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  1. Babylon's Dread says:

    Here’s a hope for a Titans run to the Super Bowl.
    The Chiefs/Green Bay redux would have interest too.
    And here’s a complaint that Bart Starr the winner of 5 NFL titles is not recognized with the greatest championships. Unitas is considered more than Starr and Unitas’ greatness was statistical more than championship. The pre-Super Bowl NFL was stupendous and is too neglected.

    Now I was a Packer hater but respect to whom it is due.

    A couple other sports rants.
    If the Astro players cheated against the Dodgers then vacate the title – in fact it was such a close series give it to the Blue.

    As for my beloved Red Sox – vacate theirs too but you cannot give that one to LA they got embarrassed.

    Watch hockey and you can avoid politics, religion and woke announcers and the fights are still worth the admission.

    In politics. I will also call my shot.
    Trump is an unsavory evil Tweet-monster but this impeachment is a dud.
    First, it is not constitutional and there is no charge in the impeachment that is viable. By those standards we will have impeachment every time the House and White House are split parties.
    Second, even if he is as guilty as OJ the so-called crime in question is of no interest whatsoever.
    Third, the acrimony of our congress might just fuel a war. Watch VA closely on the gun protest. When liberals march you get obscene hats, gestures and words. When conservative march you get very close to ignition. The left is ‘woke’ and whines endlessly the right picks a fight.

    Finally, the cat video of the feline standing off 3 coyotes was a beautiful thing but without the human intervention. well, that cat was Alf-food.

    Happy Friday everyone

  2. Em says:

    We used to live in a house that was built over a coyote run. . Every now and then we would find left over kitty parts on the side lawn when they’d stopped to eat their kill in the wee small hours.. . My husband’s cat, Axle, was always safely inside at night. Dont put the cat outside at night. At least not in our part of the world… I called Fish and Game to say we had a coyote problem and got a lecture on how they controlled the rodents. Shortly after that a neighbor out with his dog was attack anf it cost his dog a leg…
    Well it IS open blog . ?

  3. Duane Arnold says:

    From the International Bonhoeffer Society, an assessment of our current political situation…

  4. Em says:

    Don’t have time right now to read the lengthy Bonhoeffer society link in depth, but for the life of me i cannot see that our nation would have been better served with H. Clinton in the office and that WAS the alternative… Is the Christian faith the litmus test for the office? I have no problem with questioning the sincerity of Trumps declaration of Faith or the motives of some of his pastoral support. I just don’t think he is anywhere close to Adolph Hitler. And, unless something clearly better shows up, i will vote for him again, if the current national mood doesn’t result in an assassination. ?
    with respect due, just sayin, cuz i can … so far. ?

  5. Michael says:

    Hillary isn’t the issue now.
    Hillary lost and will never hold office again.

    This piece speaks to not only the situation we are in, but is also an answer to that hack bio by Metaxas trying to turn Bonhoeffer into a right wing evangelical.

    I didn’t post the link because I no longer believe there is any ability or desire to discuss these matters.
    Duane has more faith than I do…

  6. Michael says:

    I’ve been a part of a Vikings fan group on Facebook for a couple of years.
    Stable, a couple thousand members with one thing in common.
    The admin posted a picture of our quarterback with Trump and that fine, stable group is now imploding in a matter of a couple hours.
    We are in deep weeds…

  7. Duane Arnold says:

    Read with the original Barmen Declaration, the statement of the Bonhoeffer Society is worth taking seriously…. just my opinion.

  8. Em says:

    Michael, @ 4:48… you are correct Hillary is yesterday’s news (i hope)
    and politics only belong here when someone tries to attach the Faith to it… i know i disagree with most here as to Trump’s fitness for the job (sometimes i wonder if some – not you – equate the presidency with Christianity)… Our Lord has said that His kingdom is not of this world as has been mentioned here before. So, for me, the vote goes to the one who can best serve the nation and the office… we’ll see who our choices are this year and my choice won’t depend on his/her adherence to the Faith – unless they also are fit to serve as President in other respects…
    Of course, there are several movements afoot today that X out my vote no matter what… some say they’ll not vote? i hope we do have good choices in 2020… God willing. I do believe that whoever holds the office do so according to God’s will. He’ll have to explain Stalin, Hitler and a few others, but…
    the one thing we do that does count (IMV) is pray 🙂

  9. Shorts on a Polock says:

    No way anyone calling themselves a Society under the moniker of dead man might take their own opinion too seriously… that never happens

  10. Michael says:


    No more comments with “Polack” in the title will be posted.

