Update on GFA: Hold The ECFA Accountable

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  1. victorious says:

    Agree about EFCA. They are to Mars Hill, GFA and others as Andersen was to Enron.

    Complicit in the coverup , no integrity.

  2. Anne says:

    Also agree completely re: EFCA. The parachurch ministry I worked for in OC had their approval and their ‘report’ was hardly an accurate portrait of their standard operating procedures or true financial operation.

  3. Andrew says:

    I guess its one more reason many are leaving evangelicalism if the universally recognized auditing organization within evangelicalism is potentially compromised. Is it EFCA or ECFA?

  4. Steve Wright says:

    I’ve stayed out of this discussion here the last couple of weeks, but I must say it grieves me to see the occasional comment around the internet that goes something like “nobody else does this…or as well”

    I have been to India three times and have a 17-year relationship with a dear brother who does with $10 what takes $1000 it seems from other ministries. He and his wife serve in a variety of ministries to truly the least of these (lepers, blind, orphans, AIDS victims), while also planting churches, doing evangelism and spreading the kingdom in what is otherwise a lost, dark land. Amazingly, God has used this man also to be an influence in some of the most powerful people in the country (which I can share privately but not online)

    He and his wife just were here, visiting, and we were blessed to have them share at our midweek last week. However, we could not record the service and put it on the internet for fear of reprisal. The persecution is real, and guys like him and his partners are in the thick of it. Last year they lost their house because the Hindu landowner (despite over 20 years of being a faithful tenant) just decided one night he did not want to rent to Christians.

    I have friends there who have been beaten, daughters raped. I have seen with my own eyes (in fact I have preached at these places) the work of the ministry and my wife and I have financially supported them all this time. We planted our first church in 2001, largely to help support their ministry. As of 2014, CCLE was finally in a place to begin some support which I had been longing to enact for years but prior financial commitments of the church had kept us from doing.

    All this to say one thing. Don’t believe for a second that GFA is somehow the only avenue to minister to India. I can’t wrap my mind around millions of dollars sitting around when there is such a need and I am trying to get together just tens of thousands to help fix a crumbling orphanage so it not collapse on the children

    If anyone would like to contact me – you can do so by email or facebook message and I will be glad to talk to you about it all.


  5. EricL says:

    Steve Wright, thank you for encouraging us to remember that there are other avenues to support the work in India if we don’t want to go through GFA anymore. It is refreshing to hear about the good being done there in spite of the danger.

  6. A Friend says:

    CC Boise and Bob Caldwell does a lot of work in India as well, and I trust them as honest brokers and good stewards from my dealings with them.

    Don’t give to GFA if they can’t account for the money properly and answer the questions Warren Throckmorton is asking. Support a better steward. Pretty simple.

    But, the word has to get out to those who give GFA money who just assume everything is on the up and up when it might not be.

  7. Tim says:

    Delhi Bible Institute (Dbi) is another credible ministry my church supports … training, planting churches, medical outreach, etc. http://www.delhibible.org

  8. Jim Vander Spek, CPA says:

    It Is misguided to place blame on ECFA, they rely on CPA firms to provide independent financial information. The CPA firm is also likely not culpable. Any organization, if they are determined to do so, can create false information that an auditor will not ferret out in the normal course of a financial audit.

    GFA needs to come clean and answer the questions raised. If they refuse, they should not be supported by churches or donors. The need is great. Resources are limited. Use them wisely.

  9. wall on the fly says:

    $60 million is a lot of Hindi beads to lose…

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