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  1. EricL says:

    Donald Trump(et)… hmm, I guess God could speak through him. It wouldn’t be the first time God used an____. Why do Christian leaders get so enamored with politics and politicians? I don’t think our Lord is.

  2. Jim says:

    Great links today. The 5th PP video brought me to tears. God forgive us.

  3. Michael says:

    EricL…I had to edit my original link title…it sounded much like your observation. πŸ™‚

    Thanks, JJ!

  4. “Why do Christian leaders get so enamored with politics and politicians? I don’t think our Lord is.”

    I think our Lord is most enamored with those who live their faith in secret, which is why He said Our Heavenly Father hears and sees in secret and rewards in the same way.

  5. Ryan Ashton says:

    I am losing more and more respect for John Piper with every video of his defending the indefensible.

  6. Dan from Georgia says:

    Umm..Charisma…What. A. Joke. What is worse is the many people who take it seriously. The first comment I read under the article asked “Is this the Onion?” Best comment.

  7. Jim says:

    “I was in a time of prayer several weeks ago when God began to speak to me concerning the destiny of Donald Trump in America….”

    Um, no He didn’t.

  8. Rob Murphy says:

    Does anyone else remember that Archie Bunker was the one that paid for Meathead’s surgery when he had appendicitis? Or that Archie is the one who sat and cried with Gloria when she had her miscarriage? That he loved Edith? That he truly loved his commie pinko son in law and his precious Gloria?

    I think when inventorying, it’s fair to include things that also happened.

    And it’s neat that I can help BE the Archie that iMonk referred to …. I guess I must’ve always wanted to be the Bogey Man.

  9. The Dude says:

    I think Russel Moore is on the right track.He seems to have clear eye on things.

  10. Michael says:

    I like Moores writings a lot…

  11. Tim - Doulos says:

    After prayer, research, and consensus with our board of elders, we made the decision to cease our financial support of GFA. I made the phone call to the GFA offices today & just put the information out to our congregation.

    What may be most sobering about the whole thing is that when I spoke to the GFA representative over the phone, she didn’t sound surprised in the slightest. If I were to infer anything from her tone of voice, it would seem we aren’t the only church who’s cancelling.

  12. Surfer51 says:

    Ok I agree with you about the Trump prophet thing being off.

    I still won’t rule out prophets given to the Church by God as mentioned in the New Testament.

  13. Michael says:


    Thank you for standing up and doing so publicly.
    My guess is that you’re right about the calls they’re getting…

  14. Kevin H says:


    Ironically, I just did the exact same thing a couple hours ago and had the exact same impression of the person taking my call. He certainly wasn’t surprised at all and was very cheerful through the entire call. He didn’t even make a hint of an effort to try to convince me to keep supporting GFA. Makes me wonder if some of these staffers who are taking these calls are almost hoping that donors keep calling in to cancel as they may see the apparent corruption much more closely from the inside and are inwardly hoping that GFA loses support.

  15. Kevin H says:

    Just as a clarification to my previous comment, the end of support was just my wife’s and I personal support. It was not in conjunction with my church, as I am obviously in a completely different position than Tim.

  16. Michael says:

    Kevin H,

    Thank you for the work you’re done on this story…great stuff!

  17. Tim - Doulos says:

    Kevin –
    The staff member I spoke to was extremely cordial, but not cheerful. She did offer to put me through to someone in leadership, which I declined. She didn’t press the issue, and she kept on being very polite though perhaps saddened.

    I feel bad for them & especially for the indigenous pastors overseas. They’re caught in the middle of all of this mess.

    Michael –
    I have to admit, I hesitated putting it out there publicly. But I figured we supported them publicly for so long (almost since the founding of our church), that people needed to know. I’ll make a more formal announcement on Wednesday & Sunday to the congregation, but I figured those who are part of our prayer group could be informed immediately.

  18. Michael says:


    I respect that immensely.
    Those who have given deserve to know and should be heartened to know that you are being a good steward of what has been given.

  19. Kevin H says:


    My guy was definitely cheerful throughout the entirety of the call. That caught me quite by surprise. The fact that I encountered no resistance whatsoever also surprised me as I was expecting at least something in this regards. I also was given the opportunity to speak to someone in leadership (which I guess was the closest thing to resistance that happened in the conversation). I also declined the offer and explained that I had previously spoken to someone in leadership and was not satisfied by the conversation.

    I do also feel bad about a lot of the staff members who are innocently stuck in the middle of all this. Hopefully, some good does come of it and GFA starts repenting where they need to and start making some significant reforms. I am pretty much at the point where it is hard to fathom that GFA wouldn’t be in need to do these things.

