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  1. erunner says:

    Can’t go wrong by dropping by and listening to some nice praise & worship. Feel free to drop by.

  2. Second!!!

  3. Listening to a sermon by Art Azurdia. This guy can preach!

  4. This has always been a favorite of mine:

    Since then we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus, the Son of God, let us hold fast our confession. For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin. Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:14-16

  5. Alabama Shakes on SNL performing “Hold On”
    …cuz there must be Someone up above!

  6. from this corner says:

    Precious Sarah, thank you, Michael for that link, i just sent in on to quite a few young and not so young women with the following note:
    “her thoughts for today, i suspect, resonate with just about every woman, who has chosen to walk honestly before the Lord – if your mind needs a 180 today or, if you’re curious about whether or not reading something today from a woman who loves the Lord can bring tears to your eyes:”

  7. from this corner says:

    not too many rich folk are comfortable here on the Phxp are there?
    my morning reading today landed in 1 Timothy 6 … Paul is admonishing Timothy as a pastor, i believe – is he not? it really slammed home (to me) that, according to Paul, our contemporary phenomena of prosperous pastors (materially) are treading on dangerous ground … living in a big house, full of stuff with a Nordstrom glutted wife and daughters (and sons) are walking on shaky ground, i think – as i read it, it doesn’t matter whether they’re chasing material wealth by their own business skills or spending their congregation’s donations … as i read it

    i honestly don’t know if “windfall wealth” is a separate issue 🙄 a heart issue again, i guess

    between thinking about Sarah pondering as she rocks her baby girl and Paul’s words to Timothy, sorting my “stuff” and packing today will go easier

    and i am blessed again by the Phxp as i listen to the Captain’s link as i type

  8. Reuben says:

    Oh how I wish this was not a happy thread… I would like to say a thing or two about Art Azurdia

    It is snowing like there is no tomorrow, and I don’t need to be anywhere! I cleaned about 100GB of sermons from iTunes this morning. Don’t ask me to prove what so and so said at a Pastor’s conference anymore, because those all disappeared too! Like a spiritual weight lifted from my shoulders. One of my least favorite sermons that I mysteriously lost this morning was one by Ken Graves, who stated, and I quote, “Rick Warren is a punk…”

    Now I have room on my 160GB “sermons iPod” for more Greatful Dead and Neil Young.

  9. Alex says:

    Posted this on another thread, probably more appropriate here.

    Same/similar stuff, different Denom. It should make us upset and it should invoke calls for repentance and calls for reforms in this Group:

  10. Alex says:

    If it doesn’t invoke some emotions and some indignation, I question how callous to injustice and abuse we have become. If we cannot agree on the wrongness of abuse and cover up in the church, then it is a symptom of a very deep underlying problem IMO.

    If the “church” cannot rally around these wrongs and these issues…what then? It’s an argument for “No God” and a testament that the professed faith of some and the professed “we believe the bible!” just isn’t a true belief on their part.

    Actions and inactions speak to true belief and speak much louder than words…and the non-kool-aid drinkers are watching and listening and hear your message (your in the generic sense) loud and clear.

  11. I’m posting this as an encouragement to avoid any group which is is or has become demanding of your “submission” and who insist on “Submission Theology”.

    “The root problem is that there are too many people willing to suspend critical thinking, grant unearned authority to religious texts, and submit themselves to unaccountable church authorities who claim to speak for God. As long as there are those eager to be exploited in this way, you can cut down one weed, but others will inevitably grow in its place.”

  12. Jtk says:

    Someone gave my wife and I a gift card for the movies (a very rare treat to go).

    We saw Les Mis…I cried the absolute loudest–twice.
    Sooo redemptive.

    If we, as Christians, live in redemption, help others, we can’t STOP people from coming, “getting it right.”

  13. Rob Murphy says:

    I prefer the more organic, acoustic feel of that song, Second Chance, off Rend Collective’s disc “Campfire” . . . the other youtube versions of the song are from a previous release, so that’s why I picked the abbreviated version, sorry for the guitar talk jibber jabber after the song sample.

  14. from this corner says:

    only one thing troubles me about taking offense at “submission” theology and that is that of “resistance” TO theology … one of my besetting sins since my earliest memory (there are more) is that of “you can’t make me!” which i announced to my mother on quite a few occasions, resulting in some serious response from her … trouble is, in the marrow of my bones is the “you can’t make me” gene … and it pops up whenever someone would “make me comply” – i have back talked (and won on two occasions) traffic cops – i do weigh the cost and, older and wiser now, decide in the direction of compliance, but always with a nagging sense of cowardice as i KNOW somewhere down in my soul that there are only two things that i HAVE to do: be born and die – i’m not wise, oh boy am i not wise … and then … there’s God, Who most certainly can make me, in fact did

  15. from this corner says:

    i know we’ve heard these stories before (not sure why CNN decided to run this today), pray for the mind of man to take the high ground, not the mindless, servitude of letting someone else decide who your enemies are

    just sayin – takin a break from packin and looking in here for some good, Christian thinking to clear and renew my mind … some of the best ones for that are some of the most cantankerous ones 😆

    but today is a good day for the high ground – like Moses, looking across the God’s promised land(ing)

  16. Lutheran says:


    I saw Les Mis, too. Didn’t think I’d enjoy people singing through an entire movie! But what an experience. “Redemptive” certainly says it!!

