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  1. Paige says:

    I’m sorry if this is redundant news….but I wanted to let the community know that PhxP brother BrianD was injured this week and had spinal surgery yesterday, is in ICU for a week…. keep him in our prayers…..

    Blessings to all.

  2. AA says:

    Praying for BrianD

  3. Michael says:

    BrianD took a lot off my plate for a lot of years…it was a huge loss when he left.

    He held things together here so I could recharge and recuperate.

    We pray a swift and complete recovery for him.

  4. Michael says:

    Just as a side note…thank you to all the people who have served here as moderators over the years.
    I won’t try to name everyone as I would surely leave someone who was valuable out.
    Mornings like this remind me of how blessed I was at one time.
    This blog has not been nearly as good since it became a one man show…

  5. Erunner says:

    I’m so sorry to read about BrianD. Praying he has a full recovery.

  6. Michael says:

    New book about the German death camps…those who think Steven Anderson is credible should read this when they get out of therapy.
    If you think Anderson is credible on anything and you’re not in therapy, please get some help.

  7. London says:

    Sorry to read about BrianD. Hope he recovers quickly.

  8. Erunner says:

    Just watched “Woman In Gold” last night. A true story based on the holocaust that I really enjoyed.

    I stop listening when a person seeks to twist the facts of or to flat out deny the holocaust.

  9. Michael says:

    I don’t just stop listening, I get very angry…because such nonsense is so wrong on so many levels.

    People want to believe the strangest things…

  10. Anne says:

    #10 Michael, that pretty much sums up how I feel about folks who believe there is a God who has ovens of fire in which to torture those he created with conscious and eternal burning and noxious gasses because they inherited a trait from their first ancestor and didn’t apply the remedy for their God created predicament, correctly. However, as with my friend- a once absolute denier, now at best minimizer of the Holocaust – my anger and frustrations is usually tempered by my love for those who still hold physical hell as part of their dogma.

    “People want to believe the strangest things…” especially when it comes to struggling with concepts of life, death and existential angst.

  11. Michael says:

    Anne ,

    I have no problem with hell because I believe in justice.

    People won’t go to hell for an inherited trait…they will go to hell for their own sins and the rejection of the One who paid for them.

    I also agree with those who think that those in hell would prefer it to bending the knee…that if given to option to either worship Christ for who He is or return to the pit, they would choose the pit.

    There is more we don’t know than we do about divine punishment…I only know for sure that it exists.

    I won’t die on the hill of descriptions of fire and noxious gasses…but I will die on the hill of God’s justice and righteousness.

    It has never ceased to amaze me that those who are the most involved in calling for justice on this side of eternity want God to negate it on the other side.

  12. Anne says:

    Annihilation might be seen as just. Eternal conscious torment for eternity over deeds, in thought or action, committed in a brief lifetime, not so much. IMO.

  13. Anne says:

    Another piece of information that gets lost in discussions making reference to the Halocaust is that of the 11 million killed, 5 million were not Jewish. Genocidal governments, of which there are several existing in the world today, are equal opportunity monsters. 🙁

  14. Michael says:

    There is a reasonable Scriptural case for annihilation. I’m not convinced, but it’s within orthodoxy.

  15. Michael says:

    This past week has wiped me out.
    I’m off for a bit.
    If MLD shows up tell him to email me…I have a project for him.

  16. Em says:

    “I also agree with those who think that those in hell would prefer it to bending the knee…that if given to option to either worship Christ for who He is or return to the pit, they would choose the pit.” … count me in this group – and i do believe that the lake of fire reserved for Satan and his angels (his servants) is a fair description … it does seem reasonable, however, that the “eternal conscious torment” in a lake of fire, as we visualize such, will not be the fate of all the lost – one thing i do know about our God is that He is fair … longsuffering and just

    “Eternal conscious torment for eternity over deeds, in thought or action, committed in a brief lifetime, not so much.” no one will be in hell for something he did, rather for who he (generic) is in the core of his soul (i know another doctrinal can of worms)

    i haven’t really come across a study on the difference between lake of fire and hell… if i were RC, i guess i would have … however, i *think* the “outer darkness” our Lord mentioned is where the unbelieving Jews of His generation were sent… their descendants may still be there … dunno, tho, do i? 🙂

  17. Em says:

    much love to and prayer for BrianD… Lord Jesus

  18. Em says:

    heard an interview on the radio last night that made me realize how correct Pastor Hawkins is in observing that this is not a friendly country for Christians anymore… well, not for the uncompromising, Bible believing among us…

    wasn’t following too closely until a certain point in the interview… seemed to be regarding Christian clubs on college campuses… the interviewee was a law professor who was making a very cogent case for the rights of said clubs… then he interjected: don’t misunderstand, my personal view is that “orthodox” Christians are disgusting and should be highly offensive to any right-thinking, normal person – loosely, and maybe a bit mildly, quoted … seemed to be an acceptable comment to the interviewer – course it was being broadcast over KGO S.F.

    kind of a wake-up for your truly….

