More Problems For Gospel For Asia

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  1. ChainsBroken2x says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that GFA is late with their financials for 2014.

    As a recent former leader at GFA I was disturbed to learn in 2014 that no monies were transferred to the mission field until the last 4 or 5 weeks of the year in 2014. I am not aware that any donors were ever notified that their pledges were not being sent to the field and yet on GFA’s sponsorship cards it clearly implies that the gifts for the children and missionaries are needed right away.

    I asked why the delay and the impression I got from what I was told was that the “new” government in India was making it difficult for all NGO’s to get money into India.
    My understanding from the meetings I sat in was that the Indian government was taxing these money transfers much heavier than normal so GFA was trying to find other ways to get $ to the country. That is why I believed we were having groups take money in envelopes of allegedly $4,500 per person.

    I was told personally by KP that it was perfectly legal. It was as if the money belonged to me personally and that as long as it was under $5,000 it was legal. He said I could do what I wanted with it (but obviously the expectation was to give it to HQ in Kerala) where I was told personally by KP that I would get a receipt. I asked for that receipt more than once but was never given a receipt. I was told one exists but have actually never seen it.

    Nothing surprises me anymore about what is being reported about financial issues at GFA. KP often said at prayer meetings and staff meetings that if the tree is bad the fruit will be bad. It has become painfully obvious that the old growth trees in the GFA forest have become rotten and nothing but rotten fruit is now being produced. The bulk of key staff have seen the light and I believe the count of exiting staff in 2015 is above 60 now (and more leaving Lord willing).

    Those of you who are commenting like you know intimately how wonderful GFA is have no standing unless you lived, served and did life along side KP and these other few disciples leaders of his (yes-I said KP disciples not the Lord’s). Even guys like Francis Chan and Greg Gordon who may think they know KP from his writings can not say they truly know him because they have not done life with him. Just because you hear a few emotion laden messages from a speaker with lots of charisma and read a few books that move you does not mean you know that person at all.

    My experience over the last several years exposed a man who increased in desire for power and has become obsessed with ROI (return on investment) in every aspect of the organization. He applies that same ROI on staff. That is why the ones that he deemed most valuable for fund-raising he simply paid instead of there needing to be “a call” to serve and raise support like most of the staff at GFA. As recent as 3 months ago his most valuable fund raising leader had not raised a cent towards support and was even able to bring a relative along for the ride.

    Please don’t get me wrong. The bulk of the staff remaining at GFA and those that have left are all godly people that have good hearts and I am close friends with many of them. But the few top leaders at GFA through time have developed a style of manipulation, control and deceit that has taken most of the life out of the ministry.
    Many of the remaining staff feel that the Holy Spirit is grieved to a point of being absent.
    No genuine life remain in the prayer meetings which GFA brags is the core of their ministry.
    They have been artificial for in my opinion 4 or more years.

    They are more in interested in streaming what many staff have considered promotional performances to gain $$$$, new sponsors, recruit volunteers and hope they snag a million dollar donor from Singapore. KP said that seemed to be an untapped area with lots of $$.

    My understanding now is that KP said they will do like the apostle Paul and will comment about nothing anymore.
    They will not change their culture for a few people.
    Its also my understanding that they will now begin to hire staff instead of requiring support raising.

    I wonder how that will go over with the few remaining staff that are not subsidized by donors money that is given to the “where most needed” account.

    KP equates any staff that don’t believe his ways as rebellious and there is no room for discussion. I was there when in numerous meetings about how to handle the Diaspora group and at first I believed real attempts at reconciliation, forgiveness and repentance were going to be made (it was desperately needed especially for the current staff at the time because most were suffering under the same spiritual abuses that the Diaspora had experienced) but I soon realized KP’s pride and arrogance had taken over and he had no intentions at all to change.

    No one was going to usurp any of his authority. That by the way was the key concern of KP-that no leader ever usurp his authority or even remotely look like we were. He leads by instilling fear and the feeling of not measuring up spiritually. He would tell coordinators including me that “the house of Potiphar was blessed because of Joseph”. The implication of his message to each of us was that we our departments (the $$$$ producers) were not bringing in the funds because the department leaders were not spiritual enough. The ironic thing is that he is the President, Head coach, Pope, but he never once looked in the mirror when he made those decrees. Its high time people started to know the real truth. I’ll be back at a later date I’m sure.

  2. Michael says:

    Thank you very much for your testimony!

  3. Scott says:

    Thank you for adding some paragraphs 😉

  4. No but really... says:

    Just the tip of the rotten iceberg…

  5. ChainsBroken2x says:

    I should clarify that to my knowledge, a large portion of field designated money was not sent to the field in 2014 until the last few weeks of 2014, however it is possible some made it earlier in the year 2014 before the new Indian government was in place.

  6. Kevin H says:


    Thanks for your willingness to speak up. As you probably know more of the inner workings of GFA than anyone else who has spoken so far, we would be wise to consider your words.

    And as I commented over on Throckmorton’s blog, how much more evidence and how many more testimonies and how much longer does this need to go on before mainstream Christian media and the majority of GFA’s supporters (especially the big ones) start putting GFA’s feet to the fire? We know of a few cases of this happening so far. But when is this going to start happening in a major fashion?

  7. Disillusioned says:

    I’m gonna beat this drum again: Calvary Chapel is directly responsible for GFA’s mounds of cash, and they have a duty to call them to account.
    I’m glad to see a few speaking out, but how about putting some pressure on one another to stand as one and demand some answers?
    My family sacrificed to support GFA and it makes me utterly sick to think of how I was manipulated into doing so, not just by the impassioned pleas of the GFA rep, but by our CCSP as well.
    Man up, CC.

  8. Andrew says:


    How do you expect CC to hold GFA when no one is holding CC accountable? Lets get this right.

  9. Disillusioned says:

    Andrew, you are 100% right. That’s why no accountability will come.
    I guess I was kind of throwing down the gauntlet to the CC pastors who read this.

    Anyone?? Bueller??

  10. Grace alone says:

    Godly people never stay in rotten, dirty places.

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