    It would do you well to at least understand the work of scholarly societies…

  11. Duane Arnold says:

    This is the English language website of the International Bonhoeffer Society…

    They are members in the American Academy of Religion and publish the peer reviewed journal, ‘The Bonhoeffer Legacy’, the only such publication devoted to the study of Bonhoeffer. The society itself was founded in 1973, and enjoys strong ties to the German Language Section of the International Bonhoeffer Society (Internationale Bonhoeffer-Gesellschaft Deutschsprachige Sektion), which operates its site in conjunction with Gütersloher Verlagshaus under the name The Bonhoeffer Portal.

    These are serious scholars whose work is worthy of serious consideration…

  12. Em says:

    Guess the polock doesn’t know Bonhoeffer’s legacy… The Church could use more Bonhoeffers today… maybe they are here and we are just not paying attention?

  13. pstrmike says:

    I hear coyotes often in the night. coyotes do assist in rodent control, but if they want to try to make a meal out of my dog, they will meet Smith and Wesson, plain and simple.

    I think it will be a slugfest, but I’m looking for the 49ers to return to the Super Bowl. Might even watch the show if they do.

  14. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    Wasn’t it twenty some years ago evangelicals regarded Bonhoeffer as a neo-orthodox liberal whose theology was not trustworthy? I can think of folks who are okay with Bultmann, Brunner and sort of Barth who don’t care for Bonhoeffer and I can recall fellow evangelical friends regarding Bonhoeffer’s work with skepticism from way back in my youth so the Metaxas attempt to transform Bonhoeffer into a religious right friendly figure is curious. The Christian publishing world isn’t necessarily trying to do the same for Adolf Schlatter, for instance, is it?

    Between coyotes and bears there are parts of Oregon where you just don’t let your pets, dogs or cats, outdoors at night if you want to be sure to see them in the morning. It’s been decades since I did any hiking out in the Oregon forests and probably won’t do it again given the constraints at hand.

    For anime fans Weathering With You has a limited release this weekend. Your Name was fantastic so I’m curious to see what the director’s going to do, although his gorgeous visual style can slightly mask that he can feel like he’s doing variations on a single theme in the stories he picks.

  15. Michael says:


    Metaxass had no problem cashing in on Bonhoeffer despite his fraud because the people he sold his book to had never read Bonhoeffer and never will.
    When I wrote about him ten years ago he was decried as a liberal apostate…

  16. bob1 says:

    Metaxas is to Bonhoeffer scholars and scholarship as the Three Stooages are to Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn.

    You should see some of the scholars and their brutal takedowns of Metaxas’ work on DB. Brutal.

  17. Duane Arnold says:

    A portion of Richard Weikart’s review of Metaxas:

    I trust that Metaxas is my brother in Christ, but unfortunately he simply does not have sufficient grounding in history, theology, and philosophy to properly interpret Bonhoeffer. This is not just my opinion. Victoria Barnett, the editor of the English-language edition of Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works, wrote a scathing review of Metaxas’s biography. In her opinion, Metaxas “has a very shaky grasp of the political, theological, and ecumenical history of the period.” She then calls Metaxas’s portrayal of Bonhoeffer’s theology “a terrible simplification and at times misrepresentation.” Clifford Green, another bona fide Bonhoeffer scholar who has edited part of Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works and has written extensively about Bonhoeffer, has also criticized Metaxas heavily, claiming that Metaxas’s biography should be entitled, “Bonhoeffer Hijacked.”

  18. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    Michael, I only mentioned this in the title of a post last year Metaxas wrote an endorsement blurb for Mark and Grace Driscoll’s book Win Your War. If there’s a subject where there’s already “enough” (or too many) books on spiritual warfare in charismatic/pentecostal circles it could be on the general topic of spiritual warfare. I’ve refrained from wading into that topic since Win Your War came out because there’s actually scholarly books I’ve picked up I’ve been wanting to read on the topic first. That Metaxas is willing to write an endorsement blurb for Driscoll’s new book AFTER Result Source and the plagiarism controversy makes it seem as though blurbs are more indicative of club associations than endorsement of content (it can happen with academic monographs, too, so it’s not like this is a vice in popular level publishing alone).

