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  1. Em says:

    Thinking on Michael’s hard decision regarding hiss mom….
    My mother was paying $5,500 a month for her care, but fully 90% of the “inmates” were getting tax payer funded care. – It was a wonderful facility in Wenatchee.
    Praying such is available for Michael’s mother.

  2. Michael says:

    Thanks, Em.
    I’ll start looking at stuff Monday just to get prepared …I don’t want to do anything until I absolutely have to.

  3. Em says:

    I understand, Michael. Good moms are worth the effort – will be praying for a good facility to turn up down there…
    God keep you both

  4. Linn says:

    I will be praying! We have reached a point with my dad and step-mom that they need to go into assisted living (too many scary tales to tell these past six months). I’m doing what I can being 450 miles away. My step-sister is doing a lot. I pick up phone calls and check web sites. We have a place, but the actual move may be hard on my dad. He still doesn’t understand what is going on.

  5. Captain Kevin says:

    Michael and Linn, praying for you both.

  6. Michael says:

    Thank you, Linn.
    Mom is fiercely independent…and it would mean leaving behind her cats.
    We’re big on cats…
    I’m hoping it levels off enough for her to stay here…but I’m not counting on that.

  7. The Dude says:

    We put our mother in a long term faculty 2 years ago.Dementia with short term memory loss. Then mom started falling …ouch ! We couldn’t care for her properly anymore. I’ll pray for you so the Lord will guide you in your decisions.

  8. jtk says:

    Praying for you, Michel, and your Mom

  9. Em says:

    As we have huge pine and fir trees up here, I pray every time my daughter goes out after dark to take care of her ponies. One of my red headed grandsons just sent a picture of himself with a cougar that he’d just shot draped over his shoulders. One less big cat to worry about!
    Thank You, God! Apologies to the romantic here who love those beautiful big animals

  10. Michael says:

    Thank you, Dude, JTK…

  11. Michael says:

    Why would someone shoot a cougar unless it was an absolute threat?

    We had a guy where I grew up who shot one for fun…he had to move when I was done…hoping the statute of limitations has ran out…

  12. Em says:

    Michael, it was a threat….. Too close to human beings. AND
    If I spotted a cougar in one of the trees near the house I would shoot it! ! !
    Our neighbor opened the door leading to her carport and spooked two Cougars…
    Around us humans? … We look look cougar food to them
    IMHO, of course. 😇

  13. Officerhoppy says:

    Shoot a cougar? As a cop, I could shoot a bad guy, but i couldn’t even shoot a deer. Weird, huh?

  14. Corby says:

    Shameless self-promotion. Well, wife-promotion. She has a free Yoga for Advent video series that started this weekend. Even if that isn’t your thing, spread the word. Lots of scripture meditation around the theme of each week.

  15. Xenia says:

    If one does have to kill a mountain lion, it should be an occasion of sorrow, not of glee.

  16. Em says:

    Officerhoppy, driving in and out of these mountains I see road kill. The result of folks driving 50+ mph. Beautiful cats, dogs and deer. The former two are usually dumped pets. People drive out from town and toss the poor critters out. A beautiful mangled animal is a hard thing to see. I guess, if I was hungry enough, I could shoot a deer, but just for sport? I’m with you on that. Nothing weird about that – IMNSHO 😇
    However, a cougar lurking in the tree, waiting to claim my daughter for supper? That’s a “bad guy!”
    God keep

  17. Em says:

    Yes, Xenia, they are magnificent creatures.
    Someday the lion and lamb will be as God designed them.
    Eve! Drop that apple! ! !

  18. Jean says:

    “However, a cougar lurking in the tree, waiting to claim my daughter for supper? That’s a “bad guy!” ”

    Have you ever studied the statistics of cougar attacks on humans and what provokes them? If you think you need to shoot a cougar sitting in a tree to protect someone, you should never let them drive a car or participate in almost any human activity.

    You ruined my evening last night with your gloating post about a young man carrying a dead cougar over his shoulders that he just shot, as if it were a sign of manhood or courage. Sickening.

  19. Em says:

    Jean, sorry to ruin your evening, I guess. When I lived in Spokane, there was a young cougar lurking in a tree at a school bus stop. They tranquilizer it and drove it far away from that area and turned it loose. Unfortunately, I can’t do that.
    Gloating? Well, it was a big old cat looking for easy prey. Humans! ! ! Evidently, you’ve never had a loved one stalked by a carnivore. David killed a lion with jaw bone of a donkey.
    Horses, dogs, kitties, steers all are cougar food. AND so are human beings.
    Yes, I know the stats! One human is one too many.
    Hope you recover soon from being sickened – God keep

  20. Michael says:

    Here’s the deal with cougars.

    They are utterly unpredictable.

    Generally speaking, you won’t know they are there until they attack.

    I was stalked by one for miles once…never knew he was there until my grandpa caught a glimpse of him.

    If you’re sharing space with them, they are a danger.

    It’s my understanding that moving them doesn’t help as they will come back to their territory.

    We are moving farther and farther into their domains…and the outcome for them will not be good.

  21. Michael says:

    They put one down here last month…broke my heart, but it was near an elementary school.

    A couple of years ago I saw one use the crosswalk in downtown Jacksonville…

  22. Em says:

    Mice are cute, too. Ever used Decon?

  23. Officerhoppy says:

    Problem with Decon is i doesn’t kill the little varmints right away. The sneak off after dinner and die somewhere in the house that you can’t reach they rot and the house smells like decaying flesh!

