like to think of crossing over but i just have to trust that God WILL handle it just fine.
    I just came in from rehanging the gate into the horse paddock and, boy, do i feel mortal ! ! !

  30. Muff Potter says:

    Thanks Em.

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