  19. Jim says:

    “Watch VA closely on the gun protest.”

  20. Given Charlottesville, Monday in VA is concerning. Frankly, I’m surprised they aren’t trying this here in Cali, but they’re too busy raising taxes and proposing foolish solutions to the explosion in homelessness, while we are continually targeted by petty crimes Sacramento ignores. Then again, “The People” passed Prop 47 democratically. So our fault. A friend in Folsom told me that FPD told me they were forbidden to do anything about the homeless guy at the edge of his backyard peeing towards the house with his two little girls. “Unless he’s doing something sexual, we can’t do anything. Stop calling.”

  21. Em says:

    I know that i have mentioned here that we once lived in a neighborhood where i had my brake lines cut… also that i am finding a great way to get to sleep is to think back over my life’s blessings… many unacknowledged till now… So?
    So, i pulled put of my driveway and headed in to run errands. At the first stop sign i thought my brakes felt funny. My next stop was a main intersection crossing an arterial. The light turned red as i approached and i tapped my brakes to slow down. The pedal slammed to the floor. Nothing and i was going 30 mph into heavy cross traffic. Fortunately, i headed up a slight incline and on the corner on my right was a small gas station. I made an awkward turn into the station, managed to avoid 2 fellas standing at the pumps chatting and headed for the fence at the far side. Now here is God’s miracle. The station had continued their asphalt up a slight incline to the fence. I was able to crank the wheel left as the incline slowed me a bit more. But i was now headed back into the cross traffic. I put the car in park and stopped with a bit of a clunk. The station attendant ran up to see what the maniac in the Dodge wagon was doing. I told him my brakes had failed. They put the car on their hoist anf informed me that someone had cut part way through the lines and putting pressure on the pedal squirted all the brake fluid out.
    Why tell this here? I took credit for fast thinking, but had i gone any other direction, there would have been no gas station and i would have slammed into something or , worse, someone. i wasn’t known for being a slow driver. ?
    Looking back now i thank God for arranging my day.
    My hope is that we all have time to look back and find miracles such as this… I am sure we all have had them, even if they were not as dramatic, even if we do not remember them now….
    I hope to read dome here on open blog

  22. Em says:

    “dome?”. arrrg. .. some stories, not dome stories. ?

  23. Jean says:

    If we were to identify with any of the 7 churches in Revelation 2-3 (which I think Christians everywhere are invited to do), which church of the 7, in your opinion, most closely exemplifies your church/denomination/tradition?×800.jpg

  24. Michael says:


    Did you become a dispensationalist? 🙂
    I think the 7 churches represent the whole church through the ages…

  25. Michael says:


    I’m not in jail and I’m not dead yet.
    That’s pretty much my list and worth something…

  26. Em says:

    Jean, i like your challenge. My question would be, do we have the discernment (spiritual) to see clearly – apply the accusations presented – and, then, if we do see, do we stay or do we go? ?

  27. Jean says:

    Michael, no I haven’t become a dispensationalist.

    Em, What accusation?

    The 7 churches, as far as I can tell, were 7 actual congregations located in what is now modern day Turkey. How they lived within the Roman Empire, and what Jesus’ message to each of them in light of their contact with the empire, can be very instructive for how He might view the circumstances of any on of our churches/denominations/traditions regarding our contact with the political and economic system we call America.

    Is your church poor (but rich in the eyes of Christ) because you don’t accommodate, or worse yet assimilate injustice and oppression? Are you wealthy (yet poor in the eyes of Christ) because you participate in the idolatry of our modern systems? Or are you tepid, trying to offend no one?

    I think these are questions for any any generation, if that helps Michael.

  28. Michael says:

    “I think these are questions for any any generation, if that helps Michael.”


  29. Em says:

    Jean, poor choice of word? Jesus (by way of John) made quite a few negative observations (better than accusation?) regarding the practices/attitudes in the seven… And, yes, i am sure He meant them for the edification of all of us down through time

  30. Em says:

    Snow bound, watching Senate proceedings this Tuesday..
    Wind bag politicians’ machinations should drive us to our Creator begging for forgiveness and mercy

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