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  1. Babylon's Dread says:

    China is brilliant.

    Seduce the West into a pro-capitalist narrative by loosening repression and offering cheap labor. Entangle the West, especially America, into a web of prosperity by the same cheap labor. Make the entanglements so dependent and deep that our economy depends upon it so that every hiccup in the East causes heartburn in the West. This makes our partisan politicians make nice for short term survival, “it’s the economy stupid!” Harness the power of the information age and the technology, commit offenses small enough to test our resolve. Finding it lacking, increase the pressure.

    Arrest Muslims en masse forcing them into labor and reeducation gulags. They know we quote Niemoller but don’t mean it. Become more and more fearless. Let Americans know that if their friends speak against China there will be reprisals both as to our travel status and upon those who live in the country. Bet that Americans will go silent either for economic gain or hope of religious freedom possibilities or worse for fear of their removal.

    Meanwhile begin a process that favors nation after nation. Instead of using the surplus of Western money for the betterment of the workers of China use it for international favor among the nations and for pressure on power structures.

    Pull the noose ever tighter. Oh and cozy up to buffoon American leaders, yes, that that one. Know that symbolic victories mean more to Americans than real change.

    I’m like a preschooler trying to describe a monster in the closet. With one caveat, the monster is an actual dragon and that damn thing really does breathe fire.

    Sleeping Dragon Dread

  2. Em says:

    Dragon Dread, ? ?
    Why do Christians not take our adversary seriously?
    The Lutes here remind us – rightly – that we are to be salt and light in this world – ambassadors for Christ’s kingdom, the eternal Truths. But…
    We, it seems to me, kind of forget how evil and clever the devil and his puppets really are…

  3. Babylon's Dread says:


    It is not Christians per se that don’t take the adversary seriously. It is our entire country. Christians just want a modicum of freedom to evangelize that pacifies us. Entrepreneurs want the massive market access. Politicians want survival and they cannot act on principle because of their need for immediate success. Long term success requires either a monarchy, a dictator, or an actual high degree of felt cause for disparate forces to unite. We will quickly sell each other for momentary success. Whether the motive is political, economic, or religious they have us flanked.

    It will actually take God to get us through it. Otherwise, I am convinced that our last century will be repeated in terms of body count. Or, our freedoms are seriously at risk not by war but by will.

    Nietzsche Dread

  4. Em says:

    Pastor Dread, it will take God, indeed. ?

    The circumstances you cite are real – hope an old lady’s words don’t put a hex on what you are saying to the Phnx peeps here

    God keeo

  5. Jean says:

    I remember when Reagan wanted to place medium range ICBMs in Western Europe. It was a pivital moment in the Cold War, which led to the collapse of the Iron Curtain and eventually the Warsaw Pact and then finally the USSR. It was a very big deal!

    But, what made this event extraordinary was the tremendous leadership and political capital that the Reagan administration expended in order to secure the agreement of the NATO allies to host the American missiles. It was never an easy sell or a done deal, until it happened.

    We could address the China situation, recasting them as the adversary that they are, under 3 conditions: (1) our Government would need to be honest with the American people that there would be short term economic pain from weening ourselves off the cheap labor and credit that China offers; (2) Our Government would need to attract allies to this effort, which would take a lot of work to accomplish; and (3) Our Government would need to build a trading block of nations to counter the Chinese, because will try to pick off nations, especially developing nations with natural resource riches to dominate many industries, such as in the metals and other raw material inputs into production.

    I don’t think we can win an economic war against the Chinese going it alone.

  6. Em says:

    I suppose “hoards out of the East” is another Biblical phrase with varying readings, however, China is a whole different mindset… far, far from Western mores.
    Those who find and accept Christ are beautiful, but. …
    In their world lying, cheating and stealing are virtues if used “wisely.” Power is the ultimate virtue. And, then some do eat dogs. ?
    Kind of makes me think of what Washington D.C. is …. Don’t if our powers that be like dog meat, tho. I think they prefer devouring us. LOL

  7. The New Victor says:

    Not going to happen. I work for a high tech company (not Intel, but as recognizable). 60% of our company’s revenue is from Asia, the majority of that from the PRC. They blocked a past merger until we agreed to invest a certain amount of capital there. Cut them off? Tens of thousands of jobs will be lost world-wide, mostly in the USA. The market is too large to ignore. We were not similarly entangled with the USSR, not even close.

  8. Jean says:

    The New Victor,

    Agree with a lot of what you’re saying. However, what our country has done until now is what I would describe as self-inflicted, slow motion, economic suicide.