  19. Anne says:

    We’re taught that we all will bend the knee and confess Jesus is lord before going to our final destiny upon seeing that he is indeed real. Too late to say, literally “0MG! It’s true!!” Has anyone besides Lucifer looked at a literal God face to face before being given the chance to accept or reject him as king of kings?

  20. Michael says:

    God has ordained that faith be the path to heaven. If that is what He has ordained , it is not just the only way but the best way.
    It is good to ponder these matters, but error to believe that we are able to either fully comprehend God or judge what revelation has been given, in my opinion, of course.

  21. “Has anyone besides Lucifer looked at a literal God face to face before being given the chance to accept or reject him as king of kings?”

    Yes – Those who had sent him to be executed and those who executed him.

  22. brian says:

    And the Holocaust started with the wholesale slaughter of the mentally ill and the disabled. That often gets lost in the discussion. MLD I was told that I to saw God and killed Him and basically I do it with every breath I take. I always found that rather strange.

  23. Em says:

    some of brian’s recollections scare me … he remembers people who certainly were not themselves God-fearing folk, let alone God-loving 😯

  24. Linnea says:

    Prayers for BrianD…

  25. JTK says:

    What state does BrianD reside in?

    I remember those days…

  26. JTK says:

    Consider this definition from Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary:

    “CONCUBINE, n. [L., to lie together, to lie down.]

    1. A woman who cohabits with a man, without the authority of a legal marriage; a woman kept for lewd purposes; a kept mistress.

    2. A wife of inferior condition; a lawful wife, but not united to the man by the usual ceremonies, and of inferior condition. Such were Hagar and Keturah, the concubines of Abraham; and such concubines were allowed by the Roman laws.”

    The first definition covers a lot of the hetero nonsense in this world.

    The second definition could cover our newfound legal gay marriage.

  27. Muff Potter says:

    RE: Anne @ nos. 11 , 13 , & 20 :

    I’m pretty much with you Anne. To me it makes no sense either. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. Why create and maintain a monument (hell) to the cruelty and hatred of the devil toward his beloved humans?

  28. Muff – gotta admit this is the first time I have ever heard someone refer to hell as a monument to the devil.

    Hell is not something that lasts forever – hell and the devil are thrown into the lake of fire.Now I guess we could debate what happens with the lake of fire for eternity.

  29. Michael says:


    You have yahoo mail…

  30. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    I guess I need therapy 🙂

  31. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    There have been holocaust of many people’s not just jews and you know what jews can often times be very insensitive to what others have gone through. For example a Jew once inferred to me that Native Americans deserved their fate cuz they were spiritist.

  32. Michael says:


    Whether there have been other genocides or not has no bearing whatsoever on the historical facts of the Holocaust.
    The insensitivity of any particular Jew has no bearing whatsoever on the historical facts of the Holocaust.
    Those arguments are both inane and illogical.

  33. Michael says:

    And yes, If you think asshat Anderson is credible, you need help.
    I will not even attempt to be polite about such a person as they are dangerous and so are those who believe them.

  34. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    I think Steve Anderson speaks a good amount of truth, I, don’t subscribe to everything he teaches bu I think we can learn from others even if we don’t agree with everything they teach.

  35. Em says:

    FWIW – it isn’t that sprinkling of truth that should give a man a hearing… it’s the substance of his message… every single person honors another by listening to their talk – every single person has an obligation to exercise discernment – and to know when to turn their back on a false messenger, to know when to walk away, to coin a phrase
    that is the right of the common man, us pew sitters and i think – dunno – that we’ll all be held accountable for so doing
    if your ears are itching, stay alert … er something like that 🙂

    just sayin

  36. surfer51 says:

    Anne, always nice to see you here.

    Matthew 25:41 tells us that Hell was prepared for the Devil and his angels.

    That’s why such a place was prepared in the first place.

    It was not by original plan and design for men and women–for human sinners.

    It was prepared for the Devil and his angels.

    The Lord Jesus tells us that Himself.

    In another passage Christ calls the Scribes and Pharisees a “generation of vipers,” and warns them, “How will you escape the damnation of Hell?” (Matt. 23:33)

    Those are pretty strong words from the Lord Jesus.

    He laid it on the line.

    He told it like it is.

    When someone questions the fact and reality of Hell, he’s actually questioning the authority of the Bible, and the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

    There are two texts of Scripture that suggest to me that Hell involves everlasting punishment.

    Matthew 25:46 sums up the judgment on the “sheep and goats” with the words.

    “And these will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.”

    The same word aionion (eternal) is used to describe the punishment of the wicked and the blessing of the righteous.

    Whatever we say about the duration of “eternal” life for believers must be said about “eternal” punishment for unbelievers.

    Since “life” for believers is everlasting (John 10:28), so must be the punishment for unbelievers.

    In a second text, Revelation 20:10, John describes those in the “lake of fire” being “tormented day and night forever and ever.”

    The expression day and night is used in Revelation to express the concept of “forever.”

    The lake of fire is described in Revelation 19:20 as a place that “burns with brimstone.”

    In the saddest verse in the Bible, John declares that anyone whose name is not written in the book of life is “thrown into the lake of fire” (Revelation 20:15).

