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  1. Lots of stuff separate us as Believers ( theologically,even environmentally) may Easter remind us of what unites us as brothers and sisters

  2. MrTundraMan says:

    Might be a good thread to discuss the resurrection of the flesh and those who teach it as well as those who deny it.

  3. Nonnie says:

    Amen, Steve!

  4. “Might be a good thread to discuss the resurrection of the flesh and those who teach it as well as those who deny it.”

    I agree – the same body that was crucified, is the same body that was raised _ and is the exact same body that was given in the bread and the wine… to this day.

  5. DH says:

    Hi All
    In my state we can smoke pot and marry someone of the same sex. Now these very issues are beginning to divide my family. It greatly saddens me. I just don’t get how believers can see the same sex issue as anything other than wrong. It can’t be my age can it? What do I tell my grandkids? This is ok ?
    We might as well get the scissors out and start chopping out the parts we don’t like or make us uncomfortable. I don’t really buy the argument that this sin or that sin is the same.
    This is directly challenging the authority of the scriptures. Not like this is first time this has happened. …..

  6. DH, the problem is, how do you keep others from sinning. All you can do is not participate yourself and tell others close to you why you think it is wrong.

    We don’t seem to have a problem doing that with divorce. Your same state I am sure has laws that say divorce is OK – but as Christians, we should not divorce and we should tell others why we think it is wrong.

  7. MrTundraMan says:

    DH – the fallacy was when we thought we could have a secular state which wouldn’t eventually turn against the church.

    My pet peeve is eventually chaplains will be forced to perform marriage ceremonies for gays or lose their jobs. And that is a concern to me. They can say that freedom of conscience will be protected but I think it’s foolish to believe that will last.

  8. mrtundraman says:

    “It’s time for Easter Vigil service”

    Sounds like something borrowed from the Orthodox.

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