    Like I said in (1) above, there would be short term economic pain. That pain would not be evenly spread, but it would affect most people, from the well paid engineers and software developers, to the very poor who depend on cheap Chinese goods from discount stores.

  9. Em says:

    New Victor, it has been interesting to watch what you’ve described…. Would it be accurate to conclude that China’s latest trip to the moon was done on technology we’ve provided to them?
    I’ve always thot our big aircraft carriers were vulnerable to being blown out of the water…. Evidently some Chinese Admiral thinks so, too…. ?

    I’m snowed in up here and don’t feel like cleaning house, but i’ll bow out of this conversation now…. Hoping for some interesting reading here today….

  10. Babylon's Dread says:

    The New Victor

    THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT – the communist collectivists have American enterprise by the pocket book – so here is the issue – we either go through the national pain now or later.

    The longer range is frightening – these people are not kidding and they are not going to be deterred. We were in the bed with Stalin before WWII leading to the Cold War and now China has us.

    It is not even a contest in the current environment.

    I got awakened when a friend asked me to go silent in public about this. I started purging my online presence to protect my ability to travel. Then I saw what this is and I have said “NO” This is not going to happen to me in such a simple manner.

    Then I started paying attention to the subtle attempts to curb free speech.

    I find them overt in two places Canada and China one does it for progressive political reason the other for international hegemony.

    That’s just the fuzz on the peach

    Paring Knife Dread

  11. Was this inevitable when we put the PRC on the UN Security Council, though no other nation qualified at the time?

    My former boss from Hong Kong once screwed up his face and commented, “those people (mainland Chinese) think so _differently_.”

    An engineer from the PRC told another colleague, “the protesters in Tieanammen Square deserved what they got because they were defactating in the square.” She told me that in high school and college that they were told that Americans were infested with HIV. She ended up in a long term relationship with an American Caucasian dentist.

    Still, I work with many fine Chinese engineers. Though I’ve analyzed Chinese knock-offs of our chips I don’t fault them personally.

    What’s the end game here punishing the PRC? Is it realistic? They aren’t South Africa.

  12. Jtk says:

    “I got awakened when a friend asked me to go silent in public about this. I started purging my online presence to protect my ability to travel. Then I saw what this is and I have said “NO” This is not going to happen to me in such a simple manner.”


    Thank you for the heads up.

    You think we are going to have 80-120 million killed through communist revolutions?
    I’m disturbed by how quickly the identity politics folks have grown and how tyrannical their worldview is.

    A local university official is active in overt witchcraft and another blatantly brags about how they are “antichrist.” I hear the rumblings.

    And this is from yours truly who hates conspiracy theories.

  13. Jtk says:

    From the reports I’m getting, China is really making some headway and progressing on American college campuses

    And the church in China is facing persecution on the level that it hasn’t seen in decades

  14. Jtk says:

    Has anyone seen “Boy Erased”?
    I just saw it for the purpose of conversation with a guy struggling with same sex attraction.

    I’d love to discuss it.

    And it has been making waves in our society regarding conversion therapy.

  15. Michael says:


    I haven’t seen it.
    I saw Aquaman, but that probably isn’t helpful… 🙂

  16. Nathan Priddis says:

    I saw a movie within the last week. Can’t remember it’s name, plot or what I thought of it. Nothing at all, other then matinee. My wife paid, I would remember that.

  17. Aquaman and WW, best DC movies thus far.

    I think the term is “got woke.” I only heard that this past week.

    I work with many friendly engineers from mainland China. One of them, a former colleague, justified Tieanammen Square by saying that those students deserved what they got because they were defecating in the square. She said that they were also told in high school and college that Americans were infested with HIV/AIDS, likely to discourage interbreeding, though I see a lot of white guys with Chinese women here. Said colleague was with a white American dentist.

    My former boss was groom Hong Kong. When discussing a former colleague whom we thought might have been a quiet sociopath (her father was a general in the PRC military… different person), he screwed up his face and said, “those people… They just think so… _differently_”

    This isn’t South Africa which the world could push around.

  18. Jean says:

    I just want to say…God Patriots!

  19. Jean says:

    I just want to say…Go Patriots!

  20. Jean says:

    Please ignore the first comment. It was a Russian hack.

  21. Em says:

    No, Jean, i want to K.C.’ s 23 (?) year old Q.B. beat the old man, but then…. there’s the gronk, so….
    should be a good game, if the Rapture doesn’t interrupt… ?
    I think that was a Chinese hack. LOL
    Are the referees sloppier in the playoffs? Rams and Saints got away with a few….
    God keep all the Phx peeps today

  22. Jerod says:

    LA Team won by man”s incompetence or God’s providence, or both.

    Patriots won because Satan is the god of this world…

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