  17. erunner says:

    Robin Mark is from Ireland and writes beautiful music. This song impacts me every time I hear it.

  18. erunner says:

    Rob, I thought I was the only person who listens to Rend Collective Experiment! 🙂 I enjoy their music greatly.

  19. sarah says:

    FTC…thank you so much for your very kind words and passing the article along. Hope your packing is going well!!!

  20. Rob Murphy says:

    erunner- I am roped in by the Irish accent, but I really like some of their music. That “campfire” came to me during my recovery from the bact. meningitis this last month, and it has been a good friend.
    I also like this Rhett Walker song – have you heard it?

  21. Rob, that’s a great song. The first time I heard it, his voice reminded me of Dan Fogelberg in his later years.

  22. Reuben, send me a msg on FB. I’m curious about your thoughts on AAz.

  23. Well I have seen 4 people relieved of all symptoms through laying on of hands yesterday and today.

    God is good. There is much more but time eludes.

  24. Linnea says:

    Dread….how do you translate the mind’s assent to God’s power to relieve or heal to the heart of practice? Honest question…

  25. erunner says:

    Rob, It sounds like you’ve been pretty sick and I hope you’re feeling better. I enjoy RCE’s music a lot as they have a sound I enjoy. I have not heard of Rhett Walker and I’ll check him out further. God bless.

  26. Went to see Les Mis around Christmas, it was great! Wife and I just got back from Oz, the Great and Powerful…we loved it. It was fun like a shot from childhood.

  27. *spot from childhood

  28. BrianD says:

    Hello all, I hope you’re all doing well.

    I have an aunt who recently was diagnosed with lung cancer, and it’s inoperable. She’s going to go through chemo in an attempt to fight it. Thoughts and prayers by anyone so inclined is greatly appreciated.

  29. BrianD,
    So very sorry. Praying.
    Missing you.

  30. BrianD, good to see you! Definitely praying for your aunt.

  31. Babylon's Dread says:


    I wish I understood the honest question. It eludes me.

  32. Ixtlan says:

    been there and done that… liberating…. um hmm……..

    the “Rick Warren is a punk” sermon: such great biblical exegesis. The preacher’s excuse, ” I wanted to motivate the guys”.

    That which began in the Spirit will not be perfected in the flesh.

  33. Linnea says:

    Dread…sorry. What I was trying to ask was this:
    1. I know God heals
    2. I pray for the gift of healing
    3. I pray for healing for someone else
    4. Nothing seems to happen
    5. Repeat

    What am I doing wrong? And I realize this is not a simple question.

  34. Linnea says:

    BrianD….that’s rough news. Praying for your Aunt, you and your family.

  35. jlo says:

    BrianD, praying.

  36. DavidH says:

    My son had a great day, yesterday. This was his first year playing in the Yucaipa Youth Basketball League. His team, the “Clippers,” ended the season with a 7-0 record and championship for 7th/8th Grade boys.

    This was a team that almost didn’t happen. Had it not been for “Coach Roy” stepping up, eight boys would have not played this season. Roy is one of the finest men I’ve ever seen coach youth sports. Every boy played, and contributed. This team never gave up – four of the games were come from behind in the last minutes victories.

    I just thought I’d contribute a “happy” story about my son.

  37. Nonnie says:

    Go Clippers!

  38. Reuben says:

    Part 1

    Parts 2

    LOVE Greatful Dead. Thats Bruce Hornsby on backup vocals, and of course piano. Bob Weir in his cut-off shorts and pink polo, dude was whack.

  39. Alex says:

    This coming Friday evening, I’ll be on Google News Site’s “God Discussion” show.

    I’ll be the guest for the second hour. I can’t wait. If you want to tune in:

  40. Alex says:

    Great opportunity to shine a light on the issues of abuse and corruption in the church and to discuss the issues of Free Speech etc as well as the Culture of Corruption and lack of accountability in church systems that give too much power to the lead pastor etc.

  41. Does anyone else think that the history channel’s Bible is warmed over crap? Personally, it is so bad, I think they are making fun of the Jews.

  42. Long ago, I quit watching anything The History Channel put out on christianity. Everyone was like, but you need to watch this. No, I don’t. The worst thing is seeing THC’s book at Walmart, “A Story of God and All of Us: A Novel Based on the Epic TV Miniseries ‘The Bible'” I have had the unedited version for years thank you. It is mainly a protest by me against their many shows that are horrible on the subject.
    Guess people were getting tired of “ancient aliens” and reality shows. History Channel what a joke!

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