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  1. Em says:

    @ 3:53

    Politicians ! Uggh ! 👎 👎

  2. Michael says:

    I’m all for financial help for those affected by the pandemic mitigations.
    Burying the help under this pile of…stuff…infuriates me.

  3. Duane Arnold says:

    Sorry to say, the article is more biased opinion than fact. This reporter also thinks that Gov. Abbot of Texas is being “smart” in reopening 100% and dropping the mask mandate… just sayin’

  4. Jean says:

    Abbot lost all credibility when he initially reflexively blamed TX’s electrical outages on the states wind power. He is a panderer second to none.

    For the naive, political parties implement their party’s priorities. It’s called keeping campaign promises.

    Now, there are the deceitful politicians, like the former president, who will say one thing to motivate his base, while doing another.

  5. Em says:

    Is Jean a pseudonym for Chuck?

    Sorry. 😔

  6. bob1 says:

    Is the snark really necessary? Let’s act like adults, not an adolescent mean girl.

  7. bob1 says:

    Was reading an article by David French about which religious groups are most and least likely to get the vaccine.

    “White evangelicals are the least likely to say they should consider the health effects on their community when making a decision to be vaccinated. Only 48% of white evangelicals said they would consider the community health effects “a lot” when deciding to be vaccinated. That compares with 70% of Black Protestants, 65% of Catholics and 68% of unaffiliated Americans.”

    I find this really, really sad. White evangelicals are much less likely to say they’d consider the community health effects when choosing whether to be vaccinated.

    Reminds of something I read recently in the fine book “Love Is The Way” by the head of the American Episcopalians, Rev. Curry.

    He says the opposite of love isn’t hate — it’s selfishness.

    Maybe the “S” word needs to be brought up more. You don’t hear it much anymore, whether in the pulpit or otherwise.

  8. Em says:

    Ahh bob1, “snark?”. . .. could be, but sometimes i do wonder as i read….

  9. Jean says:

    As of late last week, the US is now administering more than 2.1 million Covid vaccinations per day. This is nothing less than the Federal Government doing its job, exceeding its commitments, by competently managing a process.

    It fully appears, now that the Senate has passed the Covid relief package, that about 150 million Americans will receive direct relief checks. This is the same amount that the last president pressed for, but could not deliver.

    Schools will receive funding, healthcare systems will be replenished, enhanced unemployment will continue through (or until) September, rental assistance will prevent mass evictions, and the poor will receive food security.

    This is a Federal Government at work on behalf of the American people, and slightly more than half Congress joining in to put the country on a the road to recovery and back to full employment in the shortest time period possible.

    Now, let’s get an infrastructure package passed, improve the ACA and solidify Social Security and Medicare.

  10. Jean says:

    Is it possible in the USA for anyone to say anything positive, without reservation, about anything the other side of the aisle does?

    Is it possible anymore in the USA to acknowledge that people who don’t agree with your choice of candidate or who support a different policy from yours care just as much about our country and our future generations as you do?

  11. bob1 says:


    Thanks be to God!

    I’ve been wondering the same thing about saying something positive even when you don’t agree with something, policywise.

    If we’re going to move past partisanship, we need to trust one another and row together.

  12. Babylon’s Dread says:

    These commitments to charity are very heartening. It is noteworthy that we apparently have two Jeans posting back to back as well.

  13. Em says:

    Haven’t had a chance to listen ywt, but a “reliable source” has recpmmended a man named Voddie Baucham on Utube ? ? ?

  14. Michael says:

    He’s a Reformed Baptist.
    Just almost died of heart failure.
    He’s never been one of my favorites, but he has a large following among the Calvinists.

  15. CM says:


    He was never one of my favorites either back in the day.

    Reformed Baptist (aka Calvinistic Baptist) is almost an oxymoron IMHO. It’s like a Chinese menu of theology, About the only thing Calvinist they pick is the soteriology. Not their view of the Lord’s Supper, not their church polity, eschatology, etc.

    Anglicans are at least more consistent as they all (supposedly) subscribe to The 39 Articles), Continental Reformed have the Three Forms of Unity, etc.

    That being said, I do wish him a speedy recovery.

  16. Michael says:


    Anglicans are consistently inconsistent.
    I’ve yet to meet an Anglican who actually gives a rip about the 39 Articles…

  17. CM says:


    Hence the qualifier supposedly. I would like to think you and Duane give more than rip about the 39 Articles though. 😀

  18. Em says:

    Thanks for the input, Michael… Sound Doctrine IS hard to come by these days

  19. JimmieT says:

    Recently I read this statement: “Sexual immorality is the major reason for abortion”. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  20. Michael says:


    Abortion is a complex issue…boiling it down to a single cause without nuance is pointless and will not help in understanding and mitigating abortion.

  21. JimmieT says:

    Thanks Michael. I appreciate your perspective.

  22. jtk says:

    Jimmie T,
    The vast majority of abortions are to unmarried people, and thus fornication or sexual immorality, so that statement is logical.

    Is something in question about it?

    And it is one of the most controversial topics out there, with much complexity.

  23. JimmieT says:

    jtk- Not a question but rather I was awestruck by the realization that the majority of abortions which are the result of sinful behavior thus becoming sinful sinful behavior in itself.

  24. bob1 says:

    I see that Beth Moore has announced she’s left the SBC.

    Any readers here who care to situate this and tell its significance? I’m really not familiar with her. I assume she has a ton of followers?


  25. CM says:

    She is popular among the SBC Women (and a lot of the Evangelical women).

    This will another blow to an denomination that is already reeling from the church abuse scandals, racial issues, their support for Trump (like most Evangelicals), and cronyism. Average church attendance in the SBC has been down, along with membership, and baptisms for a number of years , though their downward trajectory is not as dramatic as say the mainlines.

  26. bob1 says:


    Yeah, it looks like Trump’s egregious behavior toward women (and the SBC’s condoning of it) was the proverbial straw…

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