Mars Hill Cancels Resurgence Conference

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8 Responses

  1. Michael says:


    It’s a good piece by Grady.
    I’ll write on this tomorrow and explain why it really isn’t as bad a scenario for Driscoll as people want to think…

  2. Babylon's Dread says:

    What do people think that Driscoll will repent of? His teaching? Not on your life, he is convinced and convicted that he is very right. His authoritarian demands? Well the church is structured in an authoritarian style. They make demands on members in both entry and exit They challenge those who dissent. They discipline members. They are very proud of their courageous standards. Will he repent of his boldness to take on any subject? That is his appeal. He ‘tells it like it is.’ And he says what people think but won’t say and don’t imagine hearing a preacher say. Will he repent of his bravado? Ah, he might just repent of a style that is exaggerated and overbearing. If he pulls it off he will get style and substance points.

    Right now the matter is truth shaping. If he regains the narrative all is well. I have seen a belly full of truth shaping. I don’t know where this goes. I know my own ongoing stance in favor of restoration matters in how I approach it. But of course restoration assumes a need.

  3. brian says:

    There is only one reason whatsoever this is happening, it is not divine intervention, repentance, searching, justice etc. Pastor Driscoll cannot maintain his market share and the revenue stream is fluctuating, that sin will never be forgiven, ever, no matter what. Ever.

  4. Neo says:

    Wow,Brian. Incredible analysis. You’re right on.

  5. Babylon's Dread says:

    The bus has to have fuel.

  6. brian says:

    Just to point out, there are two churches, there is the American Church then there is the Church of Jesus Christ. The two intersect quite abit and at times are hard to tell the difference. But the fruits can tell them apart, the problem is the American religion actually has some real power, number one is pragmatism and utilitarianism these are sacraments of this religion. It does produce results, grows a church, increases income for those at the top of the pyramid (this is a key area of efficiency) and they gain political power, another holy gift. The church of Jesus struggles with the downtrodden, in their hope to help many they sometimes slip into the American Religion and its doctrines and they forget their Lord that bought them with a price that is more precious than Gold.

    Now there are the blatant hucksters that stand out like neon pink boots at night, but others like pastor Mark start out on the path leading to the Church of Jesus but get caught up in the method and mechanism and forget the eventual goal, making it to the celestial city of Christ. Some see this conflict, others sort of get a hint of it and others are totally unaware. There is hope as the weakness in Christ is far more powerful than the shabby shallow pragmatism and methodologies of the corporation. The corporation cannot raise people from the dead, it cannot give a wounded sinner a new heart, a heart of flesh, all it can do is hide behind the noise. But in the quiet of the still small voice, the Church of Christ will echo in the human heart.

  7. Linda Pappas says:

    Brian, @ comment 7:

    Very well done – the CHURCH vs. the church. It is truly about the heart, isn’t it. True repentance and obedience makes all the difference in its ability to bear the fruits that evidence such a change. Not doctrine, traditions, or even works done out of obligation, habit, or ritual. But that which comes because to do anything other than what He would have done or have us to do as given to each individual having the Holy Spirit to enable, to equip and to empower, they do because anything else is simply not an option, as to be in Him is truly to be alive in the body is death and to be home with the Lord is gain.

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