Open Blogging: 06/09/2023

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  1. just a woman in a mad, mad world says:

    I’ve been walking with the Lord for 25 years now. I went from evolution to Calvary Chapel (I guess God wanted me to learn the Word verse by verse… lol). I’ve attended many CC’s in several states at various locations in the country where demographics would be extremely different. I need to say this and I say it not because of a recent event, as there are none, but because I am able now to look back in retrospect and see things objectively. The “Moses Model” of leadership is not a healthy thing, either for the leadership or those being led. It seems to make men weaker in that they run away from difficult responsibility easier. I’ve seen pastors leave their church behind because they bit off more than they could chew financially – and never telling anyone – only to have their CC be taken over by a non-CC that no longer teaches the Word. I’ve seen pastors leave their church because they founded it in a freemason’s home only to be chased away by demonic activity years later. I’ve seen pastors be put into a leadership position that they did not belong in because they were not ready for it, nor had they the strength of character for it, nor did the congretation have the opportunity or choice to have an opinion of it. I’ve seen CC pastors put other men into a leadership role in the church who were narcisstically abusive who did all the damage they could before mysteriously leaving with no explanation and a trail of chaos left behind them. I’ve seen pastors put random men into other leadership roles when they came from non-CC backgrounds and did all the damage they could instilling false doctrine from their original belief systems. I’ve watched dozens of CC pastors preach on the four surface sins (drinking, smoking, cussing, sex) repetitively with absolutely no idea how much they speak of their own idolatry of say, a sports team, or their own gluttony issues of say, wanting to eat everything they can get their hands on. They all practice this unsaid rule of if anyone ever says anything negative – just ignore it, then just ignore them. This Moses Model of leadership also has its effect on women in CCs. They more times than not, lack grit, empathy, and strength of character. They live in their family only bubble. And if you end up a 1 Tim 5:5 widow because you’ve fled evil and put the Lord ahead of your family, well, don’t expect a CC to become that family for you, they will not, no matter where you are in the country or what CC it is. It’s just too difficult for them to see past their family unit set-up, even if your family unit set-up is still biblical. CC has forgotten how Moses was just a man and that he wasn’t the best leader. I wish CC’s had come up with the Jesus Model of leadership instead. But I’ve learned the importance of reading the Word, verse by verse, chapter by chapter, so there’s that. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I just needed to say that, I’ve needed to for a long time. God’s will be done. Thank you for listening.

  2. Michael says:

    just a woman in a mad, mad world,

    I think most folks here would agree with your view of the Moses Model…we’ve written about it for 20 some years now.

    My only question would be why you stay in a church where you are aware of these issues.

  3. just a woman in a mad, mad world says:


    Honestly, because I couldn’t find a church that taught the Word verse by verse that wasn’t a CC. I have now, so I guess I needed closure. May my mistake be a light for other women so they don’t make the same one I did.

  4. Alan says:

    Traveling the nation with my wife for early summer, Missouri, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and New York, 6 churches, 2 schools, 4000 miles, friends old and new same song 51st verse, Jesus is LORD and his love is bigger than our sin, stupidity and stubbornness. Started with a week of rest with more friends. The news at the micro level continues to be hearts and minds, lives and families, love and death. We’ll do table fellowship day after day, breaking bread and remembering whose we are. Have to keep living and believing. Planning to have a lot of those divine appointments that make real life better than cyber stress and conflict.

    Plan to check in from time to time.

    Plan to do a lot of verse by verse… his stories are better than mine unless they intersect… even then but it’s always Him.

  5. Michael says:

    I hope you check in often…have a blessed summer.

  6. Officerhoppy says:

    Come to Southern Oregon. We’ll show you a good time

  7. Captain Kevin says:

    Alan, that sounds wonderful! Blessings to you and your bride.

  8. Michael says:


    There are no safe places left…

  9. Linn says:

    My church has been gradually enhancing security over the past few years. It started with stolen laptops and purses, and graduated to stolen catalytic converters in our parking lot during service. We are near a large homeless encampment and people will just wander through the building. There are now two entrances opened at the front with greeters/security (security does not wear uniforms). Everyone who comes in has a name tag. If you don’t security may ask you a question.

    It has helped and also gained points with the neighbors as security makes sure we don’t have cars in driveways. We do have a homeless outreach and the office gives a grocery card to anyone who asks for food aid the first time they come in (after that we hook them up with community services). We also have a strong presence in the housing project down the street with recreational and tutoring programs, plus staff who live there. So, the friendliness factor is strong.

    Some of our security are ex-cops/military, so I’m sure some are armed, but I’ve never seen a gun. We have one who is trained in mental health/crisis response. I feel like the church has been responsible without turning us into an armed camp, and I feel safer with my little guys on the playground (we had a visit one day from a registered offender. We couldn’t get rid of him until we had security come out and escort him off campus).

  10. Xenia says:

    Our little church is in the middle of a large park where many homeless people camp. We haven’t had too much trouble with those folks, but we have had some mentally ill people come to church and behaving in a very bizarre manner, scaring people. My husband, as the church warden, is the second line of defense (after God) and he’s been known to search their bags for weapons. We have asked crazies to leave but this upsets us because if the Church won’t welcome these people, who will? But our priest’s first job is to protect his flock (that’s us) so when he gruffly asks someone to leave, it’s jarring, but ultimately the right thing.

    Many fit young men have been joining our parish the past year, as is the national trend, and I do feel safe with these guys in the church. You won’t be surprised to hear that the Russian Orthodox Church is not everyone’s favorite, and some parishes have been defaced.

  11. Dan from Georgia says:

    In the article Michael linked to above, The Wondering Eagle writes:

    “Donald Trump has honestly exposed where many people are, and how many are willing to endorse and go along with corruption with abuse.”

    I find this beyond disturbing, but not surprising. Over the last 24 hours over at a Christian news site, a number of posters on the indictment news continued to defend Trump, acting children putting their hands over their ears and going “I’m not listening” while being told the truth. These people I find more concerning that Trump himself. These people have lost all credibility, integrity, and moral voice. To go to such lengths to support a mortal man despite the OVERWHELMING evidence since 2016 and earlier that Trump is not an honorable and honest man, is beyond stunning.

    I have a few Christian friends who are ardent Trump supports who I bet are still holding a candle for him. How much more evidence do you need to see that he is not worthy to be President, let along stand behind him?

    I guess people still want Barabbas.

  12. Michael says:

    ‘I guess people still want Barabbas.”


  13. Officerhoppy says:

    The forever Trump crew will always support Trump. No amount of corruption, illegal activity, or truth will dissuade them.

    He will twist and use the current charges pending against him to his advantage.

    There is none so blind as those who simply won’t see

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