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  1. London says:

    Weird question.
    Do churches let law enforcement on duty to wear guns inside the church if they are on duty? Would you if you have a family focused event with lots of children around?

  2. Linnea says:

    London, I think yes, and also I know of churches who have designated people bring a concealed carry weapon (which in this state, you can’t have without a background check and training) in case of an active shooter situation.

    I would feel better about someone trained with a weapon to be at church events with family and children than being a sitting duck without defense. I’m trained in different kinds of security, though, so that probably influences my thinking.

  3. Babylon's Dread says:

    Law enforcement would wear guns if on duty… security teams (hired ones) often wear weapons as well. And we always have conceal carry members in the church. I did not like it when I first was presented with it. Now I want it.

  4. London says:

    We do our backpack event in the gym of a church. This year we got a request for bags from a local SVU department. Some of their detectives want to participate with their families. They will be on duty so, of course hat includes guns and badges.
    My dad was LE, so it doesn’t bother me to have uniformed officers around but, we do have some folks who it might bother very much. We have a LOT of kids running around and it has always mattered to me that our events are kid and family friendly, safe from fear and inclusive. I’m hoping no one freaks out.
    Wasn’t sure what churches normally say to police being in the building with guns.

  5. Em says:

    can i vent here this Saturday? anyone pray for those Thai boys trapped in the cave?

    the news was oohing and aahing over them this morning “so touching!” – the boys have just come off of a week in a Buddhist Monastery doing some kind of religious week of denial to thank Buddha for getting them out of the cave? Buddha did it? well, well, well… no scratch that, not “well!” – ugh, ugh, ugh
    pray they find the one true God before they find that He is a jealous God – and i, obviously, am jealous for Him

  6. bob1 says:


    You do realize that Thailand is predominately Buddhist? And all the kids are
    Buddhist except one who’s apparently a Christian. Their teacher was once
    a Buddhist monk.

    So instead of getting all worked up and citing “God’s jealousy,” why not pray and support missionaries and churches already working in the country? In our current
    society of outrage, it’s still easier to turn on the Light than “curse the darkness.”

  7. Em says:

    bob1… i do realize that Thailand is Buddhist and i do realize that the kids are that… doesn’t change anything, when i know that so many Christians were praying – the teacher did not rescue them BTW

    sometimes cursing the darkness motivates lighting that candle, eh

    their rescue was a miraculous outcome due to some very selfless and skilled men and i believe that our Christian prayer cover had something to do with that outcome… i will be as jealous for our God as i can possibly be… i feel convicted when i’m not

    you do it your way bob and i’ll do it my way, but thanks for the advice nonetheless 🙂 God keep

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