    The doctrine of eternal punishment for those who have rejected Christ appears to be thoroughly biblical.

    This is not an easy teaching or one that brings us joy.

    But the unpleasantness of a doctrine should not cause us to deny biblical truth.

  37. Al says:

    I will die on the hill of God’s mercy and grace because of the blood of Jesus.

  38. Em says:

    i don’t believe that anyone is headed for hell because they don’t believe in it… even though the reality of the place is pretty well documented if one believes the Bible as a record of God’s communication to the human race

    there are a couple truths that are almost beyond our ability here in time to grasp – IMHO – one is the depravity of our race and the other is the absolute holiness of the Creator
    hell, too, is beyond our understanding – whatever and for however long it is – as is heaven, as is paradise as is the Kingdom, itself, actually… we only partially get them, but it’s enough for now

  39. Erunner says:

    A church we had attended for awhile and even joined has seen the pastor disappear. He’s not on the website and today it was announced there will be updates every four weeks. Meanwhile another person is shown under the link meet the pastor. I don’t understand why they just don’t say what happened. He’s already been gone for four weeks.

  40. Michael says:


    There is this strange notion in much of church leadership that the congregation can’t handle the truth.
    It’s deeply offensive to me.

  41. Michael says:

    The legendary cartel leader “El Chapo” Guzman escaped from Mexico’s super prison last night.
    Watch Mexico explode…

  42. Erunner says:

    It’s a big church Michael. Maybe there’s some fear involved that they might lose members? All it does is lead to speculation while many are content not to question things. Doesn’t make sense.

  43. Erunner says:

    I saw that on CNN and after listening to the story I am not one bit surprised he has escaped. Can you imagine the leverage he had over any guards there with possible threats to their families, etc??

  44. Michael says:

    He had to have government help…

  45. Erunner says:

    It was a pretty sophisticated escape route that was made for him. Do you think Mexico should have taken us up on incarcerating him here?

  46. Michael says:


    Chapo owns the Mexican government…there was no way he was coming here.

  47. Erunner says:

    Will he now cause more people to flee the country as I hear he is a wicked man??

  48. Michael says:

    No, but a great many people are going to die over the next couple of weeks.
    He will be settling some scores and recovering territory.

    The common man views him as a bit of a folk hero…and his status on that just went right through the roof.

  49. Erunner says:

    That is sad. It’s as if the news has pretty much not covered the cartels for some time until today. Something needs to happen in Mexico as it seems there’s no real government in place.

  50. Em says:

    my 2 cents = Chapo knew from the beginning how this would play out, it was a “show of good faith” to the U.S. and that’s all it was – a charade from square one … the political gymnastics out of Washington is getting old and at times feels very corrupt, itself – dunno

  51. Michael says:

    Em… well said and true.

  52. Col46 says:

    @49 – “He will be settling some scores and recovering territory.”

    Don’t you think he had the capacity to do that while locked up?

  53. Erunner says:

    It turns out the church did announce to the body why the pastor is gone and will explain to me when I contact them. I jumped the gun on posting and apologize.

  54. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    Re: Steve Anderson, I agree with most of what I heard him teach regarding the Bible. I agree with him on the King James Version being the best translation. I agree with him that ethnic Jew’s and Political Israel are not God’s chosen people and that we as the Church are the Israel of God. The only thing I can think of that I don’t agree with him so far is his belief that Jesus Church will reign on this earth for a thousand years after his second coming. I believe eternity in either Heaven or the Lake of Fire is right after the white throne judgment which is right after his second coming. As far as the holocaust goes, I don’t know and to be honest it really has nothing to do with the Bible so let each have their own thoughts on that. I don’t spend my days thinking about the Holocaust. We know it happened, the numbers of how many were killed is debatable. I do like studying about the Holocaust of Native Americans though because it happened on our soil and is part of American history. But that too has nothing to do with the Bible so it’s a personal study and research I do. I rather listen to Steve Anderson than a lot of the lukewarm milquetoast Pastor’s here in America.

  55. Em says:

    i think that just about everyone has had about all they can stand of “lukewarm milquetoast” and that is why D.Trump is getting so much approval on the political scene now…

    most of us humans are good at responding, but not so good at discernment… i guess that’s why our Lord calls us pew sitters “sheep” 🙂

    FWIW, i like the KJV also, Solomon
    on the Israel thing, tho … i’m still processing, but i do know Romans 2:28-29 “For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.”

    sons of Abraham and sons of God – Israel etc. never enough theologian in me to care much to pin down who’s who

    but the thousand year reign at Christ’s second coming makes sense to me – after which the White Throne judgement settles matters once for all and God creates a new heaven and earth (oh, Lord, please don’t let the whole thing start over again, then) 🙂

  56. Paul A. Lytton says:

    Solomon Rodriguez,

    I am just curious about what you think about Paul Washer? Personally I like them both but I would like to know what you think.

  57. Solomon Rodriguez says:


    This is the is first I heard about Paul Washer. I will check him out, on you tube. I’ll let you know what I think

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