  20. Em says:

    Queen Esther, et al – it is strange that people today blame the Faith for the O.T. stories that involve women… Queen Esther was functioning wisely and, i think, honorably in the society of her day and the story of Lot’s daughters is not portrayed as justifiable, but rather shows that his family had absorbed the mind set of their community to the point of compromising what they knew to be right… just like today? maybe?

  21. Kevin H says:


    Thanks for your continued encouragement on the GFA story.

    Maybe next time, I can write about a more happy story. Something like former Oregonian Chip Kelly leading the Eagles to a Super Bowl victory. πŸ™‚

    And of course, that would mean the Eagles beat the Cowboys along the way. Maybe the Cowboys are the next organization that Tim should stop supporting. πŸ™‚

  22. Michael says:

    Kevin H,

    I think you should write for us regularly on whatever topic you choose…

  23. Kevin H says:

    What if I were to write about dogs? πŸ™‚

  24. Michael says:

    That’s ok.
    I keep getting email from people who wish I had one instead of a cat. πŸ™‚

  25. Em says:

    and BTW… some good men were really sorely mistreated back then, also … Joseph and his brothers … most of the prophets … women today do have a reason to gripe, but many men do too … living by our old sin natures does a lot of collateral damage

  26. Kevin H says:

    Actually, I probably wouldn’t be very good with the parable thing as that isn’t my strength. I like dogs, but I’ve got only one and he is dumb, annoying, and poorly behaved. I’d have to send you some of the stories about him for you to spin into parables. πŸ™‚ Of course, being that this dog is so bad, it’ll probably make his master ended looking bad. πŸ™‚

    So how do write a parable about a dog who has been sprayed by the skunk at least six times and would still sprint right after that skunk with all his might the next time he sees him? πŸ™‚

  27. Tim - Doulos says:

    “Maybe the Cowboys are the next organization that Tim should stop supporting.”

    I’d have to support them in the first place. πŸ˜‰

    Despite living my whole life in Texas, I’ve never been much of a football fan. The sports I follow now (track, marathoning, triathlons) are only found on the last page of the sports section, if at all. I used to love watching hockey, but I just haven’t had the opportunity these last many years.

    Cowboys, schmowboys…

  28. Kevin H says:

    Well good for you Tim. You’re already avoiding that evil organization. πŸ™‚ I was just making assumptions based on your proximity.

  29. Rob Murphy says:

    The Esther story overlooks the failure of her own family and fathers. When your people are set free, go be free and get ye back to the land of promise. God raises Cyrus and under 50k of God’s chosen people take God up on His miracle. Ugh.

    There’s a great many Dads in the Bible who just suck at being Dads – even though it’s great that Mordecai stepped in to parent Esther, they never should have been there. Should’ve taken the hardships of the trip back to Jerusalem. Even a rough road trip is better than a lifetime as a concubine. Many parents put their kids in harm’s way because they won’t obey God and take what He provides.
    I have a real burr in my saddle for dirtbag Dads o’ the Bible. Looking at you, Laban. And Abigail’s Dad. How do you give your daughter the name “Her Father’s Joy” and marry her off to Nabal?
    As a father to two daughters, I’ve made careful study of bad Dads in the Bible and I hate it when a husband throws away a perfectly wonderful wife – although I admit that this pastor’s perspective is rare (ba da bump) – and when I see Dad’s breaking their daughter’s heart.

  30. Josh the Baptist says:

    Jim at 7 – My thoughts exactly.

  31. Babylon's Dread says:

    Piper is hard to listen to, it is so melodramatic. I just want him to stop and talk like a regular person. He is parsing the matter in generous and cautious ways. Watching him compare the fall of Driscoll to the loss of North Africa to Islam is just more mustard on the hot dog.

    His last two minutes almost redeemed the segment for me but the dramatic style is just too much.

  32. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    Part of the trouble with Piper is sixteen years of presenting catastrophes like collapsing bridges and natural disasters that actually harm people as warnings from God or “gentle warnings” on the one hand, while the victory-for-Satan stuff gets trotted out when Mark resigns.

  33. passin throgh says:

    Yeah, Charisma.

    What a steaming pile of horse manure.

    And that’s being kind!

  34. Em says:

    the thing about Archie Bunker was that half of what he said was true…
    my late MIL was disliked by my mother and much of my family because she spoke like a female Archie B. trouble is more than half of what she said was true – she took to heart the call to witness to every living creature, i think… i used to wince, but today i’m not so sure that she was wrong – she didn’t drive anyone away from Christ that wasn’t already there – she was who she was, take it or leave it and she was a good and honest person…
    she didn’t bring anyone to Christ that i know of – her seeds were planted with a pick-ax, but they were planted for time to do its work, perhaps?

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