    Graphic enough? 🙂

  24. Em says:

    Officerhoppy, yep and even though they ARE varmints, their death is slow and painful…..

  25. Em says:

    Correction, it was Samson, not David ….. Blush

  26. The New Victor says:

    Sonic traps work on mice. I has a Warren under my back porch slab. One got into the house. I thought I trapped it on the bathroom, but it got out under the door. I used to have pet rats (lovely beasties), but that skittering mouse evoked a primal fear. I jumped. Would have made a good YouTube video. That mouse took the cheese from the snap trap, unscathed. Ditto the sticky traps. Laughed at. They got under the wood in the kitchen, but thankfully not a breeding pair. Sonic traps took care of the warren under the back slab.

    My buddy’s step dad was a rural cop. He had to put down a puma who was hit by a car. He parked too close age the cat gouged the squad car.

    I heard a mountain lions screech in the night on a friend’s property. She sounded like a Witch from a horror movie. Never seen one, but I’ve seen Lynxes twice crossing the road. Beautiful cats…

    About 20 years ago, they killed a puma on the San Francisco peninsula. Who was into suburbia. The community gathered to give the cat a spirit name. I thought that a bit much. Yet a few years later, a jogger in the Sacramento area was mauled (maybe killed, I don’t remember) by one of them.

    Respect The Cats.

  27. josh hamrick says:

    Geez, you guys are brutal.

    I had a cougar tracking me once. I politely told her I wasn’t interested in older ladies and she backed off. Yes, it was awkward, but I wasn’t going to shot here over it.

  28. Officerhoppy says:

    Now that was funny!

  29. josh hamrick says:

    I have found cougars to be quite friendly. Overly so, after a couple of drinks!

  30. Em says:

    Ahhh, puma! That is what my Colorado relatives call cougars…. Not the two legged ones, Josh
    The last thing this old lady wants is romance with a younger man – BTW. 🙆

    But the thing that surprises me is that even in my advanced years, the opposite gender still is attractive….. and little children…… Perhaps we are wrong to think that old people are without appreciation of the blessings God salted the earth with….. Including those magnificent cats. If you saw the picture of the big old guy my grandson shot, you’d shudder to think of him stalking you.
    However, I do not appreciate living up here in these mountains. Going out in the pitch black to lock the hayshed? I am ready for a condominium where I won’t care if it is dark at 6 pm! ! ! I’ll sit in my rocking chair and lurk here.
    God keep all safe from hungry bears and big cats etc.

  31. Dan from Georgia says:

    Interesting subject matter here.

    It was mention above about dogs and cats…here in Georgia there is a problem with most (all?) animal shelters being at capacity. From what my wife and I know in talking with some in the know, uncontrolled breeding and dumping off of unwanted pets is a huge problem here in Georgia. One of our two beagles was a stray as he was dumped off to the side of the road. He suffers from terrible separation anxiety and if we bring him in the car, he gets really agitated when we come to a stop. We love him to pieces and cannot fathom living without him, but he’s been scarred for life.

    Back when I lived in Minnesota there was the occasional black bear sighting in the northern suburbs of the Twin Cities. Said black bear was usually rounded up by the DNR (Dept of Natural Resources) and moved to a more rural location. Back, I think in the 1990s, there was security footage of what was thought to be a panther or cougar roaming around parts of Maple Grove (for those who are not familiar with the Twin Cities, Maple Grove is the epitome of suburbia), but eventually the sightings tapered off and nothing ever came of it.

    Northern Minnesota is home to fascinating wildlife such as moose, timberwolves, and black bears. While driving the Gunflint Trail I was treated to the sight of a momma and her young’n moose crossing the road about 50 yards ahead of me. Dang that my camera was in the shop that week!!!

  32. Michael says:


    I’ve heard there is an issue all over the country with people dropping off pets at the shelter that they got during the pandemic…don’t need them anymore.

    Tells you all you need to know about some people…

  33. Dan from Georgia says:

    Ugh. That is terrible.

  34. Michael says:

    I grew up in Oregon…about as rural as you can the foot of a volcano.
    Been around big predators all my life.
    Still prefer their company to that of most people…

  35. Dan from Georgia says:

    Michael, hehe…somedays (many) my wife and I feel the same way.

    There is just something about seeing a large animal such as a full-grown moose out in the wild just doing it’s thing. Very inspiring.

  36. Em says:

    Memory jog alert
    Canoeing up in Canada I woke up and my husband was gone, so was the canoe….
    I looked a cross the lake and saw some moose and our canoe – empty! ! !
    Turns out my husband was lying down in the canoe to see how close he could get the moose(s). Wanted to take Somme pics

  37. Da from Georgia says:


    A past roommate of mine did some camping on Isle Royale National Park (island along the western shoreline of Lake Superior, just southeast of Thunder Bay) and showed me a video he took of a full grown cow (momma moose) in the trees only a few feet from him.

    Intersting/scary: along some highways along the northern shorline of Lake Superior in Ontario are signs warning of moose at night.

    Full grown moose versus most cars…

    Moose wins.

  38. Officerhoppy says:

    What’s the plural form of moose?

  39. Em says:

    Dan from G’ .. Yep, moose wins
    We were in Bowron lake chain in B.C.

  40. Dan from Georgia says:


  41. Em says:

    Nope, = meeses. LOL

  42. Dan from Georgia says:

    ha! I knew a gal once that insisted (probably jokingly) that the plural of goose was gooses.

    Without looking it up, my hunch is that the plural of moose